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Marketing Analyst resume example & writing guide

Combining your ability to understand what’s in demand and how to target your audience with the advice within this writing guide will help you create a marketing analyst resume that has hiring managers reaching out to schedule your interview.
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Marketing Analyst resume example & writing guide
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Every producer of goods or services is looking for a way to cut through the noise, and they’re using big data and the analysis of those numbers to help them figure out how to do it. They rely on marketing analysts to help chart the path to consumers.

Marketing analysts spend their days trying to understand how best to get their company’s message to the correct audience. These skills apply directly to your job search. But every marketing analyst has these abilities, so how do you differentiate your candidacy?

Start with a job-search expert like Resume.io. We offer resume guides and resume examples for 350+ professions, plus an intuitive online builder tool that will help you develop an eye-catching resume that resonates with recruiters.

Within this resume guide, you will find a full resume example and information on the following topics:

  • What does a marketing analyst do?
  • Making the most of your marketing analyst resume (tips and tricks)
  • The best format for a marketing analyst resume
  • Ideas for each section of your resume (summary, work history, education, skills)
  • Professional resume layout and design hints.

What does a marketing analyst do?

Marketing analysts help make strategic decisions about how to market products and to whom. They do this by collecting data through websites, surveys, and other channels. Then, they analyze the data with an eye toward targeting marketing efforts to the most likely consumers.

Employers rely on marketing analysts to understand trends or be able to spot future trends. They want to know which marketing campaigns and channels will bear the most fruit so that they can allocate funds and other resources in those directions.

Marketing analysts also collect and study information on competitors and on sales trends in their industry. They may present their findings and suggestions to the marketing and sales teams and work with them to develop effective strategies.

Marketing analyst job market and outlook

As companies gather more and more data on their customers and markets, they will increasingly need people to make sense of it all. That’s why, if you’re a marketing analyst, the future is bright. 

Not only will you enjoy ample opportunities as demand for your skills leaps 19% in the next decade, but your career ranks third in best business jobs behind only medical and health services managers and financial managers in the U.S. News list—and 15th overall.

Statistical insight

Marketing Analyst salaries

Depending on where you look, you may find a reported median salary anywhere from $58,145 all the way up to $105,200, but the majority of sites that estimate salaries put the typical annual income range at $50,000-$70,000. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics lists the median salary at $63,920 a year.

Your actual salary will depend on your seniority level, where you live, and the industry in which you work.

How to write a marketing analyst resume

Before you jump into writing your marketing analyst resume, you need an understanding of what goes into it. Your CV should include the following sections:

  • The resume header
  • The resume summary (aka profile or personal statement)
  • The employment history section
  • The resume skills section
  • The education section
Expert tip

Use your skills to customize

You wouldn’t recommend sending the same marketing material to every different demographic you target. Remember that as you begin applying for jobs. Although each resume will contain the same basic sections in common, you should not think of it as one stale document. In fact, you need to adjust each application to target the audience at hand.

Analyze the job listing and address each employer’s needs and industry. Change your summary to address each job. Swap out one skill for another to match the required knowledge listed. Do the same with the bulleted items in your employment history section.

You want employers to know you are interested in working for them; not in any marketing analyst job that comes up.

Choosing the best resume format for a marketing analyst 

The format of a resume dictates its organization and which aspects of your career you can emphasize. It also guides the eyes of recruiters to information they find important. We recommend using reverse chronological order for your marketing analyst resume unless you have a compelling reason not to.

Reverse chronological order mostly affects your work history section, which should begin with your most recent job and work backward. This structure will also make your life easier because Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) that scan and input your data into HR software are set up to assume this style. Otherwise, you may find yourself doing a lot of cutting and pasting.

Resume header

One element of marketing is design, and your header is one place to get a little creative. Remember your target audience and the impression you want to make on them, but also remember that the header of your marketing analyst resume needs to impart important information.

Your header should include your name, title, best phone number and email to reach you, the city and state in which you live, and any social media accounts that point to your professional successes. You may also link to a portfolio. Your street address is not necessary unless it is relevant to the position.

Resume summary example

You have a great opportunity here to put your job skills on display in the summary of your marketing analyst resume. Do a little research on the company and describe your biggest career successes with your focus on what is most attractive to each employer.

Within these four lines, you should reveal your professional personality and approach to gathering and analyzing data. Also, include a line about any knowledge or experience you have in the industry you’re applying for. Put yourself in the marketing manager’s shoes and answer the real question they have: How is hiring you going to make my job easier?

Employment history sample

Building a case for employment means presenting your greatest achievements as well as your day-to-day tasks. In the employment history section of your marketing analyst resume, you have ample opportunity to combine the two.

How do you do that? Think about times when your data crunching led to a renewed marketing campaign that revitalized a product or garnered new customers. Day to day, you analyze data, but your success is in making your results work for the company. Show that with your own impressive data and the details of how you go above and beyond.

The STAR structure (situation, task, action, results) may help you formulate each bullet item as a success story.

Statistical insight

The importance of data analytics

You don’t have to prove your job is valuable – companies know that. Here are some facts from a WebFX survey that bear that out:

  • 38 percent of businesses list analytics as one of their top 5 biggest issues and 21% believe that analytics is the best way to get a jump on the competition.
  • Of chief marketing officers surveyed, almost 38 percent say they use analytics to help make decisions.
  • Marketing analytics data helps 28 percent of marketers measure campaign performance more effectively.

CV skills example

Analytics can help marketers choose just the right words for a campaign. Think of your marketing analyst resume skills choices the same way. You want to find the 5-7 attributes to list in this easy-to-scan section that will grab the HR department’s attention right away.

The key hard skill, or learned skill, you absolutely can’t do without is data analysis. This, after all, is the core of the position. But you also need to know how to present data in a format that others who aren’t as number-savvy as you will understand. 

While attribution modeling and forecasting are great hard skills to have, you must also include the soft skills that help you understand what to do with the numbers. Having a sense of your target audience, creativity and innovative thinking may distinguish you from pure numbers crunchers. Your skills section should be a blend of both types of skills—targeted directly toward each company, of course.

Marketing analyst resume education example

Most employers will require at least a bachelor’s degree in marketing, data analytics, business, or a related field. The education section of your marketing analyst resume is a simple listing of this and any other degrees you have.

You may also choose to include any data analytics or other certificates or classes you have completed. Any independent education you have received shows that you are serious about keeping up with trends and improving your professional skills.

If you have earned a master’s degree or higher, you may strike your high school diploma from this section.

Resume layout and design

Typically, we recommend keeping your design simple, but a marketing analyst resume is a bit different. You want to show that you have a visual style and understand design concepts. However, don’t go overboard. Your main goal is still legibility.

If you have participated in any marketing campaigns, your portfolio is a better representation of what you can do than an overly-fussy resume. Instead, aim for one eye-catching feature, such as an arty header or more stylized section titles. Remember to leave ample margins and use color sparingly, especially as a background behind text that may make it harder to read.

Match the style of your resume to that of your cover letter, just as you would match the marketing materials of a product with the product itself.

If you’d rather spend your time on content not layout, start with one of our customizable and expertly designed resume templates.

Key takeaways for a marketing analyst resume

  1. Businesses understand the importance of data analytics; it’s your job to tell them why your experience and people skills will serve them best.
  2. Show off your marketing know-how by tailoring your resume to each position you apply for.
  3. Combine your ability to complete your everyday tasks with examples of how you helped your company increase sales or profit margins when you compile your employment history section.
  4. In your career, you can get a little creative with your design, but make sure your priority is legibility.
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