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How To List Volunteer Work On Resume

Volunteer work can be a wonderful way to feature a variety of valuable skills such as fundraising, community planning, patient care, or event management. Knowing how to properly integrate it into your work experience section is key. Volunteer experiences are especially important if you have noticeable employment gaps in your resume due to the economy or personal circumstance, and show that you are a passionate and driven individual with a lot to give. With proper placement, volunteer experiences can prove to be very beneficial to the overall impact of your resume.

There is more than one way to handle the implementation of volunteer work in your resume.

List Work Related Volunteer Experience on Your Resume

If a volunteer position is related to your industry and relevant to your job search, then you can certainly mix it right into your work experience section. Whether or not you are paid for a position, is not the impressive part. The substance of the position and what it entails is what remains important, whether it is a paid or volunteer position. So if you are in Business Management or Finance, you might add a volunteer experience that looks something like the one below.

Fundraising Experience

Volunteer Fundraiser, Citizens for a Cause, New York, New York, May 2013-June 2015
  • Planned, coordinated, and carried out all fundraising events relating to Diabetes Awareness and Alzheimer's Prevention.
  • Hosted several successful fundraising events including an art auction, wine tasting event, and holiday concert which generated over 1K in revenue for multiple causes.

If the volunteer work is unrelated to your job it is best to create a separate section for volunteer work or community involvement below the work section. Even if your position is not closely related to your industry or skills needed for the type of position you are seeking, it still shows you are a well-rounded person with varying interests and a dedication to community involvement. This kind of implementation should look something like the one below.

Volunteer Experience

Volunteer, Children's Art Counsel, Rhinebeck, NY, March 2012 to Present
  • Helped plan and promote Art classes for youth in the Rhinebeck community.
  • Interviewed and recruited Art Teachers and trained them in facility protocol.
  • Researched and planned Art curricula for the year.

Below is an example of a resume that has seamlessly combined work and volunteer experiences.

Full Resume Example with Volunteering Work

Experienced and driven Content Marketing Specialist with over six years of experience creating compelling content across multiple media platforms. A passion for detail oriented and creative writing, and the ability to adapt content messages for multiple audiences across multiple platforms. Accustomed to high level of responsibilities including creating content for a company's websites, infographics, webinars, videos, and articles. Passionate about delivering entertaining and captivating content with an unobstructed path toward achievement.

February 2013- Present
Content Marketing Associate, Better Homes and Gardens, New York, New York

  • Produced compelling content for a variety of channels including editorial spreads, blog posts, Facebook, email, and our website.
  • Analyzed past marketing initiatives and revamped the company's marketing efforts to keep readers and attract new ones.
  • Successfully restructured our online presence, giving it a fresh and new feel.
  • Worked to establish a more cohesive brand that clearly emanates the mission of the company.
  • Aim to provide readers with valuable information, unique tools, lifestyle trends, and valuable content.
  • Oversaw direct marketing trends that reached upwards of 100 million consumers.

Apr. 2011 – Feb 2013
Web Content Assistant, Better Homes and Gardens New York, New York

  • Assisted Content Marketing Associates with all administrative duties associated with web content.
  • Contributed to brainstorming sessions involving the design, conception, and creation of new digital content.
  • Took to all social media platforms to disperse content and news.
  • Adapted communication style to the project goals and audience.
  • Constantly searched for new opportunities to engage new audiences.
  • Responded to feedback from coworkers and superiors, and worked in an entirely collaborative spirit.
  • Assisted with evaluating the impact of communications and social media programs.


Katonah Community Shepherds

January 2008- Present Responsibilities:Mentor High School Age students as they embark on their search for a college.

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