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Content Acquisitions Director resume example & writing guide

You’re ready to take the next step in your career, but you need an impressive content acquisitions director resume to get you there. Get on the fast-track with our expert advice and guidelines below.
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Content Acquisitions Director  resume example & writing guide
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As a content acquisitions director, you know what an audience wants and how to acquire it. That’s great! But knowing what recruiters and hiring managers want is different. Having that information before you begin your job search is a huge advantage.

How do you develop a resume that will get past the Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), into the hands of a hiring manager, and net you that interview?

This guide will offer you tips and hints to do just that. You may also choose to use a dedicated online resume maker, such as Resume.io’s, then add professionally-designed resume templates. But first, take advantage of the advice below to gain insight into:

  • What do content acquisition directors do?
  • The framework for writing a content acquisition directors resume plus tips and tricks
  • The best format for a content acquisition directors resume
  • Tips and suggestion for every section: the summary, employment history, education, and skills
  • Ideas for creating a professional layout and additional design hints.

What does a content acquisitions director do?

Content acquisitions directors oversee and manage all aspects of content planning and acquisition strategy. One of your main responsibilities is to define the tone and type of content that helps differentiate your brand.

You implement beneficial business strategies and work to enhance consumer/client experiences by offering the highest level of content. You also evaluate current content providers and analyze data to make necessary changes when appropriate. 

Many jobs in your field fall in the e-commerce category, but content acquisition managers may also work in other areas.   

How to write a content acquisitions director resume

You know how to create unique content within standard structures, so this part should be a cinch for you. Most resumes should use common sections to make life easy for HR personnel. You content acquisitions director resume is no different.

Your CV should contain the following standard elements:

  • The resume header
  • The resume summary (aka profile or personal statement)
  • The employment history section
  • The resume skills section
  • The education section

While the organization of your resume should be standard, the content should not. In fact, you should alter your application document for each position. Why? No two jobs are exactly alike and your CV needs to reflect that difference.

Expert tip

Work the Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

All online application processes use an ATS to make the job of the Human Resources Department easier. These systems input your information and then use algorithms to rank your resume against other applicants.

Standard sections will save you time since the ATS is designed to scan your information into these standard sections. Otherwise, you will have to cut and paste all the data in your resume into each box within the application. We recommend a careful review of each section anyway since special coding such as bulleted lists may or may not translate.

Targeting each job will also ensure that you have the keywords and phrases the ATS algorithm uses as part of its ranking system.

Choosing the best resume format for a content acquisitions director

The format of your content acquisitions director resume is another area where you should stick to the tried-and-true, unless you have a good reason not to. Reverse chronological order allows recruiters to find what they want on a first scan: your most recent position and your contact information.

There are several reasons you may vary from this:

  • You are a seasoned professional and want to summarize the beginning of your career
  • You are new to the job market
  • You are trying to move into a new area or change careers completely
  • You acquire content in an area that requires very specific knowledge, such as a scientific journal or website.

Another area that should remain standard is the names of your sections. Don’t get cute and leave a recruiter guessing at what “Behind the Desk” means. Recruiters (and the ATS) won’t recognize it. Simply use Employment History or Work Experience. 

Resume summary example

If you are thinking that profile is another word for summary, you are partially correct. You can call this the summary or profile section of your content acquisitions director resume, but this 3-5 sentence paragraph should encompass more than detailing your career. 

It is here that you should highlight your biggest achievements, but also to give recruiters some idea of your professional personality and philosophy.

Because content acquisitions managers work in a wide range of businesses, be sure to emphasize your knowledge of your industry. If you are trying to make a lateral move to another industry, explain how your experience prepares you for that move. Also try to convey your understanding of the needs and desires of users/consumers, as this will guide company efforts and content. 

You can use your cover letter (check out our cover letter maker and templates) to add any information that is relevant to a specific job or to add content that you could not fit into your resume.

Adaptable summary resume example

Highly skilled and knowledgeable Content Acquisitions Director, bringing forth expertise and experience overseeing content generation and acquisitions. Adept in providing leadership and effective management that results in high-impact consumer-focused products. Committed to supporting the development of key strategic programs that result in the best consumer experiences possible.


