About us
Resume.io helps you write and design the type of professional, highly effective resume hiring managers are looking for.
At Resume.io we love to keep things simple, writing a strong resume is not easy. We believe everyone deserves a dream job. We know from our own expe-rience how difficult and discouraging it can be to get an interview… That frust-ration motivated Michael to start Resume.io in 2011, to help you land your dream job easier, faster and without worry about your resume.
We are now a fine team of 4 people working everyday to make your life easier. Michael is responsible for all the techincal development and a bit of marketing, he is the fantastic all rounder. Lisa is responsible for all the resume designs and marketing and more the design type. Josh was our intern and now full time employee, he is the person that makes Resume.io fast and secure. And last but nut least our new intern Mark from Switzerland who is responsible for launching Resume.io in a new country, yet to be announced!
Together we helped over 100.000 people write their resume, our next goal is helping 1.000.000 people with their resume. Do you have ideas to improve Resume.io or get us to the 1.000.000 created resumes? We would love to hear your ideas!
“I really love Resume.io, it makes applying for jobs so much easier. The last time I wrote my resume was 6 years ago, with the help of Resume.io I now have a really strong and beatiful resume.”
– Andrew Roth
“Impressive piece of technology, it helped me create a nice resume that gets me a lot of interviews”
– Kelly Roth
“From not knowing how to write a resume, to a nicely formatted classic resume in about 1 hour, well done”
– Jason Parker
“Creating and managing my resume versions is actually fun now, applying for a job with matching resume is a matter of minutes now”
– Anonymous customer