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Front End Developer CV Examples & UK Templates

It’s your job to grab the attention of site visitors and steer them quickly and easily to your message. When you look for a new job, you need a front end developer CV that does the same with recruiters. Follow the tips below to get started.
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Front End Developer CV Examples & UK Templates
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In your career, demonstrating that you can create a user-friendly product is of the utmost importance, so when you decide it’s time to make a move, you need all your tools to develop a front end developer CV that proves your worth.

Your excellent design skills will serve you well in your job hunt, but you also need to promote your talents and knowledge in words. How do you create a stunning visual presentation that also entices recruiters by showing off your achievements? You’re in the right place.

This CV guide and the CV example document it contains, will review the following topics:

  • What does a front end developer do?
  • How to write a front end developer CV
  • The best format for a front end developer CV
  • Advice on making the most of each section of your CV (summary, work history, education, skills)
  • Professional CV layout and design hints.

The resource below is a great start. You may also consider tools such as Resume.io’s CV guides and library of CV examples. Now, let’s get started with an understanding of what exactly your job entails.

What does a front end developer do?

Front end developers are responsible for all aspects of a website that visitors see. Their goal is to ensure that all who view the website can easily access all its features, find what they are looking for, and interact in any other way that is relevant.

The job entails not simply designing websites, but using programs such as JavaScript, HTML, and CSS to enhance UX. Front end developers create tools that smooth the path for users, fix bugs and test for usability, follow best practices for SEO and ensure that mobile sites contain all the conveniences of their browser-optimised counterparts.

Front end developers both design and code, always with the best experience for the end-user as their priority.

Expert tip

Narrow down the field. Some front end developers specialise in a specific type of development. They may focus on sectors such as:

  • User interface and user experience designers
  • Web design
  • WordPress development
  • Mobile apps

How much do front end developers earn?

In your first position as a front end developer in the UK, you can expect to earn at least £31,000. More experienced developers may earn £65,000, whilst the most experienced IT professionals command an average of £96,000.

The best cities in which to find front end development jobs are Manchester and London. Here are the average salaries in UK regions, according to the recruitment agency Robert Half:

  • London: £52,900
  • Scotland: £45,540
  • Wales: £42,780
  • West Midlands: £45,540
  • South East of England: £47,380

How to write a front end developer CV

When you develop a website, you start with a framework. With that in mind, here is framework for your front end developer CV:

  • The CV header
  • The CV summary (aka profile or personal statement)
  • The employment history section
  • The education section
  • The CV skills section

While you will be using common sections, your CV will not be common. In fact, you will be personalising it for each position since no two companies are looking for the exact same employee. Personalising also helps you get past the applicant tracking systems you are likely to be applying through. When you refresh your CV for each job, make sure you optimise for the ATS by including keywords and phrases found within the job advertisement.

Once you know what goes into your CV, you need to focus on what format best suits your career.

Choosing the best CV format for a front end developer

As you know, presentation is meaningful and the order in which you present information conveys a message to recruiters. Your primary goal is the same as your professional goal: create an easy-to-use experience. To that end, we recommend reverse chronological format for your front end developer CV.

Why? Primarily, human resources personnel are accustomed to this style, thus making it easier for them to find key pieces of information such as your most recent experience. Secondarily, this format allows you to demonstrate a pattern of growth in skills and attributes.

You may consider an alternative format if you are a contractor who works for several different clients at once, are seeking your first front end developer position, or have a varied work history. Otherwise, it’s best to stick with listing your most recent job first and working your way backward.

If you’re searching for more inspiration, click over to other CV examples, including web developer CV example, software developer CV example, programmer CV example and software engineer CV example. 

CV header

Just as the header of a website offers a menu of options and displays the company name, your front end developer CV should prominently display your name, title, and contact information. Make sure you choose an email and phone that you check frequently so you don’t miss an opportunity.

Your header is also the main design element of your document, so take care to make font and colour choices that reflect your style and that of the company you are targeting for employment. Coordinate this header with that of your cover letter as well.

CV summary example

You probably know the statistic that users spend only 10-20 seconds on a web page unless they quickly grasp the value proposition. Then, they will read on. The same is true of busy HR personnel. That’s where the summary of your front end developer CV comes into play.

While it may not be the first item scanned by recruiters (that’s likely to be your latest employment or contact information), it may be the deciding factor. That’s because within your summary, or profile, you can flesh out the bullet points that make up your work experience section and describe your UX philosophy or design style. 

Of course, you will have a portfolio linked to your CV, but putting your beliefs and stating outright what you can do for your prospective employer gives them insight into whether you are a good fit. (Another reason to personalise.) Speak directly to the company for which you are hoping to work.

Adaptable summary CV sample

Driven Front-end Developer with a proven capacity for maximising technology function, known for partnering with UX/UI teams to lead the development of exceptional business- and user-focused interfaces. Strong expertise in creating innovative features and functions, aligning technology performance with unique customer or user needs.


