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Mechanic cover letter example

Use this Mechanic cover letter example to finish your application and get hired fast – no frustration, no guesswork. This cover letter example is specifically designed for Mechanic positions in 2024. Take advantage of our sample sentences + expert guides to download the perfect cover letter in just minutes.
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Mechanic cover letter example
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While writing may not top a mechanic’s priority list, the ability to describe their skills in their cover letter and is central to securing a new role. When it comes to the more human elements of the job such as working in a team and communicating with customers, their mechanic cover letter is an essential part of showcasing their worth.

This cover letter guide will help every mechanic to piece together the structure of a persuasive mechanic cover letter like they fit a complicated transmission system. The following topics will help their cover letter to hum like a finely-tuned engine:

  • Format and structure of the mechanic cover letter – structure their career stories
  • What information to include in the header, middle part and conclusion
  • How to avoid the most common mistakes in a cover letter
Expert tip

Resume.io shares over 125 cover letter examples and professional guides that offer specific tips and advice for job seekers across all functions and industries. Our adaptable examples seek to show the power of a role-specific and personality-led cover letter.

Best format for a mechanic cover letter

All mechanics understand the importance of putting something together in the right order. If one step is out of place, everything falls apart. Organizing a mechanic cover letter format is no different. It should include:

  • The cover letter header
  • The greeting / salutation
  • The cover letter intro
  • The middle paragraphs (body of the letter)
  • The ending paragraph of your cover letter (conclusion and call-to-action)

While your future garage boss will be mostly interested in your manual skills, the experiences that you choose to describe in your cover letter will demonstrate just how closely you understand the demands of the specific role. Read the job description carefully and slot only the most relevant accomplishments into this set structure.

Have a look at our comprehensive cover letter guide for more general advice on writing – this guide is more targeted towards mechanics, but there is more subtlety to writing a cover letter than you might think, so this is well worth a read.

The mechanic cover letter sample can serve as a framework for your own.

Cover letter header

The cover letter header is like the details of the body work on a car and the quality of the paint job. It is what you tend to notice first, and it is not complicated, but if there are any defects, chips or dents, they last long in the memory. The design of the mechanic cover letter header should be simple and understated. Include your full name, email contacts details and mobile phone. If any of these elements are missing, it is like looking at a car that has not been looked after. Get these small but important details right. Check out our adaptable mechanic cover letter sample for more ideas on creating a great header.

The aim of the cover letter header: Include all the essential contact details in your mechanic cover letter header. They should be here as well as your resume.

Cover letter greeting

Although most mechanics will talk informally with their colleagues, the greeting of a cover letter should show as much respect as they would show to a customer. Any job application is a formal piece of writing, so writing “Dear Mr/Mrs” is the safest way to address a future boss that you have not met. If you know the owner of the business personally, it is acceptable to use their first name in a cover letter, but that is the only exception.

If you do not know to whom the cover letter should be addressed, “Dear X team” is a warmer way of starting a mechanic cover letter than “to whom it may concern.” Mechanics should be personable and good at working with others. Don’t start the cover letter on a cold tone. You’ll find the greeting of our mechanic cover letter sample below.

The aim of letter greeting: Hit the right tone. Only use a first name if you know the owner of a garage incredibly well (using a surname would be strange in this case).

Adaptable cover letter greeting example

Dear Mr. Hewson,


Cover letter introduction

The introduction should lead with your core value as a mechanic. Share an example of your most complicated jobs or offer an idea into the volume of work that you can take on in a day. It is important to convey your depth of knowledge and helpful to show that customers like your work and will keep coming back. People rely on their cars, so having a list of loyal customer references is a key consideration in a mechanic job search. Sharing your motivations for changing roles can be important – your future employer wants to understand that you are leaving for the right reasons (and now because you were bad at your job). Below you’ll find the introduction to our cover letter example.

The aim of the cover letter introduction: Share some of the main aspects of your application, but leave the details until later in the mechanic cover letter.

Adaptable cover letter introduction example

With the closure of my current employer imminent, I am enquiring about the possibility of a role at Sparks Repair and Body Shop. I have worked as a mechanic at McQueen Garage for five years and have a book of loyal customers to bring with me.


Cover letter middle part (body)

Being a mechanic is complicated, so make sure that the middle part of the cover letter only details those experiences that are specifically relevant to the future role. Talk about the sorts of vehicles that you will be working with, the specifics of the mechanic role that you specialize in and include some quantifiable results if possible. Make sure that you use some of the keywords in the job description to get past the ATS system.

Sharing a little personality with your language and examples will go a long way to making the hiring manager wonder what it is like to work with you. The goal of any cover letter is to secure an interview, so fire their imaginations where you can. Check out the body of our cover letter sample below.

The aim of the cover letter body: Share a couple of the most relevant achievements – make it sound like you could be working there already.

Adaptable cover letter middle part example

I am experienced in all aspects of car maintenance and repair – both gas and electric, an expert in vehicle diagnostics and am building my expertise in the electric market. I know that your garage is rapidly increasing its work with out-of-warranty electric vehicles and as technology moves on, mechanics with this skill set (outside of the manufacturers) are rare. Troubleshooting problems and rebuilding complex systems are a challenge that I will never tire of – 65% of my customers last year were repeat business.

I work well in a team with others and am always looking to pass on my knowledge to younger mechanics. I was responsible for the training of 20+ apprentices over my five years at McQueen and would look forward to the same sort of mentor role at Sparks. I have a particular interest and specialization in rebuilding transmissions and led training sessions across a network of fifteen garages.


How to close a mechanic cover letter (conclusion and sign-off)

Closing a mechanic cover letter is like that final turn of the wrench before you sit down into the driver’s seat and turn the key to test the engine. You are nearly done with the job application, but you need to finish with one last flourish.

Have the confidence to say that you would look forward to the opportunity of an interview and include one last reason to invite you for a discussion. See our mechanic cover letter sample conclusion below.

Goal of the conclusion: End on a positive flourish, knowing that you have made the best possible application possible. Asking for an interview is natural – you want the job, after all.

Adaptable cover letter example of the conclusion & sign-off:

I would welcome the opportunity to stop by for an interview and have a long list of customer recommendations that I can share. I know that many of my previous customers will soon be bringing their cars your way.

Danny Martin


Mechanic cover letter with no experience

It is entirely possible that you may be looking for a mechanic role as an apprentice or if you wish to start out in the industry. As the hard and technical skills for a mechanic are easily taught, it is likely that you will have many transferable soft skills that you can outline to show that you have that side of the job covered.

Share examples of how you work with others, outline your communication skills and talk about how you approach solving problems. Any mechanic with no experience needs to have a great attitude, so use the cover letter to show an employer how much you want the job.

Volunteering at a garage to gain experience on the weekends is a great way of getting a feel for the industry before you jump in with both feet, so although your resume might not scream “grease monkey,” a persuasive cover letter might just get your foot in the door.

Expert tip

A great-looking cover letter instantly conveys the message that you are a professional and highly-skilled mechanic – even when you’re up against candidates with much more experience. If you don’t have time to fuss with the formatting, consider using an expertly-designed cover letter template to get the job done in a snap.

Key takeaways

  1. Share your technical and softer skills within your mechanic cover letter stories.
  2. Stick to the demands of the role as per the job description – make it relevant.
  3. Use action verbs to highlight achievements and give depth to your examples.
  4. Work out why the employer needs a new mechanic and tick those boxes.
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