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How To Write A Resume Summary

The profile summary in your resume is undoubtedly the most important and persuasive part of your resume. This is the part of your resume that summarizes all of your best qualities and accomplishments. The part of your resume that sets you aside from the rest, and has the potential to captivate the reader and gain their admiration. Your resume summary is the most crucial part of your resume, and therefore, you should take the time to make sure it is perfect.

Whether you are a recent college graduate or an experienced executive, summarizing who you are in only a few sentences is always a challenging task. It is important to include the most vital and impressive information, while leaving out the smaller and less wow-worthy items. You want your summary to be exciting and powerful.

Let's take a look at some fantastic resume summaries that get the job done!

Financial Advisor

“Experienced and driven Financial Advisor with over five years of experience providing assistance with retirement planning, estate planning, investment advice, tax strategies, and overall support managing their finances. Proven track record of competitive market share expansion and assisting corporations to reach goals. Driven and detail-oriented with the ability to thrive in high pressure environments.Adept at developing key relationships and furthering business development.”

*Remember- you can use the job description to properly craft your resume summary. If the job description calls for a driven Financial Advisor with experience in retirement planning and tax strategies, be sure to include those areas in your summary (as long as you are familiar with them of course).

IT Program Manager

“Accomplished and professional IT Program Manager with over eight years of valuable experience in monitoring project performance to ensure company success. Familiar and adept in working with engineering, industrial engineering, change management, and business transformation systems. Reputation for continually achieving on time and under-budget performance goals. Accustomed to handling IT support, managing IT projects, and supporting various engineering departments with IT tools and applications. Bringing forth a motivated attitude and the ability to establish strong and productive relationships with other company members.”

*Use strategic words that make your resume stand out. As seen in the above example, include position specifics that show your knowledge and understanding of your field.

Content Marketing Associate

“Dedicated Content Marketing Specialist with over six years of experience creating compelling content across multiple media platforms. A passion for detail oriented and creative writing, and the ability to adapt content messages for multiple audiences across multiple platforms. Accustomed to high level of responsibilities including creating content for a company's websites, infographics, webinars, videos, and articles. Passionate about delivering entertaining and captivating content with an unobstructed path toward achievement.”

*Tailor your resume to show off your personality. If you have a passion for creative writing and attention to detail, then by all means, you should flaunt those qualities. Your resume summary should be bold and individualized.


“Certified Accountant with five years of experience in account reconciliations, streamlining accounts, and financial planning. Highly motivated professional with a proven track record of delivering accurate reports and high quality service. Possess a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of accounting and financial planning. A dedicated leader with the ability to lead effective teams in attaining profit improvement.”

* Be sure to highlight any certifications and areas of expertise. This is your chance to magnify your qualifications and abilities as a potential employee. Also take the time to research the most crucial skills in your industry. If you possess those skills, this is the place to showcase them.

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