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Landscape Designer Resume Example & Writing Guide

A proven job specific resume example + writing guide for landing your next job in 2022. You can edit this Landscape Designer resume example to get a quick start and easily build a perfect resume in just a few minutes. Just fill in your details, download your new resume & start your job application today!
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Landscape Designer Resume Example & Writing Guide
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Landscape Designer Resume Example

You have an eye for creating beautiful outdoor spaces and you’re ready to grow your career!

Landscape Designers may work on residential, business, or governmental properties; therefore, you need to personalize your resume to conform to the environment you are aiming to work in. As a person in a creative field, you may have a portfolio that shows off your work. You should also be sure to update your references if you have not done that in a while. Your reputation is key and the people you list as references should be able to attest to your abilities and reputation as a Landscape Designer. 

Employers will also want to know about you and your work history. That’s where your resume comes in.

Along with our field-tested resume builder, resume sample sentences, and layout templates, you will be able to design an impressive Landscape Designer resume. Using the guide, you will learn tips and hints to help you:

  • Present your achievements in the best light
  • Make the most of your creativity
  • Express your professional personality
  • Show a pattern of increasing knowledge and responsibility.

Read on to take your career to new heights with your dream job!

Profile Section Example

Just as your portfolio shows off your best projects, your profile should show off your best professional attributes. You also have a chance here to tell prospective employers a bit about who you are and how you work right at the top of your landscape designer resume.

Your Profile, or Summary if you prefer, is a short paragraph — about 100-200 words — that should focus on what you bring to the job as an employee and designer. Use strong descriptive language to highlight your proudest projects and your professional style. You should add a sentence about your design philosophy as well. 

A Landscape Designer resume should clearly convey a candidate's ability to combine art with science in site plans and the creation of landscape designs. Be sure to include any information you do not want a potential employer to miss in this Profile Section. Remember to include “Wow Factors” to compel potential employers to keep on reading. 

See landscape designer resume sample section content below. 


Experienced Landscape Designer with several years of experience working with clients to create and enhance the aesthetics and function of natural outdoor spaces. Bringing forth exceptional design and horticulture skills, and a true ability to understand and strive toward the vision of a client. Adept in designing, managing, and planning the production of projects, ranging from small to very large-scale. Offering strong communication skills, and an ability to collaborate and lead as a dynamic and dedicated professional.


Employment History Example Section

How do you compose a great Employment History / Job Experience section for your resume?

Whether you work for yourself or within another organization, your work experience section tells a lot about your career and aptitude for learning and growth. For each job, describe the scope of the project, your contributions, and the horticultural knowledge you used. Be as specific as possible. That means not just giving the dimensions of the plot you landscaped, whether small-or large-scale, but the flowers, trees, and other plants you used.

Each bullet listing in this section should add to your desirability as a candidate. If you have project management experience, make sure you highlight that here. There is no need to repeat skills. Remember that you want the maximum information in the minimum amount of space. Use powerful action verbs that showcase your abilities and skills. 

Expert tip

Use a thesaurus to broaden your word use instead of repeating words too often. This will not only help with readability but with including keywords and phrases that Applicant Tracking Systems scan for and use to rank your resume.

Your Employment History should be organized in reverse-chronological order with an emphasis on positions related to design. You need not include former positions that do not have transferable skills for a Landscape Designer. 

See landscape designer resume example content below.

  • Led a team of Landscape Architects to provide optimal customer service from conception through delivery of design work.
  • Managed and completed several residential community designs.
  • Worked with architects, engineers and other professionals to ensure projects were successfully carried out.
  • Advised on Landscape Architecture for many projects concerning environmental planning.

Education Section Example

While there are no formal requirements for landscape designers, most have at least an associate’s degree in horticulture, botany, or soil science (sometimes degrees/classes in design are also applicable). Many have bachelor’s or master’s degrees and may combine some design classes with their education in flora. Landscape designers, unlike landscape architects, do not need to be licensed.

In your Education Section, you should list all degrees, certifications, and professional memberships. Any classes, seminars, or training programs you have attended that relate to your field and honors or distinctions should be noted here as well. If you hold a degree higher than a bachelor's degree, you may leave out your High School. You can list certifications here, or create a separate section highlighting them. 

See resume example content below. 

  • 2009  APLD Certification
  • 2004-2008 University of Florida, Bachelor of Landscape Architecture Gainesville, FL
  • 2001-2005 Jacksonville High School, High School Diploma Jacksonville, FL

Skills Section Example

You Skills Section is an overview of the assets and abilities you bring to the job. Mimic the skills listed in the job description to let your potential employer know you have what they seek. Err on the side of high-level skills that may give you an advantage over other candidates.

Pay attention to the exact wording used in the listing! Be mindful of alternative abbreviations and terms.

As a landscape designer, you are a design professional who creates aesthetically and functionally pleasing architectural designs. You work with clients to understand their needs and goals prior to creating detailed plans. This means you must be excellent at customer service and communication as well as knowledgeable about plants and outdoor design. 

How to list hobbies on your resume
Related article
How to list hobbies on your resume

You need to humanize your job application and connect with hiring managers. That’s why it’s so important to know how and when to include hobbies on your resume.

Create a list of all the skills and attributes you bring to the job. Divide them into soft skills, or those interpersonal and organizational skills all workers need, and hard skills, or those specific to your field. Include a mix of these two when you formulate your Skills Section. Remember to personalize this (and all your other) sections to match the job listing.

Be sure to include your best landscape architecture skills and a strong mix of soft and hard skills. 

See resume sample content below. 

  • Advanced Landscape Design Skills 
  • Urban Landscape and Architectural Design
  • Plant and Composition Knowledge
  • Spatial Design Skills
  • Geospatial Technology
  • Superior Communication Skills
  • Environmental Awareness
  • Adobe InDesign, AutoCAD, Sketchup, geographic information system (GIS) mapping

Layout and Formatting

As a design professional, your resume must look fabulous! While it is true that you can get more creative than those in less artistic professions, you must also remember that recruiters are most concerned with finding your information in a scan of about 10 seconds. If you choose form over function, you may lose out. Use your knowledge of design principles to keep your resume legible, clean, and professional-looking with a touch of flair.

Our resume builder and Creative category of resume templates are a great place for you to begin.  Keep these tips in mind:

  • If you’re using text editors like Word, do not put information into headers and footers that human resources software may not be able to scan. Alternatively - use online builders like Resume.io’s so they take care of the technical pitfalls for you.
  • Have a friend or colleague proofread each version of your resume and cover letter before applying for a job
  • Strive to save your completed resume as a PDF file to avoid introducing formatting errors between word processing programs.

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Build your resume in 15 minutes
Build your resume in 15 minutes
Use professional field-tested resume templates that follow the exact ‘resume rules’ employers look for.
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