Security & Protective Services

Security & Protective Services Resume Examples

Tips for Writing Security & Protective Services Resumes

1. List strong references

Working in this field means that you are responsible for working toward and maintaining the safety of others. Your references will surely be contacted, and that means you should ensure you have listed good ones. Don’t let too much time pass without contacting the people you have listed. They should be aware they are listed as a reference, and should be ready and willing to provide positive testimony to your ability and character.

2. Tailor it for the job

Taking the time to tailor your resume to match a specific job is of the smartest things you can do when it comes to your resume. It shows that you are dedicated to the job at hand and will make you stand out as a candidate. Particularly in this service industry we see the need for tailored resumes that convey expertise and ability. Remember to also focus on achievements that are most closely related to the job at hand. You want to convince the hiring manager that you have what it takes to succeed in this role, just as you have succeeded in former roles.

3. Be honest

Nothing kills a resume quite like a big fat lie does. Everything you state on your resume should be true. If you get called in to an interview, you need to be able to intelligently answer questions related to your resume and your abilities. If you are feeling like you are lacking the necessary skills or experience to land the job, then take the time to educate yourself or sign up for a course that you feel will give you a bigger edge. Focusing on your true strengths and skills is the way to go.

4. Convey your passion

This is the kind of industry that calls for passion. Being responsible for the safety of others is no joke, so it is crucial to convey your dedication and commitment to the role. You can do this by including a statement of passion in your Profile section. You might say something like: “As a dedicated and passionate Security Guard for over five years, I am hoping to continue my service proudly at (insert name of company).” Hiring managers in this field are looking for people who take pride in their role.

Best Skills To Include in Security & Protective Services Resumes

  • Excellent Analytical Thinking Skills

  • Crime Prevention

  • First Aid & CPR

  • Firearms Training

  • Problem Solving Skills