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Full Stack Developer resume example & writing guide

Ready for your next IT challenge? Stack the deck in your favor with a full stack developer resume that wins the day. Make use of the resources within this writing guide and example developed especially for your broad-ranging talents.
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Full Stack Developer resume example & writing guide
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You’re the expert from A to Z, but how do you show that when you’re job hunting? The best full stack developer resume will reflect that overarching talent and grab the attention of recruiters who know ability when they see it.

The truth is that while there seem to be jobs aplenty for full stack developers, you don’t want just any job – you want the right job and a great resume will help you get there. It’s time to leave it to the experts at Resume.io. We have turned our knowledge into 350+ resume guides and resume examples plus expertly-designed resume templates and an easy-to-use resume builder. 

As you delve into this guide and the corresponding resume sample, you will find advice on creating a full stack developer resume that presents a professional image and highlights your unique successes.

Keep reading to learn about the following topics:

  • What does a full stack developer do?
  • How to write a full stack developer resume (tips and tricks)
  • The best format for a full stack developer resume
  • Advice on each section of your resume (summary, work history, education, skills)
  • Professional resume layout and design hints.

What does a full stack developer do?

What does a full stack developer do? That’s a broad question because full stack developers do it all! The best of the best call themselves full stack developers because their expertise extends from a variety of coding niches, databases to UI/UX management, and to graphic designing.

Full stack developers work on both the client and server sides, acting as a bridge between the two. Their goal is to create scalable web applications by writing and testing code, building databases and servers and building APIs and other services. They must know about every aspect of software development and be expert in at least one.

Full stack developer job market and outlook

The job market for experienced full stack developers remains very strong. The Coding Game & Coder Pad Tech Hiring Survey 2022 found that recruiters plan to increase their hiring over the course of the year, but almost 47 percent reported their biggest challenge is finding highly qualified candidates. 

That’s good news for full stack developers, since recruiters are most concerned with finding qualified candidates for those wide-ranging roles.

Statistical insight

The top three skills* on recruiters’ wish lists are:

  1. Web development
  2. DevOps
  3. AI/machine learning

The top three languages are:

  1. Javascript
  2. Java
  3. Python

*Source: Tech Hiring Survey 2022

The pressure to recruit quality candidates means that developers are commanding high salaries. The average full stack developer earns $108,194, according to Glassdoor. That’s the highest average income in the world. San Francisco Bay Area workers can count on even more.

How to write a full stack developer resume

Structure speaks volumes when it comes to resumes. Recruiters like ease of information-finding. Use the following sections in your full stack developer CV to boost your impact:

  • Header
  • Summary (aka profile or personal statement)
  • Employment history
  • Skills
  • Education

Do enough research on your prospective employer that you can match the tone of your full stack developer resume with the company culture and image.

Choosing the best resume format for a full stack developer

Typically, we recommend the reverse chronological order resume format for the reason stated above: Recruiters know where to look for the information they seek. However, you may be an exception to that rule because you have highly technical and diverse skills.

A function resume format will allow you to expand your skills section to detail all your technical expertise. You will lose some space in your employment history section in exchange. Only you can decide which will best highlight your experience.

We recommend remaining flexible: Your resume is an organic document tailored to each job, so you may find one or the other format suits different applications.

Expert tip

The ATS algorithms

We don’t have to tell you how algorithms work, but we do want to remind you that you need to impress the Applicant Tracking Application before your resume lands in human hands. Match the keywords and phrases mentioned in the job listing to your targeted resume to give you the best shot at slipping past the ATS.

Resume header

Before we start our discussion on the content of your full stack developer resume, let’s talk a bit about the header. Of course, this is (important) content, but it’s also the main graphic element of your CV. While content is king, visually memorable resumes add power to your application. They also tip off the recruiter to the fact that you are a unicorn.

Ensure that your contact information stands out and that you show off your designer’s eye without getting too glitzy.

Use exact language from job description
Use exact language from job description 

Resume summary example: career frontend

The summary sits at the top of your resume, which signals its importance. Although it may not be what recruiters jump to at first glance, it can make all the difference.

Just as your header shows off your design skills, your full stack developer resume summary shows off your greatest achievement. This element, also known as a profile, gives you a chance to crow a bit (but only a bit, you don’t want to sound braggadocious).

You have 3-4 sentences to offer an overview of your career, your work style, and your value-add to your prospective employer. If this sounds overwhelming, you can begin by asking yourself the following questions:

  • How would my colleagues describe my professional style?
  • What is my premier talent?
  • Which of my achievements illustrates best what this employer seeks?
  • Why do I want this job?

Answering these questions can give you the framework for this freeform paragraph.

Adaptable resume summary example

Full Stack Developer adept in working in both front-end and back-end development processes. Highly skilled in programming design, development, and implementation of functional specifications. 

