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4 Tips To Improve Your Work Experience In Your Resume

When writing your resume, it's important to keep in mind that you want the Hiring Manager who is reading your resume to have a pleasant experience when doing so. It can be difficult and time consuming to plow through resumes with poorly written work history. Don't let your resume be one of them! Taking the time to make sure your work experience is as impressive as possible will make all the difference in your job search, and ultimately, your chances of being hired.

Let's explore some Do's and Don'ts when writing the work experience portion of your resume.

1. DO write about your performance in the job you worked.

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when writing their work history, is leaving out the details of how they performed in their role at a job. Rather than write what was expected you, which reads more like a job description, be careful to write what you actually achieved. If you helped to lower costs or redesigned a marketing campaign, write that! Your future employer wants to know what you achieved, because it signals what you are capable of achieving with them.

2. Use impressive wording.

When writing your work experience, it is important to keep in mind that boring and commonly overused phrases such as “responsible for”, makes your work achievements feel less impressive. You want to stand out, and part of standing out, is taking the time to use thoughtful and impressive wording. Using powerful words like “designed”, “implemented”, “initiated”, and “supervised”, make your achievements feel more potent and real.

3. Make your work history readable.

Hiring managers are busy people. They don't have time to read through overwritten and repetitive paragraphs describing describing job functions. Using bullet points to organize your work history is less intimidating and provides a clear and concise format for listing job functions and achievements. The hiring manager will appreciate your organizational skills and your respect for their time.

4. Provide proof of your accomplishments.

Your work history is not a place to be vague. This is your chance to show off your actual accomplishments, and part of that, is providing proof of results. If you redesigned your former company's mail outreach system resulting in a sharp 25% increase in consumers, then say that! Using specific statistics makes your accomplishments feel more real, and therefore, makes you seem like a more impressive candidate.

Let's take a look at some well written work experiences below.

Position: Compliance Officer

  • Handled regulatory inquiries from SEC, FINRA, CFTC, CME, NFA and foreign regulators.
  • Researched, interpreted, and advised the company regarding compliance with laws and regulations.
  • Wrote instructions for various departments on how to interpret and implement new guidelines.
  • Developed remedial action plans when needed if audit findings called for action.

Position: Sales Development Professional

  • Helped to cultivate key prospective relationships, resulting in 10% sales increase in the first quarter.
  • Assessed and research how our solutions team are addressing needs.
  • Made changes to any sales pitches that are not resulting in new clients.
  • Actively participated in trade show planning to maximize achieved goals of the sales team.

Position: Senior Business Analyst

  • Managed 10 person team of business process consultants.
  • Redesigned and implemented user documentation for system training within the University.
  • Lead process-improvement focus groups as part of the University initiative to achieve functional design within it's user systems.
  • Guide efforts to improve technology systems in a real and cost effective way.
  • Work tirelessly to improve the overall performance of the University by assessing billing, workflow, and customer relationship management and productivity.
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