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Videographer resume example & writing guide

If you’re a videographer ready to land new clients or a full-time job, this resume example will guide you through the steps needed for success.
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Videographer resume example & writing guide
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Videography is one of the most exciting and in-demand creative fields with opportunities ranging from advertising to social media marketing, corporate videos, event coverage, documentary filmmaking and more. To land jobs and gain experience, however, you’ll need a strong videographer resume that pulls back the curtain on your portfolio to explain exactly how you bring your videos to life.  Your resume serves as your professional showcase—a crucial tool for presenting the perfect combination of skills and experiences to establish your presence in the world of visual storytelling.

When hiring a videographer, employers are looking for experienced professionals who know how to bring a concept to life from the initial creative development stages through to the final edit. If you're ready to enhance your professional image, we're here to assist you in crafting a compelling resume that will propel you to success in your job search within the dynamic field of videography.

Resume guide for a videographer

Land your next great videographer job with Resume.io. Our guides and resume examples cover over 500 professions, and our resume builder makes creating a compelling resume easier than ever.

This resume guide and corresponding videographer resume example will cover the following:

  • How to write a videographer resume
  • Choosing the right resume format for a videographer
  • How to add your contact information
  • Using summaries
  • Adding your videographer experience
  • Listing education and relevant experience
  • Picking the right resume design/layout
  • What job prospects and salary you can expect as a videographer

How to write a videographer resume

To get started writing the best resume for a videographer, you’ll need to understand what sections to include. Your resume should contain the following elements:

You might think that a videography resume is secondary to your portfolio, but both of these documents are equally important and should work together. Your previous work will likely be what draws in a potential employer, it’s your resume that will convince them you have enough experience to handle their biggest video projects.

Our number one tip for creating your videography resume is to customize it for the specific job you are applying to. Employers will want to know that you have experience in situations and with equipment similar to what you will encounter in the position. Connect the dots on why your previous work has set you up to excel in this new videography position.

Consider these various aspects of a potential video job when writing your resume:

  • What is the purpose of the videos I will be creating in this job?
  • Where will these videos be distributed?
  • How long will each video be?
  • What part of the process will I be responsible for?
  • What is the company’s brand tone and style?

While this may seem like a lot to think about before you’ve even gotten the job, understanding the nuances of the prospective workplace allows you to tailor your resume to position yourself as the ideal candidate. By identifying the employer's needs, you can create a resume that effectively illustrates how your skills and experiences align seamlessly with their goals. This is the best way to set yourself apart from other candidates with strong videography portfolios.

Bar chart showing percentage of men and woman
Bar chart showing percentage of men and woman

Choosing the right resume format for a videographer 

Depending on how much experience you have and what type of job you are applying for, your videographer resume could take on different formats. 

If you are applying for a full-time job at a company and have at least three previous positions to show, we recommend the reverse chronological resume format. This structure focuses on your employment history and allows you to describe your duties and accomplishments in past roles. This is the resume format most hiring managers expect to see, so we recommend choosing it whenever possible.

Start by checking out our resume examples created in the reverse chronological format. You can easily modify them for your own experience inside of our intuitive resume builder.

In certain situations, alternative resume formats may be more advantageous. For example, if you are applying for a short-term contract or gig, you may want to use a skills-based resume format with a more simplified employment history section. This is also a good option for independent videographers or those just starting in the field.

Include your contact information 

Include your name and contact information clearly at the top of your videographer resume: 

  • Full name and professional title. Make sure to include the title from the job description so that the hiring manager can instantly recognize what position you are applying to.
  • Phone number. This should be a number you check regularly and is accessible during business hours. Make sure you have a working voicemail so a hiring manager can leave you a message.
  • Email address. Include a professional email address (spelled correctly!) that is based on your name. You may include a number or other symbol if you have a very common name.
  • LinkedIn or portfolio website. While they may be optional in other fields, for videographers an up-to-date LinkedIn profile and a link to your portfolio are mandatory pieces of information if you are serious about landing the job.
Expert tip

Adding links to your header

Make sure to customize your URL on LinkedIn to make it easy to read on your resume. We don’t recommend adding QR codes to your resume as most hiring managers will be reviewing your application on their computer. Our resume builder makes it easy to add clean links to the top of your resume.

