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Marketing Manager CV Examples & UK Templates

Catching a recruiter’s eye takes a strong marketing manager CV. Chances are, you already have a way with words. Let us show you how to put them into action to help land yourself your next dream job.
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Marketing Manager CV Examples & UK Templates
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A well-pitched marketing manager CV is sure to turn heads for all the right reasons. As a creative professional, you already know the sheer power of first impressions. You have between five and seven seconds to pique a hiring manager’s interest. Make them count.  

Marketing campaigns captivate audiences and promote a specific product or service. Your CV plays a similar role. However, the thing you’re selling here is yourself. For that reason, you will need to choose your words and design wisely. Every aspect of your application needs to speak to a hiring manager and tell them that you’re simply perfect for the job. 

Don’t leave anything up to chance. Here at Resume.io, we have everything you need to empower your job search. You can expect CV writing guides, a load of CV examples and an easy-to-use CV builder. In our writing guide and CV example we will cover: 

  • What does a marketing manager do?
  • How to write a marketing manager CV (tips and tricks)
  • The best layout for a marketing manager CV
  • How to write each section (summary, work history, education, skills)
  • Expert-backed design and layout tips.

What does a marketing manager do?

Marketing managers oversee the promotional activities of an agency, company or brand. These professionals work across departments such as sales and advertising to get the best results. You will find yourself managing every element of campaigns from the initial market research to production and the delivery. 

The everyday duties of the role will depend on the type of marketing manager you are. For example, if you work in a traditional agency setting — a la Mad Men — you may create campaigns for a variety of different clientele. On the other hand, if you work for a specific company or brand, you will only take control of that business’ marketing activities. 

What can you expect? While no two days will be the same in this fun and fast-paced career, a typical day in the office may consist of: 

  • Developing market research studies and audience profiles
  • Working closely with product developers or agency clients
  • Collaborating with the creative team on ideation
  • Overseeing the development, production, and delivery of marketing campaigns
  • Briefing other managers, stakeholders, and clients on the processes
  • Creating reports based on the success of each campaign you run

The wonderful world of marketing is nothing if not varied. As technological advances push this field forward, you can expect your role to change rapidly. It’s important to continually look for training opportunities and ways to develop your skill-set in this creative industry.

Statistical insight

How much does a marketing manager earn?

Money matters. Before you dedicate yourself to a career in marketing, you need to know how it will impact your bank balance. Here in the United Kingdom, the average salary for a marketing manager is £34,418, according to Payscale

You will need to work your way up the career ladder. The more experience you have, the higher you can expect your pay grade to be. At the top end of the scale, marketing managers can make up to £50,000 per year. It’s worth putting in those hours! 

How to write a marketing manager CV

Before you put figurative pen to paper, you need to know how to write a successful marketing manager CV. Here are the core elements that you will need to include: 

  • CV header
  • CV summary (aka personal statement or profile)
  • Employment history section
  • CV skills section
  • Education section

As you will see from our expertly-written CV sample, your application is all about selling your skills and experience. What are you planning to bring to the table? At a glance, the hiring manager should be able to answer that question and determine whether you’re the right fit for the role. It pays to take a strategic approach when writing your CV. 

You already know the value of words. Many organisations now use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). This software filters CVs by keywords, meaning only the best matches end up on the hiring manager’s desk. Put simply, if you don’t use the right phrases, your CV might not make the cut. Look at the original job posting and pick out any key words or phrases you can use. Peppering your application with them could help you pass the ATS. 

Research will also get you far. One of the biggest mistakes that applicants make is using a one-size-fits-all approach. No two marketing agencies are the same. No two companies are the same. Figure out who the hiring manager is, who has left the position, and — if applying for an agency — what clients the company works with. 

Choosing the best CV format for a marketing manager

For most marketing manager applicants, the best CV format will be reverse chronological. That means that you start with your most recent education and experience — and work your way backwards. That way, a hiring manager can glance at your application and see the most relevant information at the top of the page. It makes things easy for them. 

There’s an exception to every rule. If you lack marketing experience, you may need to go for the functional CV format instead. This approach puts greater emphasis on your talents. It means that you have a smaller experience section but a larger, more explanatory skills section. Should you want to break into the marketing world, this could be the way to go. 

Take a moment to consider which type of CV approach suits your application. The aim of the game is to show off your expertise and skills in a quick and easy-to-read manner.

CV header

The header of your CV sits neatly at the top of the page. It consists of your name and contact details so that a hiring manager can get in touch with you quickly. While it’s hardly the most exciting part of your application, it is essential. Make sure you include it clearly and concisely. Keep things simple and only include the necessary information.

CV summary example: your elevator pitch

Let’s say you have 30 seconds to sell yourself to a hiring manager: What would you say? That’s exactly what your CV summary is. This 3-5 line blurb tells a hiring manager what they can expect from you. Dazzle them with your skills, expertise and Unique Selling Point (USP). Don’t be afraid to add a dash of personality here. Weave some magic here.

