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Written by Emily StokerEmily Stoker

How to make a resume on your iPhone: convenient resume building

15 min read
How to make a resume on your iPhone: convenient resume building
Artwork by:Antonina Kasyanikova
We get it. When life happens on the go, you want your job hunt to do the same. Feel like you’re falling behind? This comprehensive guide will help you find the best way to stay on top of your job search and learn how to make a resume on your iPhone.

When two-thirds of the world’s population is using a mobile device, it’s natural to want to make your device work for you. It helps you to communicate with friends and probably to do your job—so why shouldn’t it help you to find a job, too? But, it begs the question: can you make a resume on your iPhone?

The short answer is yes. That might be the simple answer you were looking for. However, in this guide, we’re committed to getting into the nitty-gritty details. From the tools to make a resume on your iPhone to whether you should attempt it in the first place.

When you’re looking for a job, it’s important to consider your overall intention and be strategic. If you’re asking yourself how to make a resume on your iPhone, you’re probably busy. But will you really save time when you make a resume on your iPhone? Plus, just because you know how to make a resume on your iPhone, it doesn’t mean you should. Ultimately, will the final document tick all of the boxes that a demanding hiring manager will be looking for?

Luckily for you, at Resume.io we know a thing or two about how to nail the job hunt. Our free resources have helped millions of job seekers. By the end of this guide, you should understand how to make a resume on your iPhone and—more importantly—understand which tool could offer the best solution for you.

In this blog, we will cover the following topics:

  • Can you make a resume on an iPhone?
  • Things to consider before you start making a resume on your iPhone
  • How to make a resume on your iPhone
  • The best tools to use
Statistical insight

For many, smartphones are a beacon of productivity! In fact, 75 percent of people asked for a Google report said that theirs made them more productive.

An on-the-go job-seeking revolution

Alongside making the job hunt more accessible, using digital devices for multiple purposes in our day-to-day lives has ushered in an era of immediacy and urgency. Job seeking is no different. With the world at our fingertips, this also includes a plethora of job opportunities. And our smartphones are our trusted companion in opening them up.

Job seekers can receive real-time notifications about new job postings, allowing them to act swiftly and apply for positions as soon as they become available. This sense of urgency has streamlined the application process, reducing the chances of missing out on coveted job opportunities. This revolution is not just about browsing job listings on your smartphone; it represents a fundamental shift in how we approach employment opportunities.

Statistical insight

According to Glass Door, 58 percent of their users are carrying out job searches using their mobile devices. That means you’re not alone in your mobile job-searching habits. Just remember to make sure that the job you are applying to can be applied to just as easily using your iPhone or mobile device.

As you will see in the tools that we have curated, job hunting on the go will continue to lean into the growth of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning in the recruitment process. AI-driven algorithms can match candidates with job openings based on their qualifications and preferences. However, these technologies can also be leveraged by candidates like you during the process of preparing their job applications. That is if you are using the right tools. 

Can you create a resume on an iPhone?

Many of us are already scrolling through job ads on our phones. So what about the subsequent steps in applying for a job? There are a plethora of tools on offer that turn your iPhone into a mean job-hunting machine.

Expert tip

What problem are you trying to solve with technology?

CIPD, the professional body for Human Resources and People Development, recommends that when their members employ tech in their recruitment they should ask themselves this simple question. 

As an applicant, make sure you ask yourself the same question as you embark on thinking about how to make a resume on your iPhone.

However, take a moment to consider whether you should. While you might be able to dedicate time to making a resume on your iPhone during moments when it would be difficult to use your laptop or computer, you could bump into some pitfalls along the way. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Will my resume be made to a better standard and/or faster if I do it on a computer?
  • Have I considered how I plan to format my iPhone resume to make it look professional?
  • Am I comfortable that I will be able to assess the quality of my resume on my iPhone? Remember that many hiring managers might view your resume on a larger computer screen.

If you’re still confident that an iPhone resume is the way to go, then we’ve got you covered. 

How do you make a resume on a phone?

The best way to make a resume on your phone is to use an online builder or an app. However, there are a few things you should think about before you get stuck in.

Have your information ready to copy and paste

Before you start crafting your resume, ensure you have all your essential personal information at hand. Make sure that the text you want to include in your resume is written out somewhere that will be easy to copy and paste into your resume builder of choice.

Not only do most people find this to be easier than typing your resume on your phone keyboard. It’s easy to forget your relevant previous experience, achievements, and skills. Keeping this information all in one place that is easily accessible on your phone will help you save time and create a better-quality resume.

Some ideas on where to store this information could include your Notes app, the drafts of your chosen email app, or another note-taking app of your choice. 

Formatting and style

Be aware of the formatting and style preferences of the resume builder or app you choose. Different platforms may have different templates and customization options, so take some time to explore them and pick one that suits your needs.


After creating your resume, always proofread it carefully. Check for typos, grammatical errors, and formatting issues. You want your resume to look polished and professional.

Saving and sharing

Decide on the format you want to save your resume in (PDF is often preferred) and choose a suitable file name. Remember to make sure it's easily accessible on your phone for sharing with potential employers via email or job application platforms.

Simple. Although it’s important to consider that while making a resume on your phone is convenient, it's crucial to ensure that the final product looks clean and professional. Take your time to create a well-organized and error-free document. After all, your resume is often the first impression you make on a potential employer!

