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Supermarket CV Example & Writing Guide

Give hiring managers food for thought with a stellar supermarket resume. This resume example and writing guide has got you covered with step-by-step advice for creating the perfect application.
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Supermarket CV Example & Writing Guide
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The best supermarket CVs do what the end caps on grocery aisles do for sales items: They entice the customer (or hiring manager) to take notice. If you’re looking for the best way to highlight the skills and experience you have (or to get started in the job market), you’re in the right place.

Resume.io provides powerful resources for job hunters, including writing guides and corresponding CV examples for dozens of professions. Once you’ve gathered all the information you need, you can take advantage of the easy-to-use CV builder to get your job search started. Let us help you show off your attributes and grow your supermarket career now. 

This CV writing guide, along with the corresponding supermarket CV example will cover the following topics:

  • What responsibilities does a supermarket employee have?
  • How to write a supermarket CV (tips and tricks)
  • The best format for a supermarket CV
  • Making the most of each section of your CV (summary, work history, skills, and education)
  • Professional CV layout and design hints.

What does a supermarket employee do?

Supermarket jobs are as varied as the food the stores sell. Employees may work the register or bag items in the checkout line, restock shelves, or ensure no outdated products remain on the shelf. Floor workers assist customers in finding items on their grocery list or in carrying groceries to cars.

But that’s just the beginning. Supermarket workers may also work a specialty counter, such as cheese, deli, or bakery. As they rise in the industry, they may become managers or buyers. 

Statistical insight

According to Talent.com: 

UK Supermarket Average pay Entry level jobs
start at
Most experienced workers 
earn up to
Lidl £35,100/year
£22,718/year £52,500/year
Tesco £30,156/year
£22,000/year £57,000/year
Sainsburys £35,159/year
£23,000/year £55,000/year

How to write a supermarket worker CV

Before you get started on a supermarket CV, you need to understand the components. Your CV should contain the following elements:

  • The CV header
  • The CV summary (aka profile or personal statement)
  • The employment history section
  • The CV skills section
  • The education section

This is simply a CV outline for you to fill in the details that make you a great candidate for the job. Since you may target different supermarket jobs, you will adjust each of these sections to the requirements described within the posted job ad.

When you do begin to write your CV, try to adopt a tone and style that fits with the grocery store to which you are applying.

Expert tip

Target each job and beat the ATS

There are two key reasons for targeting your CV for each job application:

  1. To show the hiring manager that you want the specific job they are hiring for
  2. If you are applying online, you need to get past the applicant tracking system (ATS).

This HR software scans your information and then ranks your CV based partly on keywords and phrases from the job listing. There’s no surefire way to make sure you reach a human being, but inserting those important words into your CV (while maintaining the natural flow of your writing, of course) will give you a better chance.

Which CV format is best
Which CV format is best

Choosing the best CV format for a supermarket job

The best format for a supermarket CV is generally the reverse chronological order structure. This format mostly affects the employment history section of your CV. Within it, you should list your most recent position and work your way back. 

There are several circumstances in which you may choose a different format:

  • You are entering the job market for the first time
  • You are re-entering the job market after a long gap
  • You are changing careers
  • You have a long, varied job history.

In those cases, you may want to consider the functional CV format, which expands the skills section and contracts the employment history section. It is mostly used for positions that require scientific expertise or highly technical skills. The versatile hybrid (combination) CV format has both chronological and functional elements.

Best CV format 2024 (+ UK examples)
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Best CV format 2024 (+ UK examples)

Your CV format will dictate which parts of your CV will stand out to an employer.

CV header

Choose a distinctive header design to set your CV apart from the rest and create a memorable first impression. The identifying information it displays gets noticed right away and is easy to find later when the hiring manager wants to contact you for an interview. Include your name, occupation, email, and phone number.

CV summary example: food for thought

Why do you want to work at a supermarket, particularly this one? Why should the hiring manager interview you? The CV summary — sometimes called personal statement or profile —  gives you a chance to answer these questions and spice up what can otherwise be a bland document.

The CV summary sits at the top of the page and offers a glimpse of your work style and personality. It also shows off the key accomplishment or trait you believe will give you an edge in getting the job. This may not be the first section a recruiter reads (generally they look at your most recent position and skills section), but it may be the one that makes the difference.

Below is the summary from our adaptable supermarket CV example.

Adaptable CV summary example

Energetic, award-winning supermarket worker with 10+ years of experience, dedicated to ensuring the smooth running of all store operations. Exceptional track record for reliability, productivity, and attention to detail to consistently offer the best supermarket experience possible for customers.


