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Housekeeping Cover Letter Example

Use this Housekeeping cover letter example to finish your application and get hired fast – no frustration, no guesswork. This cover letter example is specifically designed for Housekeeping positions in 2024. Take advantage of our sample sentences + expert guides to download the perfect cover letter in just minutes.
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Housekeeping Cover Letter Example
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When you’re in need of a quick, entry-level position with daytime hours, housekeeping is one of the best options. Since housekeepers are always in demand, you should be able to easily snag one of the available positions – if you know how to put together a great housekeeping cover letter!

Housekeeper jobs are hard work, but they offer you the chance to work independently, earn good tip money and even move on to other jobs in the hospitality industry. And if you’ve ever tidied up your own home, chances are you have most of the skills needed to be an effective housekeeper. 

So how do you quit the job search and land the perfect housekeeping opportunity? 

Resume.io’s collection of cover letter resources, like our 125+  cover letter examples,  templates and cover letter builder, are expertly designed to help you make a great impression.

This guide will:

  • Break down the purpose and process behind a great cover letter
  • Walk you through cover letter format with free samples
  • Show you the secrets of landing a housekeeper job with no experience
  • Help you avoid common mistakes that could ruin your chances of landing the position

Application letter for housekeeping 

To better understand how to write a great cover letter, it’s important to first answer the why question. Once you’re sure of your purpose, the writing process will seem like a small price to pay to drastically increase your chances of landing the position.

A cover letter, also known as an application letter, is a one-page document (200 to 400 words) that accompanies your cover letter and allows you to expand on your reasons for applying and the top skills you’d bring to a housekeeper position.

Resumes are often quite impersonal documents, and if this is your first work experience, you might feel that you’re lacking in work history to report. That’s where your cover letter comes in, allowing you to establish a personal connection with the person doing the hiring and encouraging them to give you a shot.

Expert tip

What if the housekeeping job application doesn't require a cover letter?

Housekeepers are in the unique position of applying for jobs with bigger hotel chains through online portals but still handing in old-fashioned paper applications to smaller, independent locations. Sometimes, it can be hard to tell if a cover letter is actually necessary or if a resume will suffice. 

While some job seekers might take the easy way out by submitting only a resume, this is likely not helping them land a position. A cover letter is one of the best convincers you have to show an employer why they should take a chance on you even with no experience. Writing a cover letter is worth the extra effort in all situations, unless a recruiter specifically asks you NOT to send one.

An effective cover letter is more than just great writing. A simple yet professional format can go a long way in helping you stand out from other housekeeping applicants. Make sure to pay attention to the balance of white space and text and use the correct fonts and sizes. 

Secondary purpose

What most candidates don’t know is that a great cover letter is often an applicant’s secret weapon. Since housekeeping is one of the most plentiful entry-level jobs, you’re likely to be up against a variety of candidates with minimal experience. It can be hard for a hiring manager to make a decision in these cases, so it can often come down to who sells themselves the best in a cover letter.

A professional cover letter can put you ahead of other housekeepers, even ones with years of experience. This is about telling your story and drawing out the skills and personality traits you already possess to show employers why you’re the one they’re searching for.

Expert tip

The importance of tailoring your cover letter

Tailoring your cover letter means adapting it to each position you apply for. This could mean altering your text to emphasize different experience or skills, based on the job description.

By tailoring your cover letter you show a prospective employer why you’re not just interested in any position, you're interested in this one. While it might take a few extra minutes to adjust your letter, the effort will pay off when a hiring manager sees you've taken the time to understand its needs.

If you're applying for a job at a big hotel, you may also need to adapt the format of your cover letter depending on its branding. For example, a swanky new boutique hotel may prefer a more creative touch, while a well-known establishment frequented by business travelers might prefer a more classic look. 

Best format for a housekeeping cover letter

Some candidates fear the cover letter writing process because they don’t understand its structure and format. In this next section we’ll dive into all the necessary pieces of a convincing cover letter. And what’s more, this format rarely changes between job titles or industries, so you can apply these strategies in many contexts.

Here are the key components:

  • The cover letter header
  • The greeting
  • The introduction
  • The letter body
  • The conclusion
  • The signature

For more information and specific guidance on how to write each of these sections, check out our overall guide on cover letters.

