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Don’t Let Your Boss Catch You…

There are certain things you don’t want your boss to see you doing, and for good reason. Your performance is directly correlated to your boss’s performance, so it is only natural that they have strong feelings about what you should and should not be doing at work. Your actions at work should always prove that you are truly an asset to the company, and certainly not a liability. Read our 5 “Don’t Let Your Boss Catch You...” suggestions, and steer clear of trouble!

1. Spending time on personal matters.

This one is a big no-no. While we all have the occasional emergency call we simply must take, you certainly should not be chatting with a dear friend and clipping your toe-nails at your desk. Taking a few moments to browse the internet during a short break is far different than creating an entire Pinterest board for your home remodel while you sit at your desk. In fact, some companies have strict policies against using work time to tend to personal interests, so beware! It’s important to remember that you were hired to do a job, and if it appears that you don’t have much work or are simply not committed to it, your employment status could be at risk.

2. Being rude to a colleague or client.

You represent your boss and your company, and if you are rude or behave inappropriately when interacting with a client or colleague, it places everyone in a bad light. We are well aware that some people can be challenging to deal with, but if your job is important to you, we highly suggest remaining cool, calm, and professional at all times. Your boss will thank you for it.

3. Complaining.

The truth is that nobody likes a chronic complainer! We know the day is long, your lunch is so-so, and your feet hurt from walking to and from the subway, but keeping complaints like these to yourself is good practice. Your boss wants to create a happy atmosphere for her employees, and part of doing that is keeping happy and productive people on staff. If you are constantly complaining about your life and your job, you can drag the entire office morale down. Make an effort to stay positive, and see how it positively affects your life.

4. Drinking on the job.

While we all know we shouldn’t be drinking within our office walls, some people choose to imbibe during their lunch break. The question is, should you, and if you choose to, how much is too much? Here at we feel it’s best to adopt a strict no-drinking during the workday policy. Even if you only have one drink are not actually impaired, the smell of alcohol on your breath can be a cause of concern or gossip in the office. We feel it is very important to remain professional throughout the workday, and a good drink can always be enjoyed after 5. If you are attending a work event where alcohol is served, it’s best to enjoy one or two drinks, and then switch to water or another non-alcoholic beverage. Your reputation can have a large impact on your career, so consider this before letting loose.

5. Arriving late and leaving early.

Missing your train once or twice is understandable, but developing a habit of coming to work late or leaving early is a big no-no. You have a job to do, and you are expected to do it during defined hours of a work-day. Unless your job enables you to have a more casual arrangement where you can work from home or take days off, you should be arriving on time and leaving at a reasonable time each and every day. When you are out of sight, you are also out of mind, and eventually it may seem like your presence and employment are unnecessary. If you really want to impress your boss, make the effort to arrive early sometimes. A study from the University of Washington concluded that people who arrived early to work were perceived as better employees. Certainly something to keep in mind!

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