Employment history sample: polish the apple

The employment history section of your supermarket resume details the work you have done in the past and what you are doing now. Bulleted lists will help you save space, as will eliminating unnecessary words such as “I was responsible for.” Instead, cut right to the chase by starting each item with a strong, action verb.

Describe experiences and accomplishments that are directly related to the position you want so that the hiring manager knows you can do the job. 

Expert tip

Focus on achievements instead of responsibilities when possible. For example:

  • Reduced waste by 20% by consistently rotating older stock to front of shelf

Instead of:

  • Responsible for moving older stock to the front of shelves.

Check out our CV sample for the employment history section below.

Adaptable CV employment history example

Supermarket Attendant at Osgood's Grocery, London
August 2019 - September 2023

  • Executed bakery operations aligned with “Best Fresh” policies, contributing to a 15% reduction in quality-related customer complaints.
  • Strictly adhered to store guidelines and food safety protocols, helping achieve consistent health inspection scores above 95%.
  • Consistently worked to provide a clean and organised shopping environment, enhancing customer satisfaction survey ratings by 20%.
  • Earned the 2020 Star Employee Award for unwavering reliability and exceptional productivity.
  • Applied exceptional attention to detail, helping reduce order errors and product returns by 28%.
  • Fostered seamless cooperation among store employees and consistently executed tasks with precision.


Supermarket Cashier at Food Source, London
July 2013 - May 2019

  • Delivered a friendly and efficient checkout service, earning a customer satisfaction rating of 96%.
  • Achieved a scanning accuracy rate of 99.5%, while efficiently pricing and bagging products.
  • Processed all payment methods (cash, credit, checks, coupons, vouchers, and gift cards), maintaining an error rate of less than 1%.
  • Ensured front-end operations compliance with all regulations, contributing to an internal audit success rate of 98%.
  • Kept abreast of  store campaigns, sales, and new product offerings, effectively upselling and increasing average transaction value by 15%.
  • Maintained a consistently immaculate work environment, resulting in  zero accidents and positive feedback from surprise store inspections.
  • Maintained accurate work logs, giving the store manager organised and insightful data for informed decision-making.

CV skills example: your best on display

The skills section of your supermarket CV offers hiring managers a quick way to know whether you have what they need. That means matching the list of your attributes with those listed in the job description. It also means adjusting your skills section for each different position.

Within the skills section, list 5-7 attributes that make you a great choice for the supermarket position.

Take stock of all your skills. Consider making a list for yourself of all your attributes. Then use that list to build the best skills section for each job. Remember soft skills such as communication, organisation, and time management. These may seem basic, but they are attributes that employers seek in all their hires. 

Add in the hard skills you have learned on the job. What cash register systems have you used? Have you completed inventory checks? Designed produce displays? Remember the ATS as you curate your list. 

Below you’ll find the skills section from our CV sample.

Adaptable CV skills example
  • Ability to Work in a Team
  • Customer Service
  • Mathematical Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Highly Organized
  • Dedicated Team Player

Supermarket CV education example

Higher education is not usually a qualifier for supermarket jobs. However, the education section of CV should list any secondary education you have. You could also list any training you have completed that relates to your targeted supermarket job. 

Check out the CV sample for the education section below.

Adaptable CV education example

A-levels: Maths (A), Physics (A), Chemistry (A), Kingsbury High School, London 
Sep 2009 - May 2013


CV layout and design: make it look appetising

As a supermarket worker, you know that visual appeal is part of food enjoyment. The same is true of your supermarket resume layout and design. First impressions count, and you need to give a professional, organised impression with your CV layout and design if you want the job.

Here are some dos and don’ts for developing a strong visual resume.

  • Choose a header style that stands out.
  • Use one font for your headings and a different complementary one for your body text.
  • Proofread and have a friend double-check before you hit "send."
  • Use a lot of colour.
  • Minimise your margins or reduce the font size to include more text.
  • Get gimmicky with graphics or other visuals.

Not a designer? No problem! Try one of our CV templates to get you on the right path quickly. 

Key takeaways for a supermarket CV

  1. Adopt a tone and style that meshes with that of the grocery chain at which you are applying
  2. Personalise each application to take into account the ATS, the different positions and companies you are targeting.
  3. Remember to include soft skills as well as hard skills.
  4. Take advantage of our adaptable CV sample to simplify the application process.
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