Employment history sample

If you are a seasoned professional, this section will take up the bulk of your content acquisitions director resume. Keep it as lean as possible while demonstrating your skills and ability to get the job done. Here are some hints for doing that:

If you are a seasoned professional, this section will take up the bulk of your resume. Keep it as lean as possible while demonstrating your skills and ability to get the job done. Here are some hints for doing that:

  • Do not repeat responsibilities across several jobs. If you have done it once, recruiters will know you can do it, try to describe diverse tasks and achievements across your bullet points.
  • Use strong action verbs that paint a picture and keep it short
    • Do say: Cultivated stable productivity of freelance social media copywriters and other specialists
    • Don’t say: Contacted freelance copywriters who work in social media and kept a list of good ones
  • Use the reverse chronological order format and only go back about 10 years into your job history unless there is an important reason to leave in an older position.

Each bullet point should highlight a different career success. One way to structure your items is to use the CAR method: explain the Challenge you faced, the Action you took, and the positive Results you achieved. Use hard data whenever possible.

See example of the job history section below.

Adaptable resume employment history example

Content Acquisitions Director, Vantex, Seattle 
August 2016 - Present 

  • Worked to effectively manage key partnerships with vendors, distributors, and other important players.
  • Recommended strategic content acquisition initiatives, and worked to negotiate excellent packages.
  • Evaluated relationships with current and potential content providers.
  • Managed multiple projects and effectively prioritized to achieve goals.
  • Brought forth an in-depth understanding of consumer and marketplace dynamics.
  • Collaborated with the legal team to review and solidify contractual terms.

Junior Content Acquistions Associate, Wayfair, Seattle 
July 2013 - June 2016

  • Focused on projects dedicated to building customer loyalty and satisfaction.
  • Worked closely with Executives in Merchandising and Marketing.
  • Assisted Senior Content Acquisition Directors with initiatives targeted toward optimizing products and consumer experience.

Content acquisitions director resume education example 

Content acquisition management has no formal educational requirements; however, many businesses prefer that your content acquisitions director resume show you have at least a bachelor’s degree with a major in business administration, marketing, or another relevant field.  In this brief section, you should list all degrees and certifications. 

Any honors or distinctions should be noted here as well. If you hold a degree higher than a bachelor’s degree, you may leave out your high school experience. 

See content acquisition director resume sample content below.

Adaptable education section resume sample

Bachelor of Marketing, Seattle College, Seattle 
September 2009 - May 2013 

High School Diploma, Ballard High School, Ballard 
September 2005 - May 2009


CV skills example

Talent acquisition is just the beginning of the skills you need to be a successful content acquisitions director. You also need excellent communication skills, project management and organization, and a deep understanding of the acquisitions process.

Your skills section gives an overview of your abilities that recruiters can scan in a few seconds. It also gives them an idea of what you think is important for the acquisition process.

Before compiling this section, analyze the job description for your desired position and make sure that you have mentioned all the skills in that listing. If you have not included them in your work history section, be sure to include them here. This tactic will help you rank high enough on the ATS algorithm to get your resume into the hands of a human resources person.

Then, create a mix of hard skills, or those you learned on the job, and soft skills, or the interpersonal skills that make you a good director and employee. Don’t neglect your communication with senior management or your talent for being a team player. Both are valuable.

Your resume should emphasize your leadership abilities, analytical thinking, and negotiating skills. Be as specific as you can. Instead of “keep track of content flow with a spreadsheet,” say “ keep track of content flow with Excel.”

Resume skills section example (adapt to your career experience)
  • Analytical Thinking
  • Business Strategy
  • Content Marketing
  • Knowledgeable in User Interface/ User Experience

Resume layout and design

As with all content, presentation is important. At first glance, you want to give a professional, organized impression. You can do that by ensuring that your layout is clean and error-free. Recruiters want to easily access your contact information, most recent job and the company where you worked, and the job you had before that. For that reason, make sure that you keep your section headings simple and obvious. Keep the look clean and airy by varying line lengths to leave white space, which makes your resume easier to read.

If you have social media accounts related to your career, you can list them in your contact information.

Key takeaways for a content acquisitions director resume

  1. Content acquisitions directors are skilled at overseeing the efforts to acquire excellent materials that match their company’s brand and strategy.
  2. Your summary needs to emphasize your expertise in your industry as well as your management skills.
  3. Strong action words and descriptors will make your content acquisitions manager resume stand out.
  4. Use an online builder tool and expertly-designed resume templates such as ours to avoid potential formatting errors. No matter which design you choose, you can add a personal touch.
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