Cover letter header

Your cover letter header is the first thing the hiring manager will see when reading your application. That means it’s worth making sure this section serves its two roles well. The first job of the header is to keep your personal data, like name, phone number and email, at hiring managers’ fingertips should they want to get in touch for a job interview. Just make sure to keep your header focused on only the most relevant information.

The second purpose of your cover letter header is to create attractive formatting for what might otherwise be a simple sheet of paper. Since housekeeping is a very straightforward line of work, there’s no need for bright colors or flashy fonts here – a simple text format with a neutral color scheme and clear organization is all it takes. 

The goal of this section: Keep your contact information handy for a hiring manager, and create attractive yet professional formatting to make your cover letter stand out.

Expert tip

Align document styles

Sometimes a bit of extra effort can separate you from the many other job seekers who aren’t serious about the position. One of the quickest ways to set yourself apart is by aligning the document styles of your cover letter and resume. This is done by creating matching designs, primarily in the header of both documents.

If you have some graphic design experience you could certainly do this yourself, but matching templates for a resume and cover letter can make the process much easier. Check out our collection of simple options, perfect for housekeeping positions.

Cover letter greeting

Your cover letter greeting is what sets a polite and friendly tone for the rest of your letter. One of the best things you can do to increase your chances of connecting with the head housekeeper or recruiter is using the recipient's name in the greeting. Make sure to use a respectful greeting like “Dear” followed by the correct salutation (Mr., Ms., etc.) and last name.

The goal of this section: Create a personal connection by using the hiring manager’s name in your cover letter greeting.

Adaptable cover letter greeting example

Dear Mrs. Orton,

Expert tip

The importance of using names 

Hotel staff has long understood the importance of personalized greetings. Using people’s names when they come to check in creates a warm feeling and shows the guests how valued they are. You can use the power of names to your own advantage by including them in your cover letter greeting.

This is usually much easier to do with small, independent hotels and bed and breakfasts. If you’re not sure who to address the letter to, you could simply call and ask the receptionist.

Some large hotel chains, however, may not make hiring information public. In that case you’ll want to use the name of the hotel followed by a collective noun like “Hiring Team,” or “Family” for hotels with sentimental branding.

Cover letter introduction

Your cover letter introduction can often be the deciding factor when a hiring manager is debating whether to continue reading your cover letter. That means it’s important to get the section right. Luckily, it’s not hard to do. You’ll just need a relevant example, skill or fact that’s both interesting and professional. You may want to reflect on a time you went above and beyond to offer great service to hotel guests or a top skill that is mentioned in the job description.

The goal of this section: Introduce yourself through an interesting statement, fact or story, grab a hiring manager’s attention and encourage them to keep reading your letter.

Adaptable cover letter introduction example

As my current housekeeping role is coming to an end due to my employers moving abroad, after four years of enjoyable employment, I am looking for a new part-time housekeeping role for weekday mornings and Sunday afternoons.


Cover letter body 

Your cover letter body is the biggest writing section and the place where you’ll finally get to dive into all the housekeeping duties you’ve performed or the reasons why you’d make a great addition to the hotel staff, even if this is your first experience as a housekeeper. To make this section more manageable, you can break it into two parts.

First, try using the STAR method to offer examples of the ways you’re an excellent housekeeper. Start with a Situation, the Task, your Action and the positive Result that followed. Choose examples that are most relevant for the type of job you’re applying to. For example, a time you cleaned a large number of rooms very quickly may be more applicable to a large chain than a small bed and breakfast.

In your second body section, you can discuss your most relevant hard skills and also your personality traits that make you the smiling face guests are happy to see. You can also discuss the ways in which you will bring value to the hotel.

The goal of this section: Use the STAR method to give examples of your experiences, and discuss your potential contributions to the employer.

Adaptable cover letter body example

My previous employer was a young family of five with a 3,000-square-foot house, where I managed a range of housekeeping duties. My cleaning regime involved a full-house clean twice a week, using non-toxic, hypoallergenic cleaning supplies. One of the children had a dust allergy, so it was vital that I did the best possible job.

My work also entailed managing a regular laundry and dry-cleaning schedule to ensure that there was always a choice of freshly washed and ironed wardrobe choices. I packed suitcases for employer business trips and helped the kids pick out clothes to order online.

I coordinated household grocery requirements and ensured the timely receipt of online deliveries. I understand that you like to do the majority of the cooking, but I am well practiced in food preparation to lighten the load a little.

