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Top 3 tips for using Resume Examples

1. Make it error-free

Avoid errors in your resume like the plague. Even a small grammatical error can give a poor impression of your professionalism. We recommend that you proofread your resume twice and enlist a second party to review your resume as well. Hiring a resume review service to give it a professional review is always a smart idea as well. You will walk away with an honest review, tips, corrections, and an overall greater chance of achieving success on your job search journey.

2. List soft and hard skills

Perhaps it’s been a while since you really took a good look at your skills section. Don’t make the mistake of thinking it doesn’t matter. After all, your skills and abilities are what make you a desirable candidate. Make a list of your skills. What skills are you most proud of, and what skills do you consider to be most valuable? Be sure to go back and read the job description. What skills would be beneficial to the company you are applying to? Tailoring your skills section is always a good idea.

3. Make your resume ATS friendly

Applicant Tracking Systems can be your friend or foe. They are essentially the first line of the recruitment process and can either make or break your chances of being called back. In order to make sure your resume reaches real human beings you want to be sure to do your research when it comes to resume writing. Tailor your resume to fit the actual job you are applying for by including key words that will be picked up by the ATS. Also be sure to eliminate errors, and go easy on the fluff! Remaining relevant is key to impressing both systems and people.

Best Skills To Include in Resumes

  • Strong Communication Skills
  • Excellent Critical Thinking Skills
  • Self Motivated and Dedicated
  • Knowledge of Industry
  • Teamwork and Leadership Skills
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Build your resume in 15 minutes
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