About us

Our mission is to help you rapidly build a professional resume that wins job offers

At Resume.io, we believe that building a job-worthy resume should be a fast and simple process. In fact, we’ve always been about building systems that are quick and easy-to-use, yet consistently get good results.

It all started in 2012, when we launched a small web app that built online documents such as cancellation letters and basic resumes. A couple months after launching we noticed a strange trend; most people were visiting our site just to build resumes.

In an effort to deliver more value to our users, we decided to specialize in just resume-building. Knowing that hiring managers nowadays are stricter than ever; we devoted countless hours to studying job-winning resumes, getting resume templates critiqued by experts and testing our resume content through the grueling process of trial & error.

The result? We figured out that building a job-winning resume is a science, not art. We learned there’s an exact structure and set of ‘resume rules’ that hiring managers respond to when it comes to calling back applicants.

Since then, we launched Resume.io, which uses these exact job-winning resume structures and ‘resume rules’ to give you the edge over your competition so you get hired faster.

Up to now, we’ve helped over 300,000 people successfully build job-winning resumes, as well as helping countless others win jobs at elite companies such as PWC, BMW and T-Mobile.

“I really love Resume.io, it makes applying for jobs so much easier. The last time I wrote my resume was 6 years ago, with the help of Resume.io I now have a really strong and beatiful resume.”
– Andrew Roth
“Impressive piece of technology, it helped me create a nice resume that gets me a lot of interviews”
– Kelly Roth
“Creating and managing my resume versions is actually fun now, applying for a job with matching resume is a matter of minutes now”
– Name suppressed upon request