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6 Powerful Resume Action Verbs for Your Resume

When on a mission to create the perfect resume, it is important to steer clear of overused and unimpressive verbs. No one wants to read a boring and predictable resume, full of the same old verbs over and over again. You want to take the time to pack your resume with as much punch and liveliness as possible, so as to grab the reader's attention and admiration as quickly as you can. Some experts say that the person who reviews your resume decides within seconds if you are a candidate worth pursuing. Seconds! That is a small amount of time, and thus a small opportunity to make your self stand out as an excellent candidate. Every sentence is a chance to be pursued, so let's make sure to get it right!

Choosing industry appropriate resume action verbs is a key success factor when it comes to making your resume more powerful and effective. These carefully chosen verbs help to highlight and showcase your skills and contributions, which can be hard to convey in only a few sentences. It's important to accurately disclose what you do, and using the right action verbs makes that all the more possible.

Here is a list of some powerful verbs to enhance your resume.

Resume Action Verbs

Persuaded- Instead of saying that you “talked” to others, you can highlight how you may have persuaded others with useful industry knowledge. Employers want people who are confident leaders, ready to use their wisdom and persuasion skills in their new position.

Influenced- Rather than saying that you “told” people about projects or “informed” them of situations, you can emphasize your ability to influence others and strengthen the company's mission. Every company wants someone who can be of great influence. So tell them you are just that!

Publicized- Each and every company want's their greatest features to be widely known. Someone who has the ability to publicize information achieves just that. Tell your employer how you can help to spread their mission to the public.

Using the right power words can also make your resume seem more formal and thoughtful. Remember- you want to appear as professional and capable as possible, so taking the time to use the right resume action verbs is essential.

Resume Action Verbs for Organizational Skills and Job Duties

It can be hard to find original ways of saying the same things over and over again. So many resumes have the same skill sections, and more often than not, they are rather unimpressive and repetitive. Here are some recommendations for action verbs that can drastically improve your resume. Having a list of verbs that can be used also decreases the chances that you will have to re-use the same verb, which lowers the efficacy of a word.

Versed-Instead of saying you are an “experienced” manager, you might say that you are “well versed” in the areas of management and recruiting. Although it means the same thing, having another way of phrasing things is useful.

Delegated- When talking about your job duties, it sounds better to say that certain roles were delegated to you.

Established- When making mention of projects that you created or led, it sounds more formal to say they were established during your time of leadership.

These little changes using more impressive resume action verbs can have a large impact on the reader's experience, and therefore, your chances for hire. So get your dictionary and thesaurus ready. You will be happy you spent the small amount of time it will take to make these changes that could result in your future job offers.

My name is Joost and I have been active as a recruiter for the past 5 years. At, I share my experience, tips and the "secret" tricks to help you get a job. Do you have questions? Please send me an email via the contact form.