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Mercadona Resume Example & Writing Guide

Looking to work for Mercadona? Check out this advice to put your best foot forward. This writing guide and adaptable resume example are designed for any professional looking to work for one of the world's best employers, Mercadona.
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Mercadona Resume Example & Writing Guide
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Mercadona is Spain’s leading grocery store chain, with 1,636 branches in Spain, northern Africa and Portugal. Not only is it a Spanish powerhouse, but it was ranked by Forbes as the world’s ninth most reputable company in 2009. Also, they're hiring, and if you want to join this exceptional employer, the starting place is an outstanding Mercadona resume. 

Resume.io is an excellent resource for Mercadona job seekers, as well as anyone interested in a new job, with over 350+ resume examples. Plus, there's a simple-to-use resume builder to help you display your skills and expertise to land your perfect-fit Mercadona job. 

This resume guide and corresponding Mercadona resume example will cover everything you need to know about getting your foot in the door of this excellent company:

  • What does a Mercadona worker do?
  • How to write a Mercadona resume
  • Choosing the best resume format for Mercadona
  • Advice on each section of your resume, including  summary, work history, education and skills
  • Professional resume layout and design advice.

What does a Mercadona worker do?

Mercadona hires every kind of worker you would expect in a grocery store, including cashiers, stock clerks, warehouse workers, butchers, bakers, janitors and maintenance workers, as well as information technology experts, web designers, and even architects

Mercadona maintains an active list of open jobs online, where you can find literally hundreds of openings of all kinds.

For additional inspiration, you can check out more related retail resume examples, such as:

How to write a Mercadona resume

Because of the large volume of job applications it processes, Mercadona has a web portal where prospective employees create an account, enter their personal information, and identify the job they’re seeking. But you will still need a Mercadona resume that you create on your own, or, even better, with the help of a service like Resume.io that provides professional, adaptable resume examples.

Any resume (usually known as a curriculum vitae or CV in Europe) contains five essential elements:

  • Header with contact info
  • Resume summary or profile
  • Employment history
  • Education
  • Skills

Most resumes should be one page only, although there tends to be a bit more leeway in Europe for CVs that are longer than one page. 

The resume header is the attractively designed space at the top of the page, containing your:

  • Name
  • Occupation
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Email

The resume header may also contain your photo and possibly additional information like your LinkedIn page. Keep it short and make sure it provides the employer with all the info necessary to contact you.

Expert tip

Optimize your resume for the ATS

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are computer programs that filter resumes according to whether they contain crucial keywords describing key job qualifications sought by the employer. These keywords usually appear in the job description, and wherever possible they need to be inserted into your resume. 

With each job opening, an employer like Mercadona will typically input critical job qualifications into the ATS software, and then it will run these resumes through the ATS to see whether these are mentioned. If they aren’t, your resume may be sent to a reject pile where it’s never reviewed by human eyes. 

But if your resume is optimized for ATS, it will contain terminology describing the qualities the employer is seeking, and it will rise to the top of the pile. To pass the ATS test, scour job listings closely and make your resume match as much as possible.

Choosing the best resume format for Mercadona

The best resume format to choose for a Mercadona job application will generally be reverse chronological, wherein you list your past jobs and educational achievements in the reverse order of which they were attained — in other words, last job first, first job last; highest degree first, lowest degree last.

This approach will highlight your latest and presumably most impressive accomplishments at the beginning of your employment and education sections.

Resume summary example

The first thing after the header on your Mercadona CV/resume should be a summary, also known as a profile or personal statement. 

This consists of three to five lines at the top of your CV where you describe your qualifications in your own words. It may mention your job experience, your education, your special skills, or all of the above. 

The summary is one of the few sections on your resume that isn’t organized in the form of a list, so you have room to express yourself creatively, putting your best foot forward to portray yourself in the most favorable light. Put a lot of thought into how you phrase your summary, using compelling language that showcases your passion and enthusiasm.

Below is a resume sample for a Mercadona summary.

Adaptable resume summary example

Experienced and enthusiastic supermarket employee with a commitment to serving as a reliable, trustworthy, and motivated team member. Dedicated to upholding all company policies and procedures, and working to ensure positive experiences for all customers. 


The summary may be one of the most challenging sections of the resume, since it’s the only element with freeform writing. Not everyone feels comfortable in this wheelhouse, so using various resume samples of pre-made writing may be a good launching point. 

Employment history sample

In the employment history section of your resume, list the past jobs you have held in reverse order. State the name of your past employers, where they are located, and when you worked there (e.g., Sept. 2018 – Aug. 2019). 

Also, include bullet points below each employer stating what you actually did at each job. Be specific, usfacts and figures wherever possible.

You can find a  employment history resume sample below.

Adaptable resume employment history example

Cashier at Eroski Supermarket, Toledo
May 2018 — March 2021

  • Served as a punctual and reliable check-out cashier.
  • Worked independently and in teams to meet company goals.
  • Remained friendly and helpful at all times.
  • Utilized excellent mathematical skills to ensure accurate check-out totals.
  • Worked to maintain a neat, orderly, and aesthetically pleasing environment.
  • Handled miscellaneous tasks with an upbeat attitude and commitment to excellence.

Stock Clerk at Merkocash, Toledo
July 2013 — April 2018

  • Served as a productive Stock Clerk, ensuring the neat and proper arrangement of store items.
  • Operated under all company procedures and policies.
  • Ensured that shelves were clean prior to stocking.
  • Brought forth a meticulous attention to detail and a strong work ethic.
  • Replenished items when necessary.
  • Worked to contribute toward the ultimate customer experience.

CV skills example

Like any employer, Mercadona is interested in seeing all special skills you bring to the table on your CV. 

Your CV skills list should include hard skills (which tend to involve technical capabilities, often things you can do alone) and soft skills (typically “people skills” that show how you work well with others).

If you speak other languages besides Spanish (especially English, German and French), that can be a big plus, so list those here. 

Check out a resume sample for the skills section below.

Adaptable resume skills example section
  • Communication Skills
  • Adaptability
  • Ability to Work Under Pressure
  • Customer Service
  • Ability to Multitask
  • Effective Time Management

Mercadona resume education example

All Mercadona employees must have at least a high school diploma. If you have a college degree or any amount of postsecondary education, trade school training or certification in your field, list that here as well. 

Below you can see an education section from a Mercadona resume example.

Adaptable resume education example

Bachelor of Arts, University of Castile-La Mancha, Toledo 
September 2009 - May 2013 

High School Diploma, Secondary School Sefarad, Toledo 
September 2005 - June 2009


Resume layout and design

How your resume looks can be almost as important as what it says, so you need to choose an attractive, professionally designed resume layout and design. 

Resume.io offers hundreds of resume templates that you can customize to make your own. Take some time to review these, choose one you like, and use our resume builder tool to make it your own. 

Key takeaways for a Mercadona resume

  1. Mercadona is one of the most desirable employers, not just in Spain, but in the world, and a well-crafted resume is your key to getting your foot in the door.
  2. Familiarize yourself with Mercadona’s website and follow its prompts to search for open jobs and to create your own profile.
  3. When building your resume, start with a professionally designed template and input your own information to craft an informative and complete header, summary, employment history, education, and skills sections.
  4. Use premade resume examples to save yourself time and avoid confusion.

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