Employment history sample

The employment history section of your front end developer CV details your experience and skills through examples of your successes. Your responsibilities are important, but one again, presentation plays a large role. 

A list of responsibilities does not say what you achieved. For example:

  • Maintained high standards for usability

That’s fine, but how did you do it and what were the results? This is better:

  • Enhanced click-throughs by 15 percent by repositioning menu

Notice that the second option offers specific details and data to show your value. Also, note that “enhance” is a stronger word than “maintain.” Each of your bullet items should begin with a strong action, followed by the results you achieved.

When you mention specific designs or design elements, link to those examples within your portfolio.

Adaptable employment history CV example

Senior Front-end Developer, Sarandon Inc., Manchester, UK 
February 2020 - March 2023

  • Created and launched dynamic new features and functions, improving user experience in line with technology vision.
  • Collaborated with UX/UI teams to plan and coordinate user-focused experience improvements.
  • Led testing and development activities, delivering on ambitious stability and reliability goals.
  • Directed single-page application (SPA) design process.
  • Designed new, custom security policies to eliminate vulnerabilities.


Front-end Developer I, Dynamo, Ltd., Manchester, UK
September 2014 - December 2019

  • Consulted with clients to deliver reactive interfaces for application needs.
  • Led multi-disciplinary teams in end-to-end interface design and testing.
  • Created engaging, brand-aligned client websites, enabling effective user experiences across multiple client industries.
  • Drove application migrations from legacy systems to new platforms, ensuring compatibility and efficiency for optimal results.
  • Delivered vital internal functionalities for business needs.


Front-end Developer, Pearson, Manchester, UK
October 2012 - April 2014

  • Created project-specific teams, recruiting cross-functional talent to meet unique project needs and goals.
  • Delivered on unique client website/application visions, leading interface design and development to ensure optimal function.
  • Monitored and maintained existing products and applications to support ongoing performance.

Education example

There are several educational paths toward a career in IT development. You may have chosen a university course, a college course, or an apprenticeship. No matter the path, the education section of your front end developer CV is a straightforward listing of your degrees, in reverse chronological order.

Most front end developers have university degrees, but they are not a requirement. It is also typical that developers refresh their skills, or learn new applications and languages through certificate courses. Include all of these accomplishments here as well. If you have many, or have earned awards for your designs, you may add an Awards and Certifications section if you have space in this one to two-page document.

Adaptable education CV example

Master of Science in IT Systems Design, The University of Manchester, Manchester, UK
January 2009 - May 2012

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, The University of Manchester, Manchester, UK
January 2004 - May 2008


Front end developer CV skills example

Your technical skills are your bread and butter and you definitely need to include those, but don’t neglect your creativity and interpersonal communication in the skills section of your front end developer CV. These may be what differentiates you from other candidates.

Instead of merely listing your top skills, you should include your knowledge level in each. No one expects you to be an expert at everything, but the more information you provide to employers, the more likely it is you will be offered a position that’s the right fit for you. Avoid inflating your abilities, since that is bound to create problems if you do get the job.

Match the skills that you have to the job requirements. Personalise here by swapping out skills not mentioned in the job advert or changing the order in which you list your skills to place the most desired at the top.

Expert tip

Hard skills you need in 2023, according to Dribble.com:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Frameworks and libraries
  • Version control
  • Web design
  • Debugging
  • Cross-browser web development
  • SEO
Adaptable skills section CV example
  • Front-end Development
  • UX/UI Design
  • Testing Management
  • Systems Maintenance & Support
  • Project Leadership
  • Redux
  • Bootstrap
  • HTML
  • CSS3
  • jQuery
  • React
  • HTML5
  • Git
  • JavaScript

CV layout and design

Our key advice here: Know your audience. You may choose several designs for your front end developer CVs depending on the type of company for which you are applying to work.

A more conventional layout will work better for a conservative organisation such as a law firm or financial establishment while more creativity is in order for a casual retailer or startup.

Keep the fundamentals of UX in mind:

  1. Empathy: Put yourself in the shoes of your prospective employer. What do they want to see?
  2. Strategy: Personalise, use impressive details, and show off your skills within your design
  3. Usability: Legibility comes first. A great design may grab their attention, but not if it distracts from the content
  4. Inclusivity: Consider everyone who may be in line to judge your CV and your candidacy as you compile your application
  5. Validation: Get another set of eyes on your design and the content to ensure that you avoid sending a CV with errors or design challenges.

Key takeaways for a front end developer CV

  1. Your portfolio is the backbone of your application, but your CV adds important information. Use one of our tried and tested CV templates to get it right.
  2. Use the profile section to detail your design philosophy and highlight your greatest achievement
  3. Employers want to know about your interpersonal and organisational abilities, also known as soft skills, as well as your technical knowledge
  4. To elevate your candidacy, you need to show off your design skills within your CV – that means choosing appropriate designs based on the type of industry
  5. If you’re too busy working to spend a lot of time on your job hunt, consider using our resources to speed the creation of your CV.
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