What is rsme.cc?

The billing for our wide range of international services (including local websites) is done through a central payment method. This is why you may encounter Paddle, the global payment processor and PADDLE.NET* RSME.CC in your statement. Want to know more? Check out the FAQ below.

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What is Paddle and why is it billing me?
Paddle.com​ is a global platform that helps online businesses as a payment provider and merchant of record. It’s completely safe and trusted by dozens of companies worldwide.
What is the “RSME.CC” part of the statement?
It’s the general name we use to unify payments from our cv-related services in numerous countries. Simpler than having a unique payment processing name for every international brand.
Are there any other parties involved?
Absolutely not, it’s only us and a trusted and proven global payment provider. We make sure to handle your billing information with care.
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