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Restaurant Manager cover letter example

Use this Restaurant Manager cover letter example to finish your application and get hired fast – no frustration, no guesswork. This cover letter example is specifically designed for Restaurant Manager positions in 2024. Take advantage of our sample sentences + expert guides to download the perfect cover letter in just minutes.
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Restaurant Manager cover letter example
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If you can manage a kitchen, a dining room, a bar and a bustling staff, then trust us – you can manage to write a one-page restaurant manager cover letter. And you’re going to need to do just that if you want to land this fast-paced job.

This restaurant manager cover letter example and writing guide will tell you what you need to know to create a job-winning pitch for this occupation, including:

  • The best format for structuring a restaurant manager cover letter
  • The six components of a successful cover letter, with tips for optimizing each part: header, greeting, introduction, body, conclusion and sign-off
  • Mistakes you need to avoid
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Best format for a restaurant manager cover letter

Think of a menu. You don’t put dessert first and appetizers last, with all the prices on the left and the names of the dishes on the right. Menus have a certain format that needs to be followed, and the same is true of of your restaurant manager cover letter structure.

Cover letters should be one page only, and need to contain six essential elements:

  • Header
  • Greeting
  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion
  • Sign-off and signature

Formatting also involves issues of design and layout. You need to consider a lot of design issues, including fonts, font sizes, layout, margins, spacing, visual balance and a judicious use of white space. The best way to deal with these issues is to use a professionally designed cover letter template where the design has already been done for you. Resume.io offers dozens of cover letter templates that you can make your own with the click of a button, supported by our easy-to-use builder tool. 

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For even more writing advice and specific formatting tips, check out our comprehensive cover letter guide.

Cover letter header: How to reach you

The cover letter header is the section at the top of the page that provides your name, occupation, address, phone number and email. 

The ideal header is a combination of fashion and function – not only does it provide crucial information, but it looks good too. With creative use of typography, layout and color, the header announces to your potential employer that you’re not just competent but stylish. 

Check out our cover letter example for an idea of how to accomplish this.

Goal of the cover letter header: Stand apart from other job applicants by prominently and stylishly displaying your essential identifying information.

Cover letter greeting: Know your target

The greeting of your cover letter should generally start with the word “Dear,” followed by “Mr.” or “Ms.” and then the last name of the hiring manager, as seen in our cover letter example.

What if you don’t know that name? Do everything in your power to find out the name of the person you should be writing to – if all else fails, call the company on the phone and just ask.

But if it’s absolutely impossible to learn the name of the person processing applications for the job you want, then you need to find a work-around, like “Dear Hiring Manager,” “Greetings [Restaurant Name] Hiring Team” or the like. 

Goal of the cover letter greeting: Address your recipient professional in a professional but personal manner, by name if possible.

Below is the greeting from our restaurant manager sample.

Adaptable cover letter greeting example

Dear Mrs. Bandington,


Cover letter introduction: Name your specialties

The cover letter introduction, i.e. the first paragraph, is crucially important because it sets the stage for everything that follows. Here you need to build an irresistible case that the reader must keep reading.

The cover letter introduction should both identify the job you’re seeking and provide a preview of why you’re the ideal candidate for this job. Make this paragraph as intriguing as possible, using compelling language that describes your candidacy in glowing but realistic terms, as seen in our cover letter example below.

Goal of the cover letter introduction: Intrigue hiring managers with a captivating preview of your most relevant qualifications.

Adaptable cover letter introduction example

Managing a food outlet where 75% of your orders are sent out for delivery is a tall order in a city center where traffic is heavy and competition is high. I have managed two inner city pizza restaurants over the past eight years, and I understand the direct correlation between delivery standards and customer satisfaction.


Cover letter middle part: The meat and potatoes

The body of your cover letter, the two or four paragraphs in the middle, must do the heavy lifting that sells your candidacy. Discuss your work experience, mentioning not just the past jobs you’ve held, but what you did there. Try to cite facts and figures that offer specifics about the budget, number of employees and customer flow you managed. 

Mention the name of the restaurant you’re applying to, and explain why you want to work there. Let the manager know that you aren’t just sending out a generic cover letter to dozens of potential employers.

Goal of the cover letter body: Build your case for being an ideal job match by giving a sense of how this restaurant will benefit from hiring you. 

Check out the body section from our restaurant manager  cover letter sample:

Adaptable cover letter middle part example

The restaurant management role with your Brooklyn outlet, alongside the city-wide distribution management mandate that it encompasses, will cover two of my passions. I enjoy being close to the food from a product point of view, and my degree in hospitality management ensures the very highest culinary standards. On the other hand, the daily interactions with delivery partners are truly the most vital link in the customer service chain. While they are an external service provider, these delivery team members need to be treated like one of the family. That high regard for their importance is reflected in our restaurant’s track record of 65% fewer delivery complaints than our competitors receive.

In terms of retaining our customers, I have found hyper-localized social media campaigns work incredibly well. At both of my previous employers, I achieved impressive increases in social media account followings: by 1,200% and 950% respectively.

When you offer customers a great product, they are happy to share their dining experiences with their friends. I know that some of your pizzas are renowned for their originality, so this marketing approach would work well.

I have spent considerable time in Italy studying in the kitchens of some of the best pizza makers in the world, so I am also hoping for an opportunity to influence menu choices. How people eat pizza is changing and there are a few extra menu items that you may wish to consider.


Cover letter conclusion and sign-off: Let’s talk again soon

Your cover letter conclusion should wrap up with some kind of call to action. Let the reader know that you’re looking forward to a reply, that you’d be happy to arrange an interview, or that you would welcome an informal phone call to discuss the matter further.

Let readers know that the ball is in their court now and that a reply would really be appreciated. Be careful not to sound presumptuous or arrogant, but plant the thought in the hiring manager’s mind that he or she should get back to you in some way.

Goal of the cover letter closing: End on a positive, self-assured note with a call to action that implies the recruiter needs to respond.

Sign off with a closing salutation like “Sincerely” or “All my best.” Add a space below this and type your full name. 

Here is our sample conclusion and sign-off for a restaurant manager cover letter.

Adaptable cover letter conclusion & sign-off example

I look forward to visiting your restaurant. It would be great to hear about your plans for the future and suggest how I might be able to make them happen.

Gerri Smith

Expert tip

Avoid these critical mistakes on a restaurant manager cover letter sample.

  • Typos, misspellings and bad grammar can all sink your chances. If English is not your forte, find an editor to review and revise your letter before you send it.
  • Do not send the same cover letter to every potential employer. Tailor each letter to each employer, addressing its specific needs.
  • Be sure your letter is attractively laid out and designed. You wouldn’t want to run an ugly restaurant or serve an ugly dish, so don’t send an ugly cover letter.

Key takeaways for a restaurant manager cover letter

  1. From the header to the signature, follow proper cover letter structure, incorporating all the essential elements.
  2. Strike a professional yet personal tone to convince the hiring manager that you have both the experience and the people skills to do the job right.
  3. Avoid design errors by using a professional cover letter template where the layout is already done for you.

Wishing you all the best in your job search! 

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Build your cover letter in minutes
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