Your contact information is key to landing an interview and the job. Make sure it is easy to find and easy to read.


Make use of a summary 

As a videographer, you’re familiar with the purpose of a professional showreel to highlight your most impressive work. A summary serves the same purpose on your resume. In these 2-3 short sentences, you can present yourself as an outstanding candidate who has both the theoretical and practical knowledge needed to create awesome videos that bring an employer’s concept to life.

Your summary should serve as an introduction to yourself and should encourage a hiring manager to read the rest of your resume. Focus on name-dropping your biggest clients and offering statistics from your best-performing videos if applicable. Make sure to add a touch of personality and include action verbs such as “developed, spearheaded, coordinated, or increased.”

Your summary should emphasize your strongest skills as a videographer—both in terms of technical ability and enthusiasm—and paint a vivid picture of why you’re the right candidate for the job. Don’t forget to mention the company name and the job you are applying for.

Check out these summaries from our videographer resume example:

Summary sample for an entry-level videographer: 

Energetic and creative entry-level videographer eager to bring fresh perspectives and technical skills to the world of visual storytelling. A recent graduate with a solid foundation in video production, I am excited to contribute innovative ideas and collaborate on projects that showcase my passion for capturing engaging moments.

Summary example for videography gig in a particular industry:

Ambitious and detail-oriented real estate videographer with a strong portfolio showcasing high-end property visuals. I am ready to elevate Keason Realtors’ real estate marketing campaigns through compelling, high-budget video productions that leave a lasting impression on potential clients.

Summary sample for corporate videographer:

Versatile and accomplished videographer with over a decade of experience in creating compelling visual narratives. Proficient in all aspects of video production, from concept development and shooting to editing and post-production. Ready to create high-quality content as a staff videographer for J&B Health Partners.


Outline your videographer work experience: getting the right frame 

Whether you’re showing individual projects or full-time employment as a videographer, your employment history section is a crucial place to convince a hiring manager of your skills and expertise.

Remember, your previous roles should be listed from most recent (or current) to oldest, going back through all relevant experience in the last 10 years. For each position, create a subheading with the job title, employer or school name, dates worked, and location. Then, construct 3-4 concise, results-based bullet points outlining your responsibilities and achievements in that role. Each bullet point should begin with an action verb and incorporate quantifiable data and statistics whenever applicable. This structure can be applied to individual projects as well, although you may only choose to include 1-2 bullet points to save space when you have many projects to show.

Expert tip

Sources of numbers

Possible numbers for the employment history section of your videography resume could be:

  • Size of budget for video
  • Number of cast or crew members
  • Total running time of video
  • Number of months or years spent on the project
  • Number of views accumulated on social media
  • Viewership of television show or movie ticket sales

You can find even more sample sentences in our videographer resume example below:

Adaptable employment history resume example

Freelance Videographer at Blayzer Digital Marketing, Saint-Louis 
June 2017 - Present 

  • Collaborated with 5-person crew to produce a 30-minute promotional video for Disneyland’s new Star Wars attraction with a $50k budget. Video received 300k views on YouTube.
  • Filmed and edited 30 real estate videos showcasing luxury homes for Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices. Homes featured averaged sale prices of $2M+.
  • Spearheaded end-to-end production of multiple commercials for local small businesses resulting in over 20% increase in sales.


Junior Videographer at NBC Studios, Burbank 
March 2015 - April 2017 

  • Assisted senior videographers on live broadcasts of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon 5 nights a week.
  • Operated studio cameras and edited B-roll for Saturday Night Live sketches under tight deadlines.
  • Created graphics and visual effects for in-house promotional videos which appeared on NBC.com and social media.

