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Support Worker CV Example & Writing Guide

Support workers are an integral part of society, helping people live a fulfilling life. The support worker CV should highlight key skills and achievements that show their ability to support those in need.
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Support Worker CV Example & Writing Guide
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Support workers play an important part in the welfare of others. They look after those who need additional assistance to lead an independent and fulfilling life.

You can use this support worker CV example and writing guide to assist you in showing employers that you possess all the skills required to be an effective support worker.

In addition, Resume.io's extensive resources available to job seekers include CV examples for dozens of professions. An easy-to-use CV builder also supports these to make your job search rewarding. With our help, you will be confident in expressing yourself to a future employer.

In this guide, we will cover the following topics:

  • What does a support worker do?
  • Ensuring your CV stands out from other candidates with tips and tricks
  • How to create a CV that is enjoyable to read as well as being informative
  • Showcasing your professionalism and skills in an easy-to-read format
  • Creating a CV that helps you land your next role, including an attractive and straightforward design

What does a support worker do? 

Support workers are hugely valuable to our society, and unfortunately, they don't often get the recognition they deserve. Support workers are generally caring, patient individuals who enjoy helping those who might not be as fortunate as themselves. The role of a support worker involves assisting vulnerable people in navigating through the complexities of day-to-day life, including providing emotional and practical support to clients, depending on their needs.

There are different types of support workers. For example, a domestic support worker is based in a client's home or private residence and will help with challenging duties for the individual. For instance, they may assist with housework, shopping, and personal care. Additionally, they will often provide emotional support to the individuals. On the other hand, a clinical support worker will be based in a hospital or similar setting, providing clinical support such as administering medicine and helping the client with personal care. Support workers need to be caring, patient, and understanding individuals, with a friendly and positive demeanour.

Statistical insight

What does a supporter worker earn?

There is a staff shortage in the adult social care sector, with vacancies at over 8%, compared to the UK average of 3.7%. The deficit amounts to around 105,000 workers. The average salary for a support worker in the UK is £19,000.

How to write a support workers CV 

To ensure you cover all the critical aspects of your skills and experience, you should follow a set structure. The following is a good rule of thumb to follow when compiling the sections within your CV:

  • CV header
  • CV summary (aka profile or personal statement)
  • Employment History
  • CV skills
  • Education

Check out our adaptable CV sample for an idea of how to fill each of these sections with information about your role as a support worker.

Choosing the best CV format for a support worker 

The structure is key when writing your CV, and adhering to a defined structure will ensure you communicate the strengths you possess relevant to the role. If your most recent experience is appropriate to the role, you would generally use reverse-chronological order.

However, reverse chronological is not the only CV format you can use. But, if you have relevant experience, this would be the most appropriate. Use our CV examples for inspiration in formatting your support worker CV.

CV summary example: your journey so far 

In the CV summary, you have just a few lines to inform the employer of the skills and experience you possess in this line of work. Just as you read a synopsis before plunging into a novel, the summary provides the same benefits. In the same way as you are unlikely to read a book if the synopsis doesn't offer much enticement;  the employer might not delve further into your CV if your summary fails to impress. 

When writing your CV summary, some key points are the expected value you will bring to the clients you deal with, your most significant achievements, and your personality. Why have you reached this point in your career, and what are your future ambitions?

It is good to use a variety of sources for inspiration when writing your support worker CV. Take a look at our related CV samples, including care assistant CV sample or customer service CV sample. 

Adaptable CV summary example

Caring and compassionate support worker with 6+ years of experience assisting clients with various parts of daily life. Adept in medication management and administration, moving and handling, diet and nutrition support, and personalised care for all patients.

The summary grabs attention
The summary grabs attention

Employment history sample: experience to date

The priority for any employer is that you have the expertise to fulfill the needs of a support worker. Therefore, it is beneficial if your employment history shows clear career progression.

Use bullet points when detailing your responsibilities, but focus only on those most relevant to the role. You may need to tailor this section to suit each position you are applying for.

Don't fret if you don't have any direct experience as a support worker. Due to the nature of the role, you likely have transferable skills. Any positions that involve dealing with customers would be relevant, as soft skills are often just as necessary as direct experience.

