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Construction CV Examples & UK Templates

Cutting corners with any building task is never acceptable, and the same goes for your construction CV. This writing guide lays the groundwork for job-winning success, supported by a construction CV example you can modify to suit your situation.
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Construction CV Examples & UK Templates
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The UK’s severe construction skill shortages keep widening the doors to qualified job seekers. But with building sector roles allowing no slack to be cut for those who don’t measure up, a top-notch construction CV is no less essential. 

Resume.io has helped thousands of people treat their job application like a make-or-break building project. Our occupation-specific writing guides, paired with CV examples, bear that out.

Let this writing guide — alongside an adaptable construction CV example — be your own blueprint for job-landing success. Topics we’ll cover:

  • What construction workers do and the shape of their career prospects
  • How to write a construction CV — the framework, format and ground-up guidelines
  • Nailing each custom-designed CV section: header, summary, work history, education and skills
  • CV layout and design tips for a flawless visual impression

What does a construction worker do?

A seemingly infinite number of roles under this vast occupational umbrella span both specific and general extremes. UK safety regulations define construction workers as people "who work for or under the control of a contractor on a construction site." That could mean almost anyone or everyone employed in the construction sector, at every level of experience or responsibility.

Go Construct, a UK construction career planning resource partnered with the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB), has compiled an A-to-Z guide covering 183 distinct construction jobs. Starting out as a general construction operative is a great way to develop skills for later specialised trades work — perhaps as a bricklayer, roofer, carpenter, or plasterer, for example. Further experience can equip someone for more senior roles such as a site supervisor, team leader or construction manager.

Statistical insight

As Go Construct points out, annual salaries for general construction operatives vary depending on the job and experience level, averaging from £17,000 to £30,000. Those in specialised roles, such as a stonemason or electrician, can earn more than that. Highly qualified professionals such as architects or civil engineers might earn upwards of £60,000.

These average annual construction worker salaries were reported by other online income sources: totaljobs.com — £47,500, jobted.com — £28,300, talent.com — £42,251, glassdoor.com — £29,451 

Industry leaders have been calling for urgent migration policy measures to address escalating concerns about construction skill shortages in the UK. Results from a 2022 Civil Engineering Contractors Association (CECA) survey revealed that 75% of contractors are struggling to recruit skilled construction operatives, while workloads keep getting heavier. CECA chief executive Alasdair Reisner called for a "sensible approach to managed migration" to address the “alarming” gap between currently available skills and those in future demand.

Statistical insight

Self-employment accounts for about 30% of construction jobs in the UK, according to a The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) review published in March 2023.

Different stones describing key points of a construction CV

How to write a construction CV

Whether you’re the contractor for a massive mansion project or hired solely for a cosy kitchen tile makeover, no building project stands a chance without a step-by-step plan. The same goes for your construction CV, which should follow the same model as virtually all CVs do. These are the essential components, preferably fitting on a single page:

  • Header
  • Summary
  • Employment history
  • Education
  • Skills

Otherwise, your CV requires a custom-built approach, modified for each new construction job application. The outcome always hinges on how effectively you target the employer’s exact specs and expectations. Scrutinise the job ad more than once to ensure your CV hits the mark. Identify keywords or phrases that you can incorporate verbatim to avoid rejection by an applicant tracking system ( ATS).

How to write a CV
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Knowing how to write a CV takes effort, but we help break down the mystery. Take a look at this detailed guide to learn more about how to structure, write, and design a job-winning CV.

Choosing the best CV format for construction

For the majority of job seekers in any occupation, the most common chronological CV format is the best option, and generally preferred by employers. It’s geared to those who have worked mainly in employee positions, listed in order from most recent to earliest dates.

But there’s a good chance that many construction job seekers are an exception to this rule, perhaps because they are self-employed, new to the workforce, or making a career change. In those instances, a functional CV format may be suitable, putting more emphasis on transferable skills rather than employers. The versatile hybrid CV format combines both chronological and functional elements.

Best CV format 2024 (+ UK examples)
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Your CV format will dictate which parts of your CV will stand out to an employer.

CV header

Most completed construction projects have unique distinguishing features. An eye-pleasing CV header design serves the same purpose so your job application is noticed and remembered.It ensures your identifying information stands out and is easy to find when hiring managers want to get in touch— your name, occupation or job title, phone number, and email. Add a LinkedIn URL if you have a profile, and a weblink to your online portfolio of building project samples.

Construction CV summary example

The CV profile — sometimes called the summary or personal statement — is the cornerstone of your case for getting hired. Off the top, it speaks to the core talents and potential benefits you have to offer this specific employer. Within this narrow window of space, recruiters should be convinced that you’re exceptionally well equipped to deliver what the job requires. 

Hammer home that message by pinpointing your most relevant and relatable qualifications. This isn’t the place to drill down in any detail. Simply grab the recruiter’s attention enough to motivate further reading. 