As a marketing professional, you will have come across elevator pitches before now. Use the same approach when it comes to writing your CV summary. Highlight your most valuable attributes. To save words, you should also ditch any sentences starting with ‘I’, ‘I am’ or ‘I have’. Instead, go straight in there with the meat of what you have to offer. 

Adaptable cv summary example

Experienced Marketing Manager with a proven track record of successfully working cross-functionally, alongside product design, engineering, marketing, creative, and sales teams. Highly skilled in creating and implementing go-to-market strategies for product launches and monitoring competitor activity and customer needs.


Employment history sample: telling your story

Experience is vital when it comes to marketing. Employers want to see a proven track record of projects and results. As we’ve already mentioned, you should use a reverse chronological order here. Go ahead and put your most recent role at the top of the page. 

Start by listing the employer or company name, your position and the dates of employment. Beneath these details, you can bullet-point both your achievements and role duties. Aim for roughly 4-5 bullet points for each position. You don’t want to overwhelm a hiring manager with too much information, but you do need to elaborate where possible. 

Expert tip

Quantify your achievements! Hiring managers want to see that you can get results. Rather than saying that you ‘boosted annual sales’, go in hard with the fact that you ‘boosted annual sales by 24%’. The more specific you are, the better.

Adaptable cv employment history example

Marketing Manager at Easton Sports, Belfast 
August 2018 - August 2022 

  • Envisioned, planned, and executed monthly IRL initiatives activations to build the Easton Sports network and community.
  • Developed marketing strategies to increase customers and promote brand awareness.
  • Created and delivered effective search strategies (SEO/SEM).
  • Developed and managed an email marketing program.
  • Led a team of 10 retail marketing associates to deliver a range of fully integrated, multi-channel marketing campaigns.
  • Served as key point of contact with community partners.
  • Identified opportunities to showcase Easton Sports at public events in the community and through partnerships.


Marketing Manager at Mountain Sporting Goods, Belfast 
October 2014 - July 2018 

  • Oversaw seasonal planning to increase commercial awareness and drive profit across the regions.
  • Led a marketing campaign that resulted in 60% more sales during the 2016-2017 spring season than in any other year.
  • Ensured that forthcoming promos were weather and commercially appropriate.
  • Collaborated with the sales & partnership teams to ensure a positive customer experience, leading to higher sales.
  • Developed briefs for a full range of retail activations including retail openings, new opportunities, and campaigns.

CV skills example: showcase your talents 

A talented marketing manager will need a diverse set of skills on their CV. Your application should include hard (or technical) skills such as analytics, research, and creative development. However, you also need to include some soft skills. These may include communication, teamwork and the ability to drive your department forward. 

Stand out from the crowd. There are certain skills that all marketing managers will list. So, what is it that makes you different? Think about what unique talents you have and throw them in there. Take a quick look at our sample for some inspiration. 

Adaptable cv skills section example
  • Content Marketing
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Industry Trends & Sales Forecasting
  • Social Media Management
  • Project Management Skills
  • Campaign Management

Marketing manager CV education example 

Both experience and education are important. You should use the reverse chronological order when writing your education section. List your most recently acquired qualifications at the top of the page. As you move downward, work your way back in time. 

To become a marketing manager, you will most likely need a degree in a related field. However, that is not the only route. You may have undertaken external qualifications to bolster your CV instead. For example, if you have gained any qualifications from The Chartered Institute of Marketing, you should list them in your education section. 

Adaptable cv education example

Bachelor of Science in Marketing, St. Mary's University College Belfast, Belfast 
September 2010 - May 2014


CV layout and design: first impressions

You never get a second chance to make a good first impression — or so the age-old saying goes. When creating your marketing manager CV, you need to get the look right. Go overboard with colour and a complex design and you could overwhelm the hiring manager. On the other hand, if your CV is too sparse, it won’t have any impact at all. 

Luckily, we’ve got you covered. Some simple rules will help you get the layout of your CV on point. Check out our straightforward guidelines here: 

  • Include plenty of white space
  • Ensure that the CV is easy to read
  • Use 10-12 point font size
  • Go overboard with colour
  • Try to cram in too much information
  • Mix different CV styles and fonts

Your CV needs to be attractive while also being functional. Make sure that it includes all of the vital information a hiring manager needs front and centre. Once you’ve ticked that box, you can go about designing the document. Using one of our expert-backed CV templates takes all of the work out of this task. Simply add the details you want and get moving. 

Key takeaways for a marketing manager CV

  1. You have a matter of seconds to catch an employer’s eye — make them count.
  2. You should aim to include both hard and soft skills on your professional CV.
  3. Be sure to tailor your CV to the job at hand. The more research you do, the better.
  4. Using a premade CV template takes all of the hassle out of applying for new jobs!
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