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Cabin Crew CV Examples & UK Templates

If you’re prepared to be responsible for an aircraft full of passengers, you need to show high levels of empathy and top communication skills to land the job. A cabin crew CV can be the perfect tool to do just that. We’ve got the tips needed to land you in your dream role.
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Cabin Crew CV Examples & UK Templates
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A dynamic cabin crew CV can take you from A to B in more ways than one. While this job can be a unique way to see the world, it’s also a highly-coveted position. That means that a strong application grounded with a well-written CV is essential.

Most hiring managers can agree that they’re hoping to build a cabin crew of people-oriented individuals. Above all, when building a team of professionals who are going to be responsible for a plane full of passengers for hours at a time, sensitivity and communication are must-have skills. The good news for you is that a CV can be the perfect place to exhibit these traits. Although it’s normal if you need a little guidance to help you to get there.

That’s where Resume.io can be of assistance. We offer resources for job seekers to help their job applications take flight. Our CV guides and CV examples cover dozens of professions and have helped to craft millions of job applications. We want to equip you with a cabin crew CV that will land you the role of your dreams.

This CV guide, along with the corresponding CV example will cover the following topics:

  • What does the cabin crew do?
  • How to write a cabin crew CV (tips and tricks)
  • The best format for a cabin crew CV
  • Advice on each section of your CV (summary, work history, education, skills)
  • Professional CV layout and design hints.

What does the cabin crew do?

As a cabin crew member, you have plenty of responsibilities to keep passengers safe that extend to pre and post-flight. These range from attending meetings about the planned route and schedule, to checking supplies and emergency equipment on the plane, and finally greeting and taking care of passengers on a flight.

Since the number of people able to be on a plane is limited, you are expected to demonstrate a variety of skill sets. From understanding and implementing safety procedures, to carrying out roles associated with hospitality and customer services roles, you wear multiple hats and are the face of the passengers’ in-flight experience.

Statistical insight

How much do cabin crew earn?

The National Careers Services cites that the average cabin crew salary can range from £15,000 to £30,000. You’ll be expected to work 30-40 hours a week. 

Of course, the nature of flying to and from international destinations means you may be required to work evenings, weekends, or bank holidays. 

How to write a cabin crew CV

Before you put pen to paper, take a moment to understand which sections to include in your cabin crew CV. Your CV should contain the following elements:

  • The CV header
  • The CV summary (aka profile or personal statement)
  • The employment history section
  • The CV skills section
  • The education section
Fun facts about UK airlines employees
Fun facts about UK airlines employees

Choosing the best CV format for cabin crew

The reverse chronological format is the best CV format for most jobseekers. It focuses on your employment history above all else. However, if you are new to the workforce, you can take a moment to think more carefully about the best CV format for you. Hybrid or functional CV formats are also an option.

Whatever CV format you choose, the important thing is to choose a CV format that clearly communicates your professional profile to the hiring manager.

CV summary example

The CV summary is where you hook the interest of the hiring manager. This is likely the main part of your CV they’ll read when deciding whether or not to spend longer considering your CV. So, impress them by writing three to four sentences about your professional attributes that make you a great fit for this role. 

Follow some of these tips to make your CV summary hit right:

  • Omit the use of “I” to cut down on that precious word count.
  • Include strong action verbs to make your language more specific and keep the hiring manager’s attention.
  • Mention any impressive awards or accomplishments that are relevant to the role.
  • Find numbers or statistics that demonstrate and quantify your professional value.
  • Tweak your summary depending on the job you’re applying to.

Take a look at our cabin crew CV sample content below to get an idea of how you can craft your own CV summary. 

However, don’t forget that cabin crew can get inspiration from other job titles, too. You could get some great ideas on how similar roles approach that all-important CV summary from our other CV examples. Try checking out our 

Adaptable CV summary example

Dedicated and experienced cabin crew member with over seven years of experience in providing top-notch in-flight services with major airlines. Known for exceptional customer service skills, commitment to passenger safety, and ability to foster a positive travel experience for all. Adept at managing challenging situations, coordinating emergency response, and mitigating conflicts with calm and professionalism.


Employment history sample

Just like a well-stocked airline food trolley, a great employment history section is dense with excellent options. List your most recent experience at the top of this section and work your way back. Each role should include a job title, employer name, dates of employment, and location.

