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Power BI Developer resume examples & templates

You know how to present data so that it’s understandable and leads to valuable business decisions. Now you need to transfer that knowledge into a job application. The guide below offers tips and hints to do just that in your Power BI developer resume.
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Power BI Developer resume examples & templates
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You have the power to steer businesses with your data insights. Now you’ve decided to take your skills to the next level in a new position as a Power BI developer. While you are able to analyze what your prospective employer wants, you need expert assistance in creating a Power BI developer resume that shows it all off.

Businesses come to you because you have the expertise to take their raw data and make it meaningful. Job hunters come to Resume.io because we have expert resume guides and resume examples for 350+ professions, backed up by a resume builder that will save you time and effort. 

Get started with this Power BI developer resume guide and resume example, which will cover the following topics:

  • What does a Power BI developer do?
  • How to write a Power BI developer resume (tips and tricks)
  • The best format for a Power BI developer resume
  • Advice on each section of your resume (summary, work history, education, skills)
  • Professional resume layout and design hints

What does a Power BI developer do?

Power BI is Microsoft’s business intelligence platform. Power BI developers are experts in all aspects of the platform and its tools. They use that expertise to take raw data and turn it into valuable business insights.

The job description for a Power BI developer changes with each organization, but the foundation is the development and administration of a company’s BI tools. They may create interactive dashboards and reports that are easily read and understood, build data models, analyze scripts, and perform SQL querying among other tasks. 

Power BI developer job market and outlook

As businesses gather and use big data more and more, they need analytics to make use of them. Of the tools they choose, Power BI is most popular among BI software, with a 36.5% market share. Combine that with the fact, reported by DataProt, that just about 90% of research and development teams make heavy use of business intelligence and consider the need for data analytics critical, and you get high demand for Power BI developers.

Not only are Power BI developers in demand, but they command high salaries as well. The average annual earnings for a Power BI developer are $93,153 with a range that dips as low as $77,000 and reaches as high as $122,000.

Statistical insight

By 2025, the global business intelligence market is projected to reach $33.3 billion, with a compound annual growth rate of 7.6%.

How to write a Power BI developer resume

A big part of the job of your job is presenting data and analyses in understandable forms. Your Power BI developer resume should do the same by including standard sections.

Your CV should contain the following elements:

  • The resume header
  • The resume summary (aka profile or personal statement)
  • The employment history section
  • The resume skills section
  • The education section

Choosing the best resume format for a Power BI developer

As a data analyst, you know that the way data is input plays a key role. That knowledge transfers over to your Power BI developer resume and the format you choose. It’s almost certain that you will be applying through an Applicant Tracking System that uses algorithms to scan, sort, and rank your resume. 

To make the most of the ATS, and make life easier for recruiters who want to be able to scan your resume as quickly as possible, choose reverse chronological order unless you have a compelling reason to do otherwise. Alternate formats may be appropriate for you if you are looking for your first job, have changed careers, or have a gap in your employment history.

A hybrid style offers more opportunity to focus on your skills as well as your experience.

Resume summary example 

Employers want to know what you can do for them. How will your skills improve their bottom line or make their lives easier? This is what you need to tell them in no uncertain terms in the summary of your Power BI developer resume.

The best way to show this is to highlight an achievement that did just that for your current or most recent employer. Also offer an overview of your career and why you believe strongly in the power of data to inform decisions. You need to do all that in about 100 words.

While the summary, or profile, may not be the first place a recruiter looks, it may be the tiebreaker that earns you an interview.

Adaptable summary CV sample

Accomplished, goal-driven and self-directed Power BI developer with expertise in current business intelligence tools including SSRS, Power BI and Tableau. Skillfully utilize appropriate tools and technologies to develop dashboards, reports, and analytics.


Employment history sample

If you’re a seasoned pro, the employment history section of your Power BI developer resume will consume the bulk of your document. Here you present your career as a series of achievements and forward momentum that demonstrates your ability to learn and your value to your employer.

We don’t have to tell you that data speaks louder than generalities, so incorporate specifics on how you used Power BI to create efficiencies, save time and money, or help the boss make better business decisions.

Don’t be afraid to acknowledge that your team helped you along the way – this shows grace and demonstrates that you understand collaboration.

Adaptable employment history CV example

Business Intelligence Developer, ARK Solutions, Denver, CO / Hybrid Remote
February 2017 - Present 

  • Interface with internal users across various departments to gather, translate and document business requirements.
  • Develop detailed technical specifications and develop strategies in partnership with Data Operations team.
  • Plan and coordinate agile-based BI development projects.
  • Supervise, train and mentor junior developers in development of dashboards and reports.


Power BI Consultant, Tri-Force Consulting Services, Denver, CO  
June 2013 - February 2017

  • Authored and published Power BI reports.
  • Coordinated extraction of SQL Server data to Power BI and configure data connections.
  • Performed troubleshooting and analysis of Power BI reports produced by other developers.
  • Worked closely with data team to analyze data models for procurement of business data.


JDE Developer, MYR Group, Thornton, CO 
July 2011 - June 2013 

  • Designed, developed and enhanced applications based on user information.
  • Translated data gathered into logical, economical and practical design systems.
  • Interviewed users to secure understanding of core business functions and needs.

CV skills example

The skills section of your Power BI developer resume is certainly the correct space to list all your technical abilities. Of course, you need expertise in Microsoft BI stacks and data analytics, as well as an in-depth knowledge of software development, but you also need people skills.

Interpersonal, or soft, skills allow you to understand how people use data and which data sets will be most valuable to them. They also mean better communication with stakeholders, including clients  who you may be tasked with managing. We already mentioned collaboration, but problem-solving, desire to continuously learn, and self-motivation are all skills worth considering for this section.

Adaptable skills section CV example
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Project Management
  • Data Virtualization/ETL
  • Batch Scripting
  • SDLC
  • Team Leadership & Mentoring
  • Requirements Gathering
  • Data Analysis
  • Dashboards & Reports
  • Agile Development

Power BI resume education example

Experience may take precedence over your education, but this section of your Power BI developer resume lays the foundation for your qualifications. Most, if not all, Power BI developers have earned a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering, computer science or a related field.

You may also be a Power BI Data Analyst Associate certificate holder or Microsoft Certified Power BI developer. Add these and any other related certifications, courses, or training you have completed to this section. If you have more than a couple, consider adding a separate certification section (if you have space to spare).

Adaptable education CV example

Metropolitan State University of Denver, Bachelor of Science in Business Intelligence, Denver, CO 
September 2007 - May 2011


Resume layout and design

You don’t present data in long columns of numbers because users find that uninviting and downright difficult to interpret. As you think about the layout and design of your Power BI developer resume, consider the same criteria you do when you develop data visualizations.

Create a header that’s memorable for its clean design as it highlights your name, title, contact information, portfolio, and any professional social media accounts. Carry those clean lines and legible fonts through the rest of your resume. If you choose color, make sure the hues complement each other and go easy on the eyes of recruiters who read hundreds of applications a day.

Ease the task by using expertly designed resume templates and coordinating them with your cover letter.

Expert tip

Remember that the last step before you send is to proofread one last time.

Key takeaways for a Power BI developer resume

  1. Businesses understand the need for data-driven decision-making and that makes your skills valuable.
  2. Highlight what you can do for your prospective employer within the summary section of your Power BI developer resume.
  3. Focus on your technical and analytical skills, but don’t neglect your ability to communicate and collaborate.
  4. Apply your visual acumen to the design of your resume.
  5. Save time and effort with a resume builder and resume templates.
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