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14 Top LaTeX resume Templates

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14 Top LaTeX resume Templates
Unless you’re a designer (or even if you are), developing your own resume from scratch is probably not for you. There are hundreds of templates out there, and you don’t want to plow through all of them. Let us do it for you.

Since you’re accustomed to using LaTeX for your publishing needs, why not use it for your resume? If you’re an expert, it may be to your advantage, but if you’re not proficient already creating a LaTeX resume is not an easy task. For one thing, it has a steep learning curve and while you may know exactly how to format your scientific papers, you may find formatting a resume a bit different.

The solution is LaTeX resume templates. 

But even if you decide to go with a downloadable LaTex resume template, you may want guidance for the content. In that case, the resume guides and resume examples for 350+ professions offered by Resume.io will provide the support you need. 

This blog includes our top 14 LaTeX resume templates choices and will cover the following topics:

  • What is a LaTeX resume template?
  • How to use LaTeX resume templates
  • 14 LaTex resume template examples

What is a LaTeX resume template?

Before we answer what a LaTeX resume template is, let’s define LaTeX itself. LaTeX is a document preparation system (not a word processor) that allows users to input plain text that is then formatted and designed within the system. It is most often used for high-quality scientific or technical publications, but can also help you create a resume.

LaTeX resume templates are the same as any other resume template in that they are pre-formatted and designed. This allows you to focus your attention on the all-important content of your resume and not fret over making a professional vision impression.

One of the benefits of LaTeX is that if you understand how to use it, you will have more control over all the elements of your design, which means you can personalize it as much or as little as you choose. The downside, of course, is that you have to take the time to learn LaTeX if you don’t already know it.

Expert tip

You’re already here

If a LaTeX resume template doesn’t suit your needs, Resume.io offers expertly-designed resume templates accompanied by an AI-enhanced resume builder tool.

How to use LaTeX resume templates

As we mentioned above, getting started with a LaTeX resume template requires some work up front. LaTeX is designed for inputting text that the LaTeX program then formats. While Resume.io’s resume template are cut-and-paste boxes that are highly intuitive, the LaTex templates. For example:

  • This is the coding for a summary within an Overleaf template:


\section*{{ \LARGE \color{myblue} Summary}\xfilll[0pt]{0.5pt}}



Describe your professional self in a few lines


  • But, the top of the resume template contains 23 lines of coding that look like this:


\usepackage[a4paper,bottom = 0.6in,left = 0.75in,right = 0.75in,top = 1cm]{geometry}





You have to know to scroll down to find where you will begin to fill in your own text. We recommend a straightforward, simple design that works for any profession, such as SDE_Template_Sharath.

To use the LaTex template for your resume, you must carefully insert the text within the coding and then recompile the document. 

14 LaTex resume template examples

Just as with any other type of resume template, LaTeX offers a variety of designs that are suited to different careers and levels of work experience. We do not recommend using any template that veers too far from the standard resume sections or offers too much information about your life outside work. If you have a hobby or interest that enhances or dovetails with your professional skills, you may choose to mention it in your cover letter or during your interview.

All-purpose LaTeX resume templates 

In most cases, a resume written in reverse chronological order and containing a summary, employment history, skills, and education section is the right choice. Some careers may require a project or publication section and others may want to include an awards and accolades heading. All the LaTeX templates below are suitable for these resume objectives.

  1. Curriculum Vitae LaTeX. A clean design with a bit of color that gives recruiters what they are used to seeing. This one includes extracurricular activities, which we recommend only including if you need to fill space and are directly related to the job you seek. For instance, a social studies teacher who was on Model UN or a social media marketer who has a successful TikTok channel.
  2. Harbishbar’s resume. Simple, block-style resume that will allow you to easily reorder the sections and expand or contract them as needed. Don’t discount simple. Your goal is to get information to the HR department. They don’t want to have to hunt for details or strain their eyes through bright colors or fancy fonts.
  3. Readable resume. As the name says, this one is very readable, a key requirement of any resume. There are no flashy graphics or icons, only your important data. This one tells a recruiter that you are serious and looking to get attention with your content, not an overly-fussy design.

