Human Resource

Human Resource Resume Examples

Tips for Writing Human Resources Resumes

1. Tailor your resume

Go back and review your employment history. Focus on the jobs and projects that are most closely related to the HR job you are trying to get. Be sure to include HR keywords that will be picked up by both readers and Applicant Tracking Systems. You can include these keywords in a strong skills section. See our list of skills to include below. Also focus on key achievements that prove what an excellent Human Resources professional you are. What have you done in former companies that improved their HR policies and procedures? Talk about that.

2. Keep it relevant and concise

You don’t need a wordy and lengthy resume to impress hiring managers. In fact, a resume that is too long does quite the opposite. It is best to keep your resume to one page when possible. Focus on your proudest and most relevant positions and achievements and leave the rest out. Hiring managers often skim resumes for key words and positive experiences, so the unnecessary fluff won’t get you far.Clear, concise writing is the way to go. Furthermore, the visual appeal and readability of your resume has a large impact. Use a formatted resume template like the ones available at Resume.io to achieve excellent organization and layout with the click of a button.

3. Be honest

Honesty goes a long way when it comes to landing a job. Nothing ruins your chances of getting hired more than dishonesty does. Particularly in a field like HR, where honesty and integrity are crucial. If you’re feeling less than adequate, change that by doing something to boost your appeal. Take a class or go to a seminar to update your knowledge and skills. Keeping up with your industry is always a positive, and hiring managers love that kind of dedication.

4. Share what makes you unique

You don’t need to have a boring resume in order for it to be professional. Don’t be afraid to show your personality and highlight your unique talents that make you a desirable candidate. Tell stories about past experiences that showcase your greatest attributes. Avoid too much “business jargon”, and use the word “I” more. The hiring manager is human, so it’s nice for them to hear a human voice behind a resume.

Best Skills To Include in Human Resources Resumes

  • Excellent Communication Skills

  • Strong Organizational Skills

  • Project Management Skills

  • Employee Relations Skills

  • Problem Solving Skills