The way that you can make your CV tailored to each job application is by tweaking the bullet points underneath each role’s subheading. For each job you can include several bullet points detailing responsibilities, accomplishments, or anything else that is relevant to painting a picture of why you’re the best cabin crew member for the job.

Adaptable CV employment history example

Senior Cabin Crew at British Airways, London, UK 
2016 - Present 

  • Consistently recognised with excellent passenger feedback for providing an outstanding travel experience.
  • Trained and mentored new cabin crew members in safety regulations, service protocols, and quality standards.
  • Led cabin team of up to four during numerous long-haul flights, ensuring passenger comfort and safety.


Cabin Crew Member at Virgin Atlantic, London, UK 
2013 - 2016 

  • Communicated with passengers and provided information on in-flight meals, amenities, and other matters.
  • Played an instrumental role in handling a medical emergency by providing immediate assistance and coordinating with ground staff.
  • Completed pre- and post-flight checks of cabin to ensure compliance with safety and security protocols.

CV skills example

No cabin crew application is complete without a varied and considered CV skills section. From your technical and safety-related skills to your customer service prowess, this section should show off the varied abilities that make you right for the role.

Read through the job description and make sure you’ve included any important keywords that you were unable to fit in your previous employment section. In addition to a balance of safety and customer service-related skills, think about your balance of hard and soft skills. While hard skills are learnt capabilities that usually refer to what you can do, soft skills are just as important. They are the harder-to-teach skills that refer to how you carry out your work. Communication skills, problem-solving, and leadership are examples of soft skills. A top cabin crew needs both hard and soft skills to succeed.

Statistical insight

Applicant Tracking System (ATS): the hiring manager’s algorithmic co-pilot

As well as the hiring manager, the ATS will be co-piloting the hiring process. Before any human sees your CV, the ATS will scan your CV for the presence of relevant keywords. You can identify these in the job description and make sure they are present throughout your CV sections.

Don’t forget to include any languages you speak in this section, or in its own dedicated “languages” section. Foreign language skills are incredibly valuable for tourism-related roles such as cabin crew.

In the CV sample content below you can see a range of skills you could consider including on yours.

Adaptable CV skills example section
  • Ability to Work Under Pressure
  • Aviation Regulations Compliance
  • In-Flight Services
  • Food & Beverage Service
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Security Protocols
  • First Aid
  • Team Leadership
  • Training & Mentoring
  • Multilingual

Cabin crew CV education example

Members of cabin crews can have varied educational backgrounds. But it’s still important to list yours in your CV. Like the previous employment section, each entry should be added in reverse chronological order and include the title of the qualification, the name of the educational institution, dates of study, and location.

Expert tip

How to start a career in clouds as a cabin crew member

According to National Career Service, usually you’ll need 5 GCSEs at grades 9 – 4 (A* to C) to do a cabin crew advanced apprenticeship. Otherwise, to do a college course or Diploma in Air Cabin Crew, you may need 2 or more GCSEs at grades 9-3 (A*-D). 

Some cabin crew members are university graduates. Many well-known airlines have schemes where you can start your career in the cabin crew.  

Adaptable education CV example

Diploma in Air Cabin Crew Operations, City of London College 
2012 - 2013 

A Levels, English, French, Travel & Tourism, St. Paul's School, London 
2010 - 2012


CV layout and design

Cabin crews famously need to take care in their personal appearance. If you want to make a first impression that counts with the hiring manager, make sure your CV follows the same rule of thumb. Take your time to make sure your CV is neat in appearance and you are proud to have it represent you.

If taking care of the visuals of your CV as well as the written content sounds overwhelming, you do have other options. You can consider using one of our professionally-designed CV templates, for free. We can’t do all the heavy lifting for your CV’s content, but we can certainly help you to make sure it looks the part.

Key takeaways for a cabin crew CV

  1. Before you take off with the writing, do your research so you know how to make sure your CV lands well with the hiring manager.
  2. Choose examples in your previous employment section that show off your Swiss army knife skill set!
  3. Keep the ATS in mind and include important keywords from the job description as you refine your CV.
  4. Don’t forget to present your profile well with a sleek CV design.
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