How to write a videographer resume with no experience

Videography is a high-paying skill that can be learned with no degree or formal training. Therefore, you may find yourself writing a videographer resume with limited experience. If this is the case, you should focus on transferable skills—abilities that you used in previous positions that show how you’d handle responsibilities in the videographer role.

In a technical field like videography, transferable skills may not be enough. Luckily, you can easily make your own resume experience by approaching business owners you know and asking if you can make them a promotional video for your portfolio. These opportunities are a quick way to build a videographer resume with limited experience.

Include the relevant key skills that make you a great videographer 

When asked to list your “videographer skills” names of editing software or camera techniques may instantly jump to mind. While these “ hard skills” are essential to showcase on your videographer resume, they aren’t the only types of skills you should consider. Companies are increasingly focused on soft skills—traits that make you a good team player and more suitable for the role than other candidates with the same technical skills. 



While your skills section might seem like a simple, bullet-pointed list, it is actually one of the most vital sections on your resume. That’s because not only does it let the hiring manager judge your abilities at a glance, it also signals to the ATS or Applicant Tracking System that you’re qualified for the role. These resume-scanning algorithms are programmed into virtually every online application portal in use today. Unless you’re emailing your resume directly to a hiring manager, you can be sure that your resume will be checked by an ATS which will make the initial decision on whether you are a good fit for the job.

While the skills section is important, it’s hardly the only place to add skills on your videographer resume. Demonstrate your biggest strengths elsewhere on your resume including the summary and employment history sections. Enhance the credibility of these skills by providing specific examples and achievements. Here are a few examples:

  • Project management. Add work history bullet points that describe your ability to manage video projects from A-Z.
  • Equipment knowledge. Describe what gear and software you use in your professional summary.
  • Time management. Describe how you met tight deadlines in specific roles.

Detail your education & relevant videographer certifications 

While videography is a skill that doesn’t require a college degree, the education section remains a staple of any complete resume. Make sure to list your education from most recent to oldest, as you did with your work experience. Start by adding the degree name (or high school diploma), school name, dates attended, and location. If you are a recent grad, you may choose to include one or two bullet points with academic achievements like organizations, leadership roles, or coursework—just make sure it’s relevant to videography.

No matter where you are in your videography career, the education section is the best place to add memberships, organizations, clubs, or certifications to your resume. Check out our adaptable education resume sample below.

Adaptable education resume example

Bachelor of Arts in Digital Media Production, University of Southern California, Los Angeles 
September 2012 - January 2015


Choosing the right layout and design for a videographer

As a videographer, you know the importance of strong visuals to captivate an audience. The same principle applies to the layout and design of your resume. There’s no one right layout for a videographer. In that sense, you have a bit more freedom in terms of your design choices than other professionals. You should consider the job you are applying for. A staff videographer at an entertainment magazine can opt for a bolder header than a wedding videographer who should stick with neutrals and elegant text.  

No matter your situation, there are a few guiding principles that can apply to any videographer resume. First, keep a balance of white space to text so that the resume is easy to read at a glance. Make sure your name appears in a larger font size and your contact information is prominently displayed in your header. While videographers can choose bolder accent colors than other professionals, we recommend sticking to just one color and using bold or italic font for emphasis elsewhere on your resume. A professionally designed resume template makes it easy to test out different styles.

Videographer job market and outlook

What kind of salary can you expect as a videographer?

It’s hard to pinpoint an exact salary for a videographer since pay can vary widely based on your skills, experience, and location. By taking a look at more specific job titles, we see that pay for video professionals can be quite good. Film producers, for example, can earn an average salary of $61,000 make while motion graphics artists can make between $50,000 to $89,000.


$115.6k / yr

Key takeaways for your videographer resume

  1. Your videography resume works in tandem with your portfolio to paint a picture of your skills and strengths.
  2. Think of your resume summary as your demo reel—the place to capture the employer’s attention and encourage them to get to know you better.
  3. Your education section is a great place to add organizations, memberships, and training as you progress in your career.
  4. Don’t overlook your resume layout. Our adaptable videographer grad resume sample can help you get started.
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