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The simplicity of assembling one's…
The simplicity of assembling one's Resume or Motivational Letter is just amazing! The fact that they have wide application of AI is their secret weapon and the reason they're so good. I've been using this program for years now and never have they ever let me down in their performance expectations. I highly recommend them!
Aleksandar Ristić • about 8 hours ago
I recently used your CV maker website…
I recently used your CV maker website to create my resume, and I wanted to share my feedback on the overall experience. What I Liked: User-Friendly Interface: The website has an intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface, which made the process of creating my CV straightforward and enjoyable. Template Variety: The diverse range of professional templates available is impressive. It allowed me to choose a design that best suits my industry and personal style. Customization Options: I appreciated the level of customization offered. Being able to tweak the layout, fonts, and colors helped me create a unique and personalized CV. Guidance and Tips: The built-in tips and suggestions for each section were very helpful, especially for someone who may not be sure what to include in a CV. Areas for Improvement: Limited Free Features: While the premium features are excellent, the free version could benefit from a few more options to make it more enticing for new users to upgrade. Export Quality: The quality of the exported document could be enhanced, as I noticed slight formatting issues when converting to PDF. More Industry-Specific Templates: Adding more templates tailored to specific industries or roles could provide better customization for users from various fields. Mobile Optimization: While the desktop experience is great, optimizing the site for mobile use would make it more convenient for users who prefer to create or edit their CVs on the go. Suggestions for Additional Features: AI-Powered Recommendations: Incorporating AI to suggest improvements or highlight missing information based on the user’s input could be very beneficial. Integration with Job Boards: Allowing users to directly apply to job postings from within the site or integrate with popular job boards could streamline the job application process. Cover Letter Builder: Adding a cover letter creation tool that matches the style of the CV could provide a more comprehensive job application solution. Overall, my experience with your CV maker website was positive. With a few enhancements, it could be an even more powerful tool for job seekers. Thank you for providing such a valuable service!
Zoraiz Hassan • 2 days ago
Love it
I love it and use it regularly to apply to severla jobs. Keeps everything consistent while speeding up the application process.
Augustin Rouchon • 3 days ago
Awesome site to create a professional resume
Great experience, very easy to use and useful tips to have a good resume.
ELENA GAVRIEL • 3 days ago
I had a fantastic experience
I had a fantastic experience. Their customer service was top-notch, providing prompt and courteous responses to all my inquiries. The product I received exceeded my expectations in terms of quality and performance. I particularly appreciated their attention to detail and the ease of the ordering process. Overall, I highly recommend them for their outstanding service and high-quality products.
Mohammad Emran Hosen • 3 days ago

Our simple cover letter templates are a collection of versatile designs that manage to pack a punch without foregoing any of the style.

Simple cover letter templates

Sometimes simple is the best choice. These cover letter templates return to the basics of what makes a great design with clean lines, classic fonts and monochromatic color schemes. These multipurpose layouts suit a variety of needs and can be customized to capture your own personal style.

Choose the simple cover letter template that has the right header and structure for you, then modify it inside our cover letter builder. Our spell check feature works while you type to make sure no errors will sneak into the perfect expression of your career journey.

When to pick a simple cover letter template

Simple cover letter templates are often the best choice for people who work in manual fields where the words on the page are most important. These stripped-down designs keep the focus on what you have to say, so they are best coupled with passionate and confident writing.

Those in the fields of construction, transportation, logistics, security and maintenance may find simple cover letters to be the right fit. However, these aren’t the only jobs where a classic approach is best. Students and career starters looking for work in retail, restaurants and hospitality and other entry-level positions may find that simple cover letter templates are the easiest choice.

Simple cover letter templates can sometimes be preferred by hiring managers since they allow a recruiter to quickly find the information they are looking for. You can create a consistent, polished look by aligning the simple templates across your application materials.

Free to download and use in Microsoft Word, as a PDF, or in Google Docs

A great cover letter is one of the most important documents when it comes to explaining your professional story. We think everyone should have this advantage. That’s why we’ve made our cover letter templates completely free to use and download in Microsoft Word, as a PDF or in Google Docs.

When you want to be sure that th

Build your cover letter in minutes
Build your cover letter in minutes
A professional cover letter will make a good impression, but it’s just the beginning. With every template, you get full access to a suite of 18 powerful tools (incl. AI interview prep).
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Build your cover letter in minutes
Build your cover letter in minutes
A professional cover letter will make a good impression, but it’s just the beginning. With every template, you get full access to a suite of 18 powerful tools (incl. AI interview prep).
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