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3 Career Mistakes You Might Be Making

If you are not where you hoped you would be by now in your career, take a deep breath, and remember there is still time. Especially if you are being proactive and trying to change your position for the better. There is no clear cut path to success that everyone knows about and follows. Your road probably looks very different than your neighbor's road, and that's a good thing. Taking the time to reflect on what you have accomplished and where you are in your career is the first step in assessing your progress. Awareness is powerful. Read our list of career mistakes you might be making, and do your best to steer clear of them!

Becoming complacent with your skill set.

Complacency. It can be a very dangerous thing, especially when it comes to advancing in your career. Perhaps you have always gotten things done just fine, and your company is pleased with your work. These are certainly good things, however, that does not mean you shouldn't hone your skills and strive to improve them as time goes on. It is also essential that you remain up to date on news and advancements in your field. It's not enough to be good at something once. You need to work to assure you are still good at what you do in the future.

Playing it safe.

Playing it safe might sound like the smart move, but sometimes it can stifle our growth and lead us to miss opportunities. Some people continue doing jobs they are completely dissatisfied or bored with simply because they are scared to make a change. The truth is that nothing is entirely safe. You could be replaced tomorrow, especially if you are clearly detached from your work and unmotivated in the job you are working. If you are unhappy with your career and are too scared to make a change, consider working to overcome that fear, because an amazing career change could be waiting in the wings.

Not using your greatest talents.

Alright, let me get this straight. You're a world class violinist, but you work as a cashier in an office supply store. WHY? This example is meant to show you how absurd it is to waste your talents. Your talents are what set you apart from the rest of the world. They make you unique and desirable. The greatest advice we can give you is to come to know your greatest talents. What is it that you can do so well, that others cannot? THIS is where your greatest path to success lies. If you are an amazing writer, why not write? If you can persuade people of absolutely anything, perhaps you should be in sales! While it's of course okay to have interests, hobbies, and talents that fall outside of our jobs, it is wise to have a career that allows you to use at least some of your natural talents.

So, in summary; foster your skills, take chances, and use those natural talents!

My name is Joost and I have been active as a recruiter for the past 5 years. At, I share my experience, tips and the "secret" tricks to help you get a job. Do you have questions? Please send me an email via the contact form.