Adaptable CV employment history example

Support Worker, Prestige Care May 
2019 - Jun 2022, London 

  • Managed a full case load of patients transitioning from rehabilitation centers to life at home.
  • Treated patients with dignity and respect at all times.
  • Worked with medical professionals and case workers to devise appropriate plans for all patients.
  • Managed and administered medications and supplements.
  • Helped patients to slowly develop more self-care abilities, allowing them to live more independent lives.
  • Successfully supported people with complex health and communication support needs.


Support Worker, Alexion Residences 
Sep 2016 - Feb 2018, London 

  • Promoted the well-being of patients by implementing the highest quality care possible.
  • Assisted patients with daily tasks, including all care assistance such as personal hygiene care, daily routines, and social activity support.
  • Encouraged independence by helping patients to develop and strengthen skills allowing them to engage in more self care.
  • Ensured accurate record keeping at all times and communicated with the supervisor regarding progress, events, and concerns.


Child Care Worker, London Care 
Oct 2013 - Jul 2016, London 

  • Offered childcare services to several families in the London area on an as needed basis.
  • Communicated with families to understand their needs and goals for child care.
  • Provided a safe and warm environment for children, and developed strong relationships with the families.
  • Consistently remained punctual and reliable, respecting the schedules of clients.

CV skills example: your interactions

A support worker needs to have particular skills to perform well in such a role. Unfortunately, few possess these skills, which explains why there is an evident shortage in the care sector.

Dealing with vulnerable people can be challenging, and as such, you need to be patient, understanding, and caring. It is imperative that you can make clients feel at ease and that you can offer value to their lives.

Unlike most roles, the soft skills you possess far outweigh the hard skills. Yes, you need to be physically fit and perform specific duties, but how you deal with other people is the most relevant to the employer.

Compile a list of skills you possess relevant to the support worker role. Try to think outside the box a little and make your skills more compelling than the standard responses that most candidates will use. When creating your skills section, always keep the ATS in mind and refer to the job description. Make sure you refer to our CV examples to get additional support in creating your skills section.

Adaptable CV skills section example
  • Patient Care
  • Medical Knowledge and Terminology
  • Medication Management and Administration
  • Excellent Multitasking Skills
  • Excellent Communication Skills
Expert tip

Keep value in mind

When writing your CV, you should constantly refer back to what value these skills will bring to the employer. You must mention skills that are relevant to the role. For example, you might be a great artist, but is that useful to the role? Always think about the value your skills offer.

Support worker CV education example: professional development 

Although there is no specific requirement for set qualifications for a support worker, it will impress the employer if you can share examples of courses and seminars you have attended in your education section.As a support worker, you must keep abreast of changes within the care sector and undertake training courses where relevant. Although there is no specific requirement for set qualifications for a support worker, it will impress the employer if you can share examples of courses and seminars you have attended. Of course, if you have a relevant degree, this is also useful to the employer. Take a look at the CV sample below for inspiration.

Adaptable CV education section example

The London College, Bachelor of Science in Biology, London
Sep 2013 - May 2016


CV layout and design: first impressions count

As a support worker, the way you present yourself to clients is significant. You need to be well presented to help gain their trust. The same rule applies when writing your CV. First impressions count, and a messy CV will turn the employer off.

Use a simple, professional design with appropriate spacing to allow the employer to absorb the information. Headings should be bold, and a bit of colour can also add some appeal. Think attractive but subtle. The content matters most to the employer; there is no need to overthink the design.

Make sure you proofread the document before hitting that submit button. Poor spelling and grammatical errors show a lack of attention to detail and professionalism.

At Resume.io, you will find a range of CV templates that you can customise to suit your own needs. These templates help take the stress out of CV creation with a professional design and ensure you avoid formatting issues.

Key takeaways for a support worker CV

  1. The CV should include sections which detail your relevant experience, skills, and any significant achievements that make you an excellent fit for the role.
  2. Give the employer an insight into a 'day in the life' of you as a support worker. What will this look like, and what value will you bring?
  3. Tailor your CV to the role, including relevant keywords to pass the ATS.
  4. Check out our adaptable support worker CV sample for more ideas on creating a great layout and design.
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