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Try these Google Docs cover letter templates

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Try these Google Docs cover letter templates
Google Docs provides a quick way to create a cover letter with a limited range of cover letter template options. Browse them here, or try Resume.io’s cover letter builder for a more comprehensive experience.

Google Docs is one of the most popular text editing software and with good reason—this cloud-based service is backed by the world’s leading tech company, meaning Google Docs is reliable, easy to use, and always at your fingertips. 

While you could create your cover letter in Google Docs from scratch, the platform also offers five cover letter templates that allow you to plug in your information and save precious time during your job search. In this blog, we’ll look at all five Google Docs cover letter templates, along with some alternatives if they don’t suit your style. Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Does Google Docs offer cover letter templates?
  • The pros and cons of each template: Spearmint, Swiss, Geometric, Modern Writer, and Plum
  • Alternative templates to try
  • How to craft an effective cover letter
Statistical insight

About half of hiring managers say a strong cover letter has convinced them to give an interview to a candidate they might have disregarded based on a resume alone. Writing a cover letter is always worth your time!

Source: LinkedIn

What templates does Google Docs offer?

Whether you’re new to Google Docs or have been using it for a while, you may not have noticed that the platform offers a wide variety of templates from reports and brochures to meeting notes and project proposals. For job seekers, the collection of five resume and cover letter templates is particularly useful.

The five cover letter templates currently offered by Google Docs are Spearmint, Swiss, Geometric, Modern Writer, and Plum. You can access them by clicking on “Template Gallery” found on the upper right side of the Docs homepage. Let’s look at the details of each style:

1. Spearmint

The Spearmint template is the first of the Google Docs cover letter template collection. This template gets its name from the bright green bar at the top of the page which adds a fun pop of color. Below are pre-created sections for your name, your contact information, and the hiring manager’s details. Don’t forget to include the date between the two. The rest of the template is straightforward, with space to address the reader, add several paragraphs of text, and end the cover letter with your name.

  • Pros of this template: A fun accent bar that can be adapted to your style preferences. Complements the matching Spearmint resume template.
  • Cons of this template: May be too simple for candidates in more creative fields.
  • Who we recommend this template for: First-time job seekers, students, hospitality, and customer service professionals.

2. Swiss

The second Docs cover letter template is called Swiss and features significantly more creative flair than the first option. This template offers a bold space for your name with your job title in flashy orange below. There’s also space for your details in the left column while the hiring manager’s information goes on the right. The text sits squarely in the center of the page adding extra emphasis and creating a more attention-grabbing layout.

  • Pros of this template: Makes a bold statement and features a modern layout. Matches the Swiss Google Docs resume template.
  • Cons of this template: The center placement of the text is less reader-friendly and can also make your cover letter appear longer.
  • Who we recommend this template for: Creative professionals, artists, photographers, and anyone who needs a touch of design flair for their cover letter.

3. Geometric

Geometric is, perhaps, the boldest of the Google Docs cover letter template collection. It features square patterns on both the upper right and the bottom of the page. This design features your name in a bold purple and your contact details in a more subdued gray. The date is listed in pink, followed by light gray text for the hiring manager’s information. There is room for three short paragraphs of text before your signature.

  • Pros of this template: A striking design with bold color choices and a unique pattern means your cover letter is sure to stand out.
  • Cons of this template: While the text color can be changed, the design colors at the bottom of the page cannot. This template also features less space for writing than others.
  • Who we recommend this template for: Sales and marketing professionals, architects, executives, and self-employed people.

4. Modern Writer

Ironically, the fourth Docs cover letter template, named Modern Writer, is not as modern as the name might suggest. Your name is placed in all caps at the top of the page where it’s sure to grab attention. A thick line divides the page before offering room for your personal contact details. The date is set to pink by default, although the color can be changed. There is no space dedicated to the reader’s details. The body of the letter spans across the page and is set to a typewriter-esque font with 1.5-line spacing by default. Besides an all-caps, pink placeholder for your signature, there are no other design details on the page.

  • Pros of this template: Simple and draws attention to your name. 1.5-spaced text is easier to read.
  • Cons of this template: The two font styles feel mismatched, although they can be updated based on your preferences. There is no place for the reader’s information.
  • Who we recommend this template for: Administrative assistants, tech professionals, writers, teachers, academics, and social workers.