Expert tip

Recruiters are using their phones too

According to Global Tech Insights, as well as increasing the talent pool, recruiters benefit from digital hiring efforts by being able to monitor their campaigns and filter applicants on the go. Recruiting mobile apps have been adopted into their professional toolkit.

Best resume builders to make a resume on your iPhone

These online resume builders and apps make crafting a professional resume on your phone a breeze. Whether you need a sleek design, expert guidance, or AI-powered assistance, there is a platform for you. Plus, all of these are available to use via your preferred iPhone browser or dedicated app. Here are some of the top options:

1. Resume.io 

Resume.io’s mobile site offers a selection of resume templates to fit your needs. To make things even easier, you can choose from hundreds of job titles and start editing a resume example for your specific role, complete with suggested content and examples. Or, fill out a template from scratch. The dedicated AI tool even lets you optimize your resume for a specific job listing when you enter the link to the job post you’re applying for.

  • Features. A simple-to-use resume creator with free templates and customizable resume examples specific to your desired role.
  • AI and human-powered. Professionally written resume guides get you started, but when you’re in a rush AI suggestions can analyze the job listing and make sure you’re tailoring your resume to the job at hand.
  • Complementary cover letter. When you’re in a pinch, the AI-powered tools can also help you write a cover letter from your resume’s content in just a few clicks.

2. Indeed 

You can use Indeed’s mobile site to build a resume in moments. You’ll simply be prompted to pick from one of several simple templates. Now it’s down to you to customize it and add your personal information. It’s straightforward to download the final version of your resume to your iPhone’s files with the tap of a finger.

  • Features. A variety of pre-built templates in different styles, including Clean, Minimalist, Simple, Creative, Executive, and Modern.
  • Guided builder. A guided resume builder assists you through the process with plenty of examples available for inspiration.
  • Direct application. Once your resume is complete you can apply for jobs directly on the Indeed platform.

3. Zety

Zety’s mobile site is another simple option to make a resume on your iPhone. You upload an existing resume and the site will extract the information to build a foundation for your new, up-to-date resume. Or the platform can recommend resume layout templates to you based on the number of years you have been in employment. 

  • Features. Zety offers HR-approved templates created with input from certified professional resume writers and graphic designers. While some features require a paid plan, there's a 14-day trial without feature restrictions.
  • Flexibility. You can start from scratch or upload your existing resume, and a wizard autofill option can help draft content.
  • Content suggestions. Get content suggestions tailored to your job or industry. Plus, all 18 customizable templates are ATS-compliant.

4. Canva

Both Canva’s mobile site and app are super user-friendly. Canva’s unique selling point is its easy-to-create designs and visuals. They have thousands of aesthetically pleasing resume templates. Plus, you can upload your own graphic assets such as photos or logos, or scour their library for free ones. Just make sure you don’t go overboard and you keep it professional.

  • Features. There are thousands of templates on offer, including industry-specific options, which you can easily customize. You can share your CV in various formats, including PDF, JPEG, PNG, or send a viewable link to employers.
  • AI Tools. The Magic Design AI tool generates polished one-page designs, while the Magic Write AI helps you craft concise descriptions.
  • Design Options. Access over 3000 free fonts and millions of free graphic elements for creative customization.

5. Kickresume

Kickresume’s mobile site or app both offer unique possibilities for building your resume in just a few steps. For instance, you can import data directly from your LinkedIn profile and build your resume that way. To go a step further to stand out from the crowd, you could even utilize the option to create a personal website from your resume.

  • Features. Kickresume offers 35+ customizable, ATS-friendly templates and pre-written phrases for over 3,000 positions. Plus, the AI resume checker identifies areas for improvement.
  • LinkedIn integration. Import data directly from LinkedIn to create your resume, and even turn it into a personal website.
  • Student-friendly. Kickresume is free for students who can prove their status.

What not to include in your iPhone resume

Remember that space on your resume is limited. A busy hiring manager will simply skim your resume to determine whether or not to invite you to the next round. Want to know how to make a resume on your iPhone that doesn’t get you called to an interview? Make some of these common mistakes and you might just find out!


There may be time to talk about your interests in an interview. However, unless it is highly relevant to the job posting, don’t use precious resume real estate talking about what you do in your spare time.

Cover letter content

Your resume summary allows a spot for you to expand on why you are right for this specific job. However, it should not be turned into a mini cover letter. Your summary should be around three sentences long. Your job application should include a dedicated cover letter, in any case. You can check out our expert guide on how to write a cover letter if you want to learn more about that.

Too much information

Unless you have over ten years of experience, the rule of thumb is to aim for a resume that is one or two pages long. For many people, that requires being selective about what does and does not make it onto the final copy of your resume. Keep each section of your iPhone resume clear and concise. If you want to know more about the ideal resume length, we have a dedicated guide on how long your resume should be.

Key takeaways

  • Before making a resume on your iPhone, think about your overall intention. Will you save time? Will you be able to apply more readily to quality job leads?
  • Gather the information you need to make a resume on your iPhone in advance.
  • Choose a top resume builder based on your individual needs.
  • Remember to proofread your resume and consider its overall design and appearance before you share it with any recruiters or hiring managers.
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