Construction Resume Examples

Tips for Writing Construction Resumes

1. Tips for Writing Construction Resumes

It is a very wise move to include job-specific keywords in your resume. It takes your resume to the next level and assures the hiring manager reviewing your resume that you are a promising candidate. If you have any speciality areas, you will want to include those as well. You should include impressive construction keywords like “OSHA Safety Requirements, Quality Control, Construction Reports”, where appropriate. Take a look at the summary for the job you are applying for and try to include at least a few keywords from it in your resume.

2. Focus on the skills that make you unique

Different resume templates are appropriate for different fields. In an industry like construction, you will want a resume that highlights your skills and abilities. You can also add a special skills or accomplishments section, emphasizing what you bring to the table. Think about what you are capable of that will be valuable to your next employer and emphasize that. Resume.io has several different powerful resume templates to choose from to make your resume writing experience as easy as can be.

3. List a powerful combination of soft and hard skills

Don’t limit your skills section to soft or hard skills exclusively. Creating a solid combination is the way to go, especially in a field like construction. soft skills like Time Management and Leadership Ability are impressive, as well as hard skills like Knowledge of Electrical Codes and HVAC Processes. We recommend looking up skills most closely associated with the position you are applying for, and if the shoe fits, list them on your resume. Be careful not to list skills you don’t actually possess, as lies typically do nothing bu hurt your chances of success. We also recommend listing skills associated with the actual job description.

4. Avoid errors!

Grammatical and structural errors in your resume are a big no-no. We recommend proofreading your resume more than once, and enlisting someone else to read it as well. If you want to make sure your resume is as stellar as it can be, you can have it professionally reviewed. At Resume.io we offer different resume review services that are sure to give your resume more edge and promise.

Best Skills To Include in Construction Resumes

  • Adept in Construction Best Practices
  • Knowledgable about Safety Guidelines
  • Physical Fitness and Manual Dexterity
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Multitasking Skills