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Jobs You Won't Believe Are Jobs

When we think of a job, we tend to think of professions like teaching and practicing medicine. Rarely does the term “Professional Mourner” come to mind...or does it? It's hard to believe we live in a world where we can pay someone to stand in as a Professional Mourner at a funeral, but we do!

Check out our list of the most absurd and surprising jobs we came across on our quest to find the world's craziest jobs.

Dog Food Taster

Coming in at number one is Dog Food Taster. We are just as shocked and, well, disgusted as you probably are. Dog Food Tasters are hired by Dog Food companies to test the food they create. Although they typically spit out the food once they taste it, we have to believe it leaves somewhat of an aftertaste. Yikes!

Average Salary: 40k

Odor Judge

Sorry to disturb you once again, but this job actually exists! Odor Judges conduct odor testing of soaps, shampoos, skin products, and yes, deodorants. They are trained to classify odors on a scale. We're just hoping the odors are mostly pleasant for their sake!

Average Salary: 25k

Professional Sleeper

Finally, something almost everyone is good at! Sleeping! It's hard to believe you can get paid, and paid well in many circumstances, to do something that comes so naturally to most of us. Professional Sleepers sleep while scientists and doctors perform studies on them, typically relating to sleep patterns and disorders. If you're looking for a comfortable job that doesn't involve, well, much of anything, then this is it!

Average Salary: 65k

Fortune Cookie Writer

Haven't you always wondered who is responsible for writing the lines inside those fortune cookies? Well now you know! Fortune Cookie manufacturers hire in-house writers or freelance writers to come up with the content for their fortunes. Sounds like a fun job to us!

Average Salary: 40k


Sounds like a tasty job! Flavorists are chemists who create both natural and artificial flavors. They recreate and enhance flavors found in nature. Certainly not a boring job, especially for people with an excitable palette!

Average Salary: 63k

Nail Polish Namer

Cotton Candy Kiss ring a bell? What could be more fun than coming up with clever and entertaining names for nail polishes? Doesn't seem like the most stressful job in the world. Nail Polish Namers can also be heavily involved in product development.

Average Salary: 40k

Pick-Up Artist Instructor

Sounds like a movie, but in reality, it's a real job! Pick-up Artists teach people how to effectively flirt and “pick-up” people. They might offer workshops or work one-on-one with clients to teach them effective ways to meet people.

Average Salary: 30k

Paint Drying Watcher

We can't say this job sounds like the most exciting one on earth, but it is definitely a surprising one. Professional Paint Drying Watchers do just what it sounds like they do. They watch paint dry. They are to carefully observe the paint as it dries to better understand the paint's durability.

Average Salary: 50k

Professional Cuddler

It's true! If you're good at cuddling and willing to share your talent with the world, then you might consider this job. While it does sound a bit risque, professional cuddlers are only expected to cuddle. In fact, there are companies that hire professional cuddlers and place them with clients. Who knew?

Average Salary: 50k

Worm Picker

Someone has to do it, right? Worm Pickers gather worms to be used and sold as bait. They frequent grassy areas, such as gardens and parks and pick up earthworms. Not the most complicated work, that's for sure!

Average Salary: 26k

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