Expert tip

In need of more inspiration for your summary? You can find additional ideas in our related Information Technology resume category. Check out the following guides: web developer resume example, software developer resume sample, software engineer resume example, network engineer resume sample, and senior software engineer resume sample.

Employment history sample: plug in your greatest successes

The employment history section of your full stack developer resume needs to encompass the great variety of your skills backed up by data and examples. Especially if you have an expanded skills section, you will have to be particular about what you include.

Avoid wasting space by eliminating unnecessary phrases such as “I was responsible for” and “In this role, I.” Instead, use bulleted lists and begin each item with an action word that describes what you did. Complete the item with the success your action led to.

Go into the most detail in your most recent position. There’s no need to rehash your first job if you’ve moved beyond that in your career and have greater achievements to highlight.

Adaptable resume employment history example

Full Stack Developer, Excel Technology Group, Boston 
October 2018 - September 2022

  • Performed coding, debugging, and unit testing tasks in support of projects.
  • Provided ongoing maintenance for assigned applications and systems.
  • Applied current programming standards and methodologies to all relevant projects and activities.
  • Upgraded and maintained both the back-end and front-end systems.
  • Worked alongside web developers, marketing teams, and engineers to ensure the right look and vital features were achieved.
  • Remained adaptable and committed to staying on top of growing technologies and engineering trends.
  • Developed scalable web-based user interfaces and components using Angular, C# and .NET core.
  • Increased database admin effectiveness by 25 percent.


Full Stack Developer, S & C Staffing, Boston 
April 2014 - September 2018

  • Collaborated with a team of engineers, developers, and analysts to design and create leading hiring software.
  • Developed and designed front end web architecture with high responsiveness of applications,
  • Worked with other departments to address improvements, internal tools, and implementation issues.
  • Consistently applied best practices for writing clean, secure, readable, and scalable code.
  • Participated in meaningful and thorough code reviews.
  • Hired, trained, and led a successful team of eight full stack developers.
  • Helped to increase company revenue by 40 percent between 2014-2018.

Full stack developer CV skills example

Your range of skills are your biggest selling point, so consider either the functional resume format we discussed above, or create an eye-catching presentation. To make life easier for recruiters, organize your full stack developer skills into easily-perused categories. The most obvious is front end, back end, design, and soft skills. See our skills resume sample below.

Expert tip

Here, according to Springboard, are essential skills for a full stack developer that you should consider adding to your resume.

Frontend Backend Other Soft
HTML Node.js Web architecture Attention to detail
CSS Ruby on Rails Git and GitHub Organization
ReactJS Python HTTP and REST Prioritization
AJAX SQL Database storage Communication
jQuery Flask Design fundamentals  

To help you make the choice of which skills to include, analyze the job listing and err on the side of higher-level abilities.

Adaptable resume skills section example
  • Software Development
  • SQL, React.js, Node.js
  • Complex Problem Solving
  • Design and Development of APIs
  • Development of Serverless Architecture
  • Advanced Communication
  • Agile Project Management

Full stack developer resume education example

Your achievements as a full stack developer count for more than your education – unless you are just starting out. You can keep the education section as a simple listing of your academic degrees.

Many full stack developers do not have a computer science degree and there is dispute about whether one is necessary to get the IT job you desire. If you have gone the academic route and have more than a bachelor’s degree, you can drop your high school diploma from this section.

Expert tip

Supplementary sections

If you have more than a couple of certifications or industry awards, consider adding a section to help those credentials pop. Our online resume builder will handle it for you in just a couple of clicks.

Adaptable resume education example

Master of Science in Computer Science, Boston University, Boston 
September 2010 - May 2013

Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering, Northeastern University, Boston 
September 2006 - May 2010


Resume layout and design: adaptive design

As a full stack developer, you have knowledge of UX design, so apply those principles to the layout of your resume. Keep the focus on the content, while using the design to project the image you want recruiters to take away.

As a refresher, below are some guidelines to follow; or, simply choose one of resume.io’s templates to jumpstart your job search:

  • Keep it airy with margins of at least half an inch, varied line lengths, and spacing between sections
  • Use easy-to-read fonts and choose a maximum of two: one for the headings and one for the body text
  • Make sure your headings stand out and keep their names standard: You don’t want recruiters guessing at what “Stacking the jobs” means
  • Link to your portfolio, if you have one, instead of adding graphics to your resume.

Key takeaways for a full stack developer resume

  1. Full stack developers do it all, and a great resume will show it
  2. Demand (and salary) is high for those with the right knowledge and experience
  3. Have a multitude of skills? Consider a functional resume format
  4. Take advantage of the expert resources at your fingertips with Resume.io’s guides, examples, and resume templates.
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