5. Plum

The final cover letter template available in Google Docs is called Plum. It’s described as a template for an “informal letter”. The placeholder for your name is a stylized italics font followed by the date. There is no space dedicated for your contact information or the addressee’s details, so you would need to add this information yourself. The greeting is in a larger-than-life font and there’s also a bolded introduction sentence, a feature not found on any of the other templates. This template features plenty of space to write.

  • Pros of this template: Offers enough space to contain longer cover letters. Emphasizes the greeting and introduction to capture the reader’s interest.
  • Cons of this template: There is no place dedicated to your contact details or the hiring manager’s information—a must for any complete cover letter. Could come across as too informal in certain situations.
  • Who we recommend this template for: Marketing, advertising, media, and social media professionals.

Alternative cover letter templates to try

While Google Docs provides a simple framework to begin crafting your cover letter, the template collection may feel limiting for some job seekers. If you’re looking for additional designs, you might want to consider one of the 27 professionally designed templates available in the Resume.io cover letter builder. Here are some of our favorites:

1. Vancouver

We love this template for many reasons, but one of them is that it’s completely free to use and download! It features a clear header that draws attention to your name and job title, plus space to include all of your contact information. Beneath the elegant dividing line, you can add the hiring manager’s information and find plenty of space to write a compelling cover letter.

Expert tip

How can I create a cover letter for free?

Create a cover letter for free by trying out the Vancouver template inside of Resume.io’s cover letter builder or by using one of the Google Docs templates listed above.

2. Dublin

This template is professional and classy, while still making a statement thanks to its subtle left-hand bar that can be edited to a color of your choosing inside of the intuitive cover letter builder. Another strong point of this template is the modern and elegant font style and the ability to download it as either a PDF or DOCX file depending on the employer’s preference.

3. Amsterdam

If you need to make a statement, but color is not an option, Amsterdam is the right template for you. Featuring a bold box for your name and job title along with two clean dividing lines, Amsterdam is sure to make the hiring manager take notice without being over the top.

4. Rio

With a collection of full-page backgrounds to choose from, Rio is almost five different templates in one. Whether you’re into autumn reds, ocean blues, geometric orange patterns, soothing greens, or playful purple, Rio boasts creativity with unique font styles and subtle dividing lines.

5. Santiago

Traditional doesn’t need to be boring. As a classic cover letter template, Santiago features a stately font and ample room for your contact details at the top of the page. Below the clean dividing line, you’ll find plenty of room to let your expertise shine as the star of your cover letter.

Expert tip

Is it OK to use a cover letter template?

Cover letter templates are designed to save you time and guesswork when it comes to creating a professional application, so it’s definitely OK to use a cover letter template. However, it’s important to choose a style that reflects your industry and experience level. You should also modify your cover letter template for every job you apply to. A professional cover letter builder can make this easier to accomplish.

How to craft an effective cover letter

Choosing a template is an important first step in creating a professional and convincing cover letter for a job application. Whether you’ve decided to go with a Google Docs cover letter template or an alternate choice, the information on your cover letter should still follow the same basic structure. Here’s what to include:

  • Cover letter header. Start by neatly listing your contact details and the date. For an extra strong first impression, use matching cover letter and resume templates for a consistent header look.
  • Greeting. Create a personal connection and show that you’re serious about the position by addressing the hiring manager by name. At a larger company, this may not be possible, so make sure the greeting at least contains the company or department name.
  • Introduction. Grab the reader’s attention by introducing yourself and your most relevant experience and skills.
  • Body. Dive into your relevant experiences, skills, and achievements and show how they align with the employer’s needs based on the job description.
  • Conclusion. Wrap up your story by summarizing your qualifications and reiterating your interest in the role. Don’t forget a call to action.
  • Signature. End with a professional goodbye, including your name. For letters submitted online, your typed name can serve as your signature.
Expert tip

One easy way to get started writing your cover letter is to look at an example! Check out our collection of free, copyable and adaptable cover letter samples for 300+ job titles.

Key takeaways

Google Docs cover letter templates provide a simple way to get started crafting your cover letter with five different styles to choose from. Each style has pros and cons so make sure to choose the one that is most appropriate for your industry and experience level. If you’re looking for more options, check out Resume.io’s ever-expanding collection of cover letter samples, with adaptable examples to help you get started. 

No matter which layout you choose, make sure to include your name, contact information, a customized greeting, and a strong body section to make a good first impression and increase your chances of landing the job.

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