I very much enjoy a range of garden maintenance tasks and am able to work alongside a gardener or serve as the sole gardener. As you write that the garden would be a priority, I enclose a few photos of my previous employers’ garden (with their permission). I take pride in my green thumb and would say that my gardening skills are first-rate.

Prior to my housekeeping role, I worked in a kindergarten for three years. I possess all necessary qualifications for child care, including a clean driving licence, in case I need to drop them off for extracurricular activities or play dates.


Cover letter conclusion and signature

You’ve finally reached the conclusion of your cover letter and it’s time to wrap things up politely and professionally. You can do this with a call to action. This sentence expresses your interest in the position and encourages a hiring manager to contact you. 

Then, use a friendly signature to close your letter. “Sincerely” and “Thank you” can work well in this case.

The goal of this section: Close your letter on a positive and respectful note with a call to action and the appropriate signature.

Adaptable cover letter conclusion and signature example

I would love to discuss my trustworthy, reliable and meticulous approach should you wish to meet with me for an interview.

Jeremiah Wallis


Housekeeping cover letter with no experience

When it comes to housekeeping jobs, there are a few important traits you’ll want to convey on your cover letter.

  • Work ethic: There’s no doubt that housekeeping is hard work. Give a hiring manager reasons to believe you can rise to the challenge and keep up a strong pace even towards the end of the day.
  • Hard skills: Vacuuming, dusting and using cleaning equipment are some of the key housekeeping duties. It’s worth mentioning one or two more specialized skills to stand out from other applicants.
  • Positive attitude: Even though much of this job is independent work, you’ll still regularly interact with guests, front desk staff and other housekeepers. Great communication and customer service skills go a long way.
  • Time management: Housekeepers are often given a short amount of time to turn around rooms from one guest to another. Your ability to work quickly and efficiently is one of the most valuable assets to a hotel.

Cover letter for housekeeping job with no experience

If you’ve never worked as a housekeeper before, you’re in luck. This job requires skills that you probably already have, and most hotel employers are willing to train new housekeepers on the more specialized tasks.

So how do you land a housekeeping job with no experience?

It all comes down to how well you can explain your interest in the position and transferable skills. Your potential employer will likely notice a lack of experience on your resume, so there’s no need to over-explain that in your cover letter. Instead, focus on previous work that prepared you for this job through work ethic, time management and organization.

For example:

  • Working as a server = time management, friendly disposition
  • Working in construction = work ethic, independence and teamwork
  • Working as a receptionist = organization, efficiency
Expert tip

Foreign language skills as a secret weapon

Many housekeepers speak a second language fluently. In the U.S. this language is often Spanish, but that can vary depending on the country where you intend to work. Having a strong level of both the primary and secondary language can make you an invaluable go-between among staff and guests. 

Application letter for housekeeping: common mistakes

Make your cover letter even stronger by avoiding these errors often made in housekeeping cover letters:

  • Spelling and grammar errors: Poor sentence structure and spelling are some of the most common mistakes that will disqualify you right from the start. Make sure to double-check your letter, but if you need some help, don’t be afraid to ask a friend to proofread your application before you submit.
  • Poor formatting: Great writing is a start, but it needs the right formatting to match. A good resume format doesn’t have to be complicated. Simple templates with clean lines and basic fonts will do the trick.
  • Generic cover letters: Your cover letter should be tailored not only to housekeeping positions but also to the exact hotel you’re applying to.
  • Discussing lack of experience: Housekeeping is one of the most readily available kinds of entry-level work. However, even if you’ve never worked as a housekeeper before, you should still discuss some sort of related experience. Focus on your soft skills, your work ethic and your willingness to learn.

Key takeaways

  1. A cover letter is a vital part of a complete application. Make sure to write and include one to increase your chances of landing the housekeeping position.
  2. Generic cover letters send the message that you’re not actually interested in this specific employer. Solve this problem by tailoring your cover letter for the unique environment you plan to work in.
  3. The trusted cover letter organizational structure will help you make sure you’ve included all the necessary parts of a strong cover letter.
  4. You can land a housekeeping job even with no experience by focusing on the transferable skills and personality traits you already possess.
  5. Attractive and clean cover letter formatting is essential to make a professional impression. It doesn’t have to be difficult, though – simple cover letter templates can help.

Create an amazing cover letter with Resume.io with no stress or second-guessing. We’ve got you covered with our powerful cover letter builder!

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Build your cover letter in minutes
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