LaTeX resume templates for IT workers

WIthin the world of IT, your education may matter much less than the projects you’ve successfully completed. Choosing a template that gives you the freedom to list those projects, and link to your portfolio, can make all the difference.

  1. Resume-Developer. This LaTeX template emphasizes your IT projects by creating a section just under your summary for all your major work. It also bumps your skills to the top so you can list the languages and technologies you have expertise in. To create that space, your employment history section moves to the bottom of the page.
  2. Tech Resume. This one, also from Overleaf, organizes your information with your education up top, followed by experience and personal projects. This is an excellent order if you are a recent graduate and have a portfolio of work you would like to link to. It also works if you have been in the workforce for several years and have more than one employer to list.
  3. Alta resume. If you prefer fewer words, or have a plethora of tech stack and learning knowledge, this is the resume template for you.

LaTeX resume templates for recent graduates

When you’ve just entered the job market, it can be tough to create a resume that looks fleshed out without embellishing. The right resume template can help.

  1. Plasmati resume. Because it pushes more white space to the margins, this template requires fewer entries within the employment history section. It also includes a scholarship section and allows you to detail the classes you took that are directly relevant to your career.
  2. Seignovert. This is a great choice for an academic researcher, since it offers extensive space for including your research internships and, within the education section, your thesis information.
  3. A Customized CurVe resume. If you’re a researcher, doctoral candidate, or recently-minted PhD, this LaTex template may do the trick. There’s plenty of room for your publications (publish or perish!) and conference presentations.

LaTeX resume templates with a splash of color

Yes, you want a resume template that looks professional and organized, but that does not mean you can’t include some color especially if you’re in a more creative field. Just keep it to a minimum and make sure it doesn’t interfere with the legibility of your text.

  1. Lime resume. Although this one offers a spot for your portrait, we suggest leaving that out. Many HR departments don’t like photos because they can lead to bias. In addition to the not-quite-lime green color, this template has icons that add a design element and uses filled in dots to signify your level of expertise in different skills.
  2. Jan Küster’s Modern resume. This classic reverse chronological resume template inserts bars of color to delineate the section headings. You could add a summary section if you have fewer jobs or academic degrees to list.
  3. Lean LaTeX Resume. Along with the two-column design, this resume template uses two different colors, one for section headings and one for details. It also uses icons to bump the visuals up an extra notch.

Hybrid-style LaTeX resume templates

Hybrid-style resumes allow you to expand the sections that you want to highlight and de-emphasize others. For instance, if you are a career-changer, you may want to focus the recruiters attention on your transferable skills, not your experience. If you are beginning your career, an extended summary may help give insight into why you deserve a chance.

  1. Cies. This LaTeX template serves up a large block of text at the top that you can use to explain your career change, entice employers with your many achievements, or offer examples of how you will enhance the company as an employee.
  2. Antkr10. This style is easily adaptable to focus on your hard and soft skills (here called professional and personal skills) by pushing them to the top of the page. You can also add a summary if you don’t want to take up a quarter of the page with your language fluency information.

Key takeaways

We’ve narrowed down the field of LaTeX resume templates, but now you have to decide whether they are right for you at all. 

  • LaTeX has a steep learning curve that may take time away from your objective of entering the job hunt.
  • A resume template is usually a good idea for anyone who is not an expert designer, and even designers who don’t want to take the time away from their focus on the content of their resume.
  • LaTeX templates to suit the needs of any career professionals can be found online and one of the benefits of this format is that the user has much more control over the formatting—making them infinitely customizable.
  • Although LaTeX has its benefits, isn’t ease of creation the biggest benefit of all when you want to begin looking for another job? We think so. That’s why Resume.io has developed a set of tools, including resume templates, a resume builder and writing guides for all your job hunting needs.
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