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Doctor CV Examples & UK Templates

Taken the pulse of your career and decided to look for your 2024 dream job? Compile a doctor CV that gets recruiters’ hearts racing. Simply choose a design and copy and paste your data into the template to get your job hunt started today.
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Doctor CV Examples & UK Templates
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Becoming a doctor takes dedication, skill and a strong work ethic. You’ve earned that Dr. before your surname and are looking for the right place to practise. Of course, you’ll need a healthy doctor CV that sets you apart from the rest. 

You’re in the right place to get your job hunt moving stat! At Resume.io, we have all the resources you’ll need, including CV guides and CV examples for more than a dozen professions and an intuitive resume builder. 

This resume guide, along with the corresponding resume example will cover the following topics:

  • What does a doctor do?
  • How to write a doctor CV (tips and tricks)
  • The best format for a doctor CV
  • Advice on each section of your CV (summary, work history, education, skills)
  • Professional CV layout and design hints.

What does a doctor do?

Doctors treat patients to help them maintain their wellness or regain their general health after an injury or illness. They diagnose, monitor and treat illnesses and health conditions. Doctors also give advice, prescribe medications and advise patients on how to keep fighting fit.

Some doctors choose to perform research or continue their training to focus their skills. For example, they may have specialised training in one organ system or focus on one disease or syndrome.

The National Health Service (NHS) employs more than 140,000 general practitioners (GPs) and another 20,000 specialists, Nuffield Trust reports. While doctors can choose to work in the private or public sector, many work both within the NHS and ‘on the side’ for private firms.

Statistical insight

What do doctors earn?

During training, doctors earn a salary of £29,384 to £34,012 for a 40-hour work week. They earn enhancements for more than 40 hours, or on-call night or weekend hours. General practitioners in the NHS earn £62,268 to £93,965. 

Specialists in training earn £40,257 to £53,398 and from £50,373 to £78,759 when their training is complete. Specialist grade doctors earn a basic salary of £80,693 to £91,584.

Consultants may earn £84,559 to £114,003.

How to write a doctor CV

Whilst your CV will be unique, the anatomy of it will follow form. Your resume should contain the following elements:

  • The CV header
  • The CV summary (aka profile or personal statement)
  • The employment history section
  • The CV skills section
  • The education section

Choosing the best CV format for a doctor

If you are going down the public route, you will most likely be applying through the NHS website. We recommend sticking with the reverse chronological format for your doctor CV. That means that you will detail your medical experience, training and education starting from the most recent and working backwards.

Online systems require this format and straying from it will make it more difficult for you to input your doctor CV into a web-based application. If you are applying for a research position and have extensive knowledge, you may consider a hybrid format that elevates your skills and learning to front and centre.

Expert tip

Looking for some inspiration? Check out our related CV examples including our care assistant CV sample or nurse CV sample.

CV summary example: portrait of health

Bedside manner makes a great impression on patients and the summary of your doctor CV is the best spot in this application document to show it off. Within 3-4 lines of text, you must describe your professional personality and explain why you’re the best physician for the job.

The best summaries also offer employers a glimpse of why you want to work for them and tell them how you will improve the practice or hospital where you are applying.

Adaptable cv summary example

Passionate and award winning Medical Doctor with a proven track record of providing patients with the highest level of care possible. Committed to growing and learning within the ever advancing medical industry, while remaining focused on healthcare excellence. 


Employment history sample: heart of your CV

Your physician training has included at least two years of core medical training (CMT) 

or an Acute Common Care Stem (ACCS) programme for specialists. These work experiences are vital to the employment history section of your doctor CV since they outline both your training and work history.

As you develop this section, keep in mind the following advice:

  • Use bulleted lists instead of prose paragraphs
  • Drop space-wasting words such as “As a medical trainee, I was responsible for”
  • Begin each phrase with a strong verb which gives employers a sense of action.
Adaptable cv employment history example

Family Medicine Physician, Westwell Medicine, London 
September 2017 - August 2022

  • Delivered consistent value-based care and appropriate time with each patient leading to patient trust and longevity.
  • Served between 150-180 patents each year with an unwavering commitment to patient wellness and satisfaction.
  • Adhered to a patient care model focused on managing risk, higher quality outcomes, and change via collaboration and innovation. • Effectively utilised technology to deliver high-quality care.
  • Demonstrated clinical proficiency in evidence-based primary care.


Family Medicine Physician, London Health Works, London 
July 2014 - August 2017

  • Served as an integral part of a team dedicated to changing healthcare delivery.
  • Treated patients of all ages in this outpatient primary care setting.
  • Successfully communicated with and provide care to individuals of a wide variety of backgrounds.
  • Appropriately adapted personal and interpersonal behaviour to meet the needs of patients.
  • Provided routine and emergency care in-office and conducted tele-health visits as well.
  • Participated in ongoing collaboration with in-office teammates.

Resume skills example: diagnostic tool

You are a multifaceted practitioner and the skills section of your doctor resume must highlight that. Hiring personnel will use this section to quickly determine whether you have the knowledge they seek in a doctor. That means matching what you list here to the job advertisement.

Expert tip


Hard vs. soft skills

As a highly trained medical specialist, you may lean heavily on the skills you worked so long and hard to obtain. All of those are valuable, but to make the most of that knowledge doctors must also have a range of soft, or interpersonal, skills.

Here are six skills to consider including on your doctor CV:

  1. Work ethic
  2. Confidence
  3. Humility
  4. Professionalism
  5. Emotional intelligence
  6. Excellent listening and communicating.

Keep in mind that the skills which are most important are the ones your targeted employer has listed in the job advertisement. Analyse this carefully and make adjustments when necessary. The best CVs tell employers that the applicant wants the specific job and knows what it entails.

Adaptable cv skills section example
  • Best Medicine Practices
  • Preventative Care
  • Quality Assurance
  • Strong Communication Skills
  • Diagnosis and Treatment

Doctor CV education example

Registered doctors have completed a five-year degree in medicine from a programme recognized by the General Medical Council. The education section of your doctor CV is a simple listing of your academic course of study and your achievements. Include academic awards and accolades as well. 

If you are beginning your medical career, this section takes on added importance, so you may consider increasing its prominence by moving it to a higher position within your document.

Adaptable cv education example

Doctor of Medicine, Imperial College School of Medicine, London 
September 2006 - May 2010


CV layout and design: first impression

Although you may be inputting your doctor CV details into an online system, you may also need to attach a document. That’s where your layout and design come in. Doctors must present as organised, pleasant and professional, and your CV should be no different.

Doctors wear white coats because they project cleanliness — keep that principle in mind as you choose a design for your CV. Maintain ample margins and vary your line lengths to avoid eye-straining blocks of type.

If you choose to include colour, keep it to one subdued shade. Employ bold section headings to make navigating your CV easy and ensure you choose an easy-to-read font for the text.

For a headstart on your layout, choose one of our expertly-tested resume templates. Your time is too valuable to waste on design when you could be applying for your next, great job.

Key takeaways for a doctor CV 

  1. Many doctors in the UK work at least part-time for the National Health Service (NHS).
  2. A doctor CV must highlight both a scientific, professional image and the bedside manner it takes to put patients and their families at ease under sometimes trying circumstances
  3. Include all aspects of your on-the-job training within the employment history section of your doctor CV
  4. Take advantage of the online resume builder to get your job hunt started faster.
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