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Written by Susan ShorSusan Shor

Google docs resume templates

17 min read
Google docs resume templates
Artwork by:Anna Koroleva
Ready to craft a resume that catches the attention of recruiters? A Google doc resume template can give you a head start. Keep reading and we’ll help you decide whether it’s your best bet for success.

You’re an experienced Google docs user and you’re ready to start a new job search. Of course, you want to stick with the familiar.

After all, can Google make your life any easier? On the surface, it would seem not. When you’re ready to build a resume, Google docs resume templates are there for you. All you have to do is click the file menu, hover over the arrow next to “new” and wait for the “From template gallery” to appear. Then, pick one of the five on offer and get started.

Hmmm, but is it really that simple? 

In this blog, we will answer that question and do the following:

  • Explain why you should use a resume template
  • Review the different resume formats
  • Display examples of resume templates for Google docs
  • Give advice for personalizing Google templates
  • Offer suggestions for getting your job hunt going even faster.

Let’s get right to it!

Why should I use a resume template?

So what’s the point of a resume template? Graphic designers and resume writers get paid for a reason: They are experts. A well-designed and attractive resume sets the tone for your candidacy by leaving a professional impression before a recruiter even begins to read. There are dozens of free resume templates for Google docs available online.

Unless you are a designer or creative yourself, the time and effort it will take you aren’t worth it. To create a layout, you must consider many elements, including

  • Choosing fonts and font sizes
  • Balancing white space to text blocks
  • Aligning and spacing sections
  • Wise use of color and color selection.

Templates also free you from the tedious task of formatting your document so you can easily update it for each application.

Resume template formats

No two careers are alike and no two resumes are alike; however, resume formats share many features. Why? Because your aim is to make sure recruiters can find what they’re looking for. 

Imagine if some grocery stores alphabetized their stock, while others grouped them by category, and others still decided to organize the shelves by color. You’d have a hard time finding anything unless you only went to one store.

Shoppers want a framework for finding the items on their list and so do recruiters. That means the following common sections and titles: Profile or Summary, Skills, Employment History or Work Experience, Education and, optionally Awards and Accolades, Languages, Industry Affiliations, Publications, or Projects.

Here are the most common resume formats and when to use them:

  • Reverse chronological order: This is your go-to format. It tells recruiters what you’ve been doing lately and your top skills, quickly.
  • Functional: If you’re in a profession where your specialized skills trump your experience, this is the format for you.
  • Hybrid: Just as it sounds, this format, also called combined or combination, melds the chronological and functional styles by strategically placing your skills section at the top or highlighting it with a color block.

Now that you’ve gained an understanding of the different formats, you’re ready to look at a few Google doc resume templates.  

Modern Google docs resume template

Modern Google docs Resume Template
Modern Google docs Resume Template

Which resume template is best in Google docs will depend on your career history and goals.

We start with this template, which is the last listed choice in Google docs, because it has a clean and creative look that veers toward a technical look as well and uses the chronological order format, which resume.io recommends for most job seekers.

Take note that it does not contain a summary, or profile, section, but does have an awards section. You can modify the section titles and move them to emphasize different aspects of your career, but this may cause alignment problems. 

We also recommend a skills section that draws the eye in. A simple list such as the one in this Google doc resume template is easily overlooked since it is merely a string of words separated by commas. 

Now let’s look at another resume template from Google docs.

Serif style Google docs resume template

Serif style Google docs resume template
Serif style Google docs resume template

This resume template from Google follows more of a combination format, allowing you to play up the parts of your experience and expertise that most relate to the job you seek. It breaks out the skills section and separates each skill, which makes it more likely that a recruiter will be able to take note of all your attributes at a glance. 

Another benefit of this template is that it allows you to highlight a host of different qualifications you may have (such as fluency in multiple languages). This is also useful if you have a project-based job (we recommend linking directly to your portfolio from your resume after a brief description of your projects) or many diverse skills.

On the other hand, you will need to have some knowledge of how Google templates work if you want to manipulate the spacing or margins or eliminate one of the sections in the column on the right.

Personalizing Google doc resume templates

Just because you’re using a template doesn’t mean you can’t personalize it. Changing elements of a free resume template in Google docs is as intuitive as using Google docs itself. 

Yes, the Coral resume template uses the color coral as a highlight and the Modern template uses green, but you don’t have to stick with those suggestions if they don’t suit your professional personality or the image of the company you’re applying to.

The same is true of the font styles and sizes. One caveat: We discussed at the top of this blog why using templates is a good idea. Changing several elements in the template means you have redesigned it, so make sure you have not altered the look you originally were attracted to or the all-important formatting and alignment.

Get your job hunt started even faster

Using Google docs resume templates gives you free opportunities to create a great resume, but it comes with a few challenges. Unless you are an experienced Google doc user and know how to manipulate blocks of text and images, you may find it frustrating. The last thing you want is to send off a resume where the text became hidden when you adjusted the column size. 

Expert tip


It is always a good idea to reread your resume and use spellcheck and grammar check tools before you hit send. Since Google doc resume templates use dummy type, those steps will help you avoid “lorem ipsum” -ing your way out of a job. 

A second set of eyes helps, too. Ask a friend or colleague for their impressions.

While a Google doc resume template seems at first glance to be a fast method of getting those applications out there, resume.io offers a better, easier way. The hard work of using a Google doc resume template will come when the inevitable happens: Your text doesn’t quite fit, the categories don’t suit you, or you accidentally shift a text box. 

Altering formatting introduces room for error and even the smallest error can take you out of the running for your dream job. Our customizable templates are integrated into our resume builder tool. Simply input your information and the builder takes care of the rest. With one click change the color, add a section, or create a mention of your social media presence.

The builder also includes a spellcheck function and allows you to easily save as a PDF and you never have to worry about misaligned columns or dummy type.

In addition to the practicalities, resume.io offers a wider selection of options. 

Compare the Vienna template within our Creative category to the Swiss Google doc resume template.

Google docs Swiss template
Google docs Swiss template

Note that the Vienna template allows you not only to list your skills in a side column that stands out but rate yourself on each skill as well. The Swiss template elevates the skills section to the top of the document for emphasis but does not design for maximum impact. We highly recommend a vertical listing of skills instead of a paragraph-style list.

In addition to Vienna, we offer an entire category of Creative resume templates, many of which reserve a spot for a headshot. Resume.io’s expertly-designed templates fall into three other categories: Modern, Simple, and Professional

Unlike a Google doc template, you can easily create different versions of your resume using different templates with the click of a button on resume.io. This feature allows you to go further in tailoring your resume to each job without re-creating your document.

No matter how you create your resume, make sure this key document reflects your high-level skills and professional personality.

Bad resume examples
Related article
Bad resume examples

Is your resume bad? Probably not. Could it be better? Well, maybe. Have a look at our bad resume examples and see if you recognize anything that you could improve.

Key takeaways

  • Free Google doc resume templates can be a great way to get your application started.
  • Recruiters want easy access to your information, so choose your format wisely.
  • A Google template is merely a starting point. You need to personalize it, but keep a careful eye on the formatting.
  • Always do your due diligence by proofreading your document before sending it.
  • Your resume offers the first, and maybe only, impression a prospective employer will receive of you. A memorable document that showcases your excellence requires top-notch tools and templates.
  • If you’re ready to build your great-looking resume quickly and easily, resume.io has templates and a resume builder tool to get your job hunt going faster and reduce your margin of error.
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