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Written by Paul DruryPaul Drury

18 Of the best resume posting sites. Both free and paid ones!

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18 Of the best resume posting sites. Both free and paid ones!
When it comes to looking for a job, posting your resume to allow employers to find you is a solid strategy. Here are a few sites that enable you to be discovered.

There are millions of job seekers out there, right now, wondering what to do with the resume they have so lovingly crafted. Great career stories need an audience. While most job seekers will view conversations with both external recruiters and internal hiring teams as a solid first step in their job search, there is a lot to be said for posting resumes on various resume posting sites in the hope that they might be “found.” 

If your resume is not on the best resume posting sites, however, you can’t be found. If you don’t put the bait in the water, you won’t get a bite.

In this blog, we investigate how to approach this job search fishing strategy, including:

  • LinkedIn as the home of your resume
  • Generic resume posting sites
  • Specialized resume posting websites
  • Privacy considerations when sharing your resume

LinkedIn is still the home of your resume 

While your LinkedIn profile is not quite the same as a resume, it fulfills the same functions. Employers can zero in on potential hires with powerful search functions and there is a functionality to upload your current resume. Optimizing your LinkedIn profile should be the first consideration when you embark on a job search.

Having said this, not every hiring manager will scroll through long lists of candidates on LinkedIn. You also never know if the keywords on your profile will match the search algorithms. 

LinkedIn should certainly be a core part of your job search marketing strategy, but it is far from the only place that you should share your resume.

6 Generic resume posting sites

There is a huge choice of generic sites that tend to share many of the same jobs, but that doesn’t mean individual employers will look for resumes on all of them. Here are six of the biggest. If you wish to broaden your search, your resume should be on each one.

1. Indeed 

Operating in 60 countries and 28 languages, Indeed is a place to find jobs and be found. It aggregates jobs from thousands of providers and should be at the top of your list if you wish to post your resume. You can convert your existing resume into the Indeed format, retaining much of your original career story.

2. Glassdoor 

Glassdoor is the market leader for company reviews, industry insights and salary information with over 70 million unique monthly visitors. It is also a treasure trove of available job listings. Combined with the employer branding data, it is a valuable source of information for any job seeker. Join one of their work communities and market your talent brand.

3. ZipRecruiter 

With 25 million job openings, ZipRecruiter uses advanced AI to match candidates with opportunities. It actually does a lot of the sourcing for the hiring manager. Its candidate matching and applicant tracking software is popular with employers. You do have to do a fair bit of extra work to create your account and resume, but it may well be worth it.

4. CareerBuilder 

CareerBuilder’s job listings, resume analytics and employer tools make it a go-to website for employers who post over 100 million jobs there at any one time. That is a lot of opportunity. They expect leading candidates to be active on the website, so you have no reason to miss this off your list of resume posting websites. Create your profile and start your journey.

5. Monster 

Monster has been a major player in the recruitment industry for decades. It has carried job listings since the very early days of social media and is now trusted by countless employers. Job seekers rely on its stellar job advice and employer profiles, while hiring managers browse the bottomless candidate database. Upload your resume and join the crowd.

6. ResumeRabbit 

ResumeRabbit is a paid service (starting at $5.95) that has the ability to upload your resume to multiple job sites with the push of a button. This is useful if you are short for time, but it may cut some corners in terms of what it shares to various sites. In your experience, it is best to personalise as much as you can during a job search. Control what you put out there.

Uploading your resume for employers and recruiters can significantly expand your job search reah
Uploading your resume for employers and recruiters can significantly expand your job search reah

Industry specific resume posting sites

If you work in a specific industry, you might already know the websites posting new roles. Employers advertise for jobs and look for candidates there because it enables them to cut through the volume of the larger generic job websites.

3 Tech posting sites 

  1. Dice allows you to post your resume and search for technology-related jobs.
  2. Tech Ladies is aimed at women in tech, creating a unique community feel.
  3. BuiltIn, is an excellent hub, featuring over 2 million technology professionals.

2 Healthcare posting sites

  1. CareerVitals is a leading healthcare job board where healthcare employers search for industry professionals.
  2. Nursing Job Cafe has nearly 200,000 professional nursing profiles on its books.

2 Education posting sites 

  1. HigherEdJobs is the undisputed leader in educational job boards.
  2. ChronicleVitae, for work in universities, is run by The Chronicle of Higher Education.

2 Finance posting sites 

  1. Efinancialcareers is the premium website for finance professionals looking to find jobs and be found.
  2. Financial Job Bank is a us-centric financial career portal with over 70,000 live vacancies at any one time.

3 Freelance posting sites 

Creating a profile on a freelance job posting website will look a little different to a standard resume, but they are nonetheless vital for professionals who wish to dip their toes into the gig economy or consulting.

  1. Upwork is an excellent website for remote work
  2. Fiverr is a popular destination for digital freelancers
  3. PeoplePerHour is trusted by over a million businesses.

Privacy considerations when posting your resume 

There are a few things to consider when you are posting personal information on the internet, particularly when it comes to privacy concerns.

No resume should include your full home address and anything that is shared on a posting website should only contain your home town. Employer databases are not always secure, but these websites are always targets for hackers who are looking to steal personal data. For the same reason, leave your mobile phone number off any resume that is posted on such sites. Your email and LinkedIn profile will be enough for employers to get in touch with you.

Key takeaways

Putting your resume on several resume posting sites is not a sign of desperation. It is simply good practice for a job search. Give those employers the chance to find you.

  • Tailor the resume as much as you can for each website.
  • Take out any sensitive personal data that may be stolen.
  • Consider posting on specialist resume posting sites.
  • Careful with aggregator websites. Control your resume distribution.
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