Below is a construction CV sample summary you can adapt for your own situation

Adaptable summary CV sample

Accomplished construction management professional with record of success in oversight of large-scale government construction projects. Adept at gathering project requirements, quoting bids and assessing customer needs. Talent for building , guiding and coaching large, cross-disciplinary teams of construction professionals. 


Take a look at some of our other CV examples and writing guides for added inspiration and ideas to write your own. Start with these:

Employment history sample

This is where custom-tailoring your construction CV is vitally important. The more extensive your employment history, the more trimming is necessary. Carefully select your most relevant work highlights and don’t be afraid to exclude those that aren’t. Revisit the advertised job requirements for guidance.

Strive to use keywords when crafting concisely descriptive bullet points to frame your previous construction roles as accomplishments. Dynamic action verbs add energy to your language. Point out the value and impact of your past work performance, instead of merely listing generic job duties. Numbers and scale references can help you quantify the scope of tasks and projects, including the level of detail and precision.

Below is a construction employment history CV sample you can modify.

Adaptable employment history CV example

Construction Project Manager at BAM Construction, Salford, UK 
February 2018 - Present 

  • Oversee all project management functions for major construction contractor.
  • Managed full construction project life cycle, ensuring on-time, under budget completion.
  • Oversaw five construction projects valued at £25M+.
  • Assembled, managed and monitored daily operations of teams of construction contractors.


Site Foreman at Corbelo Developments Ltd, Birmingham, UK 
March 2014 - July 2018 

  • Coordinated day to day management of all on-site operations.
  • Conducted on-site observations of construction in progress and produced site visit reports.
  • Ensured compliance with all on-site health, safety, environment and quality (HSEQ) regulations, promptly reporting any breaches.
  • Managed resource programme, procuring and maintaining all site resources and ensuring budgetary adherence.
  • Delivered daily briefing, weekly toolbox talks and regular team meetings to site personnel.


Site Supervisor at PSR Solutions, Birmingham, UK 
June 2012 - February 2014 

  • Collaborated closely with operational staff, site staff, project manager and planning team in on-site demolitions supervision.
  • Managed efficient operations of on-site teams, ensuring smooth running of projects.
  • Ensured all projects were delivered in accordance to safety, cost, programme and quality targets.
  • Presented regular updates to Project Manager.

CV skills example

Other than the work experience you bring to bear, nothing is more integral to your employment prospects than the key skills that construction workers need to succeed. Be sure not to overlook any of those stipulated in the job ad. 

Adaptable skills section CV example
  • Project Management
  • Construction Management
  • Demolition & Renovation
  • Team Building & Leadership
  • Budget Administration
  • Quality Assurance
  • Contract Negotiation/Management
  • Safety & Quality Inspections
  • Inventory Control
  • Project Scope & Scheduling
Expert tip

However readily you come up with a list of hard skills that will surely excite hiring managers, it’s not enough to suffice. The UK-based Skills You Need has deemed these six soft skills as essential for construction workers to work well with others::

Statistical insight

According to industry survey data reported by Concrete Construction, 48% of all construction rework in the U.S.is due to poor communication and flawed project information. 

Construction CV education example

In reverse chronological order, from highest to lowest level, list any college degrees you hold, and/or diplomas or certificates from vocational schools. High school information can be omitted if you have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent. However, be sure to include any high school courses that contributed to your construction expertise.

Clearly, any apprenticeships and other on-the-job training you’ve completed have an important place here, along with certifications and memberships in professional development organisations.

Below is the education section from a construction CV you can modify.

Adaptable education CV example

Construction & Engineering Certificate Programme, The Manchester College, Manchester, UK 
April 2010 - May 2012


CV layout and design

Once your construction CV content is fixed firmly in place, make no allowance for visual carelessness. Your document layout and design details cannot be an afterthought. 

  • Optimal white space is the foundation for a clean, clutter-free, reader-friendly layout. Apply the default one-inch margin settings and add more breathing room by adjusting  the line and paragraph spacing.
  • Choose no more than two legible and compatible font styles and sizes — one for all body text, and the other for header text and section titles.
  • A bit of creativity goes a long way, so don’t overdo it. Add graphic touches and coloured elements sparingly.
Expert tip

Saw off chunks of time and effort from your CV construction process by leaving the layout and design up to Resume.io. Browse our library of ready-made CV templates in four style categories. Then download your favourite to customise with our online builder tool.

Key takeaways for a construction resume

  1. Even as desperate times seem to call for desperate measures to fill serious workforce gaps, an outstanding construction CV is still pivotal to your career-building success.
  2. A new version of your construction CV must be made to measure for each set of hiring and project requirements.
  3. Analyse the posted job ad to determine what matters most to the employer or client.
  4. Language counts alongside content, and keyword use can safeguard your CV from ATS rejection.
  5. Avoid the time and hassle of fussing with layout and design details by using a ready-made CV template.
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