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Warehouse Manager resume example & writing guide

Are you a pro when it comes to managing warehouses? If you're looking for a new role, check out our warehouse manager resume example plus expert writing tips!
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Warehouse Manager resume example & writing guide
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A warehouse is only as efficient as its personnel, and its personnel are only as efficient as the warehouse manager. In other words, it all comes down to you. A warehouse manager is crucial to making sure shipments are tracked, packaged and shipped with speed and accuracy. 

As a manager, however, much of your job also revolves around orchestrating your team. Whether it’s hiring, training, monitoring or organizing, your ability to manage the people on the ground is what counts most when it comes to landing your next warehouse manager role.

Luckily, we're here to help with a warehouse manager resume example. At Resume.io, we have plenty of expert tips and the statistical insights you need. You can also check out our library of 350+ resume examples and writing guides. Here’s what the rest of this warehouse manager resume sample and guide will cover:

  • How to write each section of a great warehouse manager resume
  • Which format style is best for your warehouse manager resume example
  • Tips for beating the automated resume scanners in use at most major companies
  • The importance of great visual presentation and resume design.
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What does a warehouse manager do?

A warehouse manager oversees daily operations inside shipment facilities and processing centers. In this role, you’re responsible for directing a team of warehouse workers to make sure goods are correctly picked, placed in packaging and loaded onto the right trucks (or other form of transportation.) As the warehouse manager, you may also handle some HR duties such as hiring and training new employees or conducting performance evaluations.

Statistical insight

Job outlook for warehouse employment

As of February 2023, there are 1.32 million workers employed in warehousing and storage facilities across the United States. Here are some key industry statistics: 

  • The average age of employees is 38.2 years old
  • In the next 10 years, the job growth is expected to be 6.32%
  • The average male salary is $40,051 with the average female salary being $30,848
  • The average salary overall comes in at $36,950

How to write a warehouse manager resume

Your warehouse manager resume should contain the basic chapters hiring managers want to see when scanning any type of resume. It’s important to use the most logical or common section headers so that hiring managers can quickly find what they're looking for. Here are the parts of any complete warehouse manager resume example:

  • The resume header
  • The resume summary (aka profile or personal statement)
  • The employment history section
  • The resume skills section
  • The education section

Most warehouse manager applicants will want to keep their resume to one page in length. That means every word has to count. Here are some tips to pack a punch without overcrowding the page:

  • Use action verbs that more specifically describe the task you completed. Some examples include: implemented, evaluated, orchestrated, coordinated and programmed.
  • Drop the use of the word “I” and start your sentences with the action verb – a hiring manager will understand you’re referring to your accomplishments.
  • Offer concrete examples of numbers and statistics that quantify your achievements and demonstrate the type of leadership you can bring to the company’s warehouse
Expert tip

Acing the ATS

Unless you’re applying to manage the warehouse of a small, local retailer, chances are the hiring manager won’t be the first to read your resume. The majority of today’s large companies now use resume scanners also known as Applicant Tracking Systems to filter and rank candidates before human eyes ever evaluate an application. The ATS looks for keywords related to the job description and top skills for the industry and tosses out any resumes that don’t make the cut. Luckily, there are a few ways you can significantly increase your chances of getting past the robots:

  1. Search the job description for important words and phrases relating to skills or experiences and incorporate them into the corresponding sections of your resume.
  2. Use the exact wording from the job description without forcing the keywords or repeating them too many times.
  3. Create a clean and organized format with clear section headings which will make it easier for the ATS to parse your resume.

Choosing the best resume format for warehouse manager

Warehouse managers, like most manager roles, rely heavily on their previous experience to show that they can achieve results when leading a team. That leaves you with really only one option for a warehouse manager resume format: the reverse chronological.

This format, sometimes simply referred to as chronological, dictates that you begin your employment history section with your current (or most recent) position and work backwards in time until you listed all relevant work experience. 

Check out our warehouse manager resume sample to see exactly how to list each job title and create a reverse chronological resume format that will quickly impress employers.

Warehouse manager CV summary example

Since your resume isn’t a place to waste words, that usually means you’ll have to stick to a concise telling of the facts. However, a warehouse manager CV summary is the one place you can express a bit of your personality and speak directly to the hiring manager.

Your CV summary is the place to highlight the most noteworthy elements of your experience and training. In 3-5 lines, describe your work style, your achievements and any advanced degree or special abilities that might catch a hiring manager’s eye. The goal of the summary is not to give all the details, but instead to encourage the hiring manager to keep reading your resume to find out more.

Check out our warehouse manager resume example below to see a real-world application of the summary section.

Adaptable summary example

Experienced and reliable Warehouse Manager bringing forth several years of industry experience and a proven track record of effectively managing warehouse operations. Adept in overseeing packaging and shipping processes, while ensuring that products reach their assigned destination in a timely manner. 


Employment history example

Your employment history is one of the most important sections of a warehouse manager resume. Aim to highlight not only your competence and specialized knowledge of transport and shipment systems, but also your success when it comes to managing people. 

Your employment history section is also a great place to work in more complex skills that require more than one word to explain. Make sure to couple these abilities with details, numbers and facts that demonstrate your level of competence. See exactly how to do this in our adaptable warehouse manager resume example below.

If you’re a warehouse employee looking to land your first management role, make sure to highlight your interpersonal skills and experience with teams. Describing any extra task or responsibility you were given can help you prove you’re ready for the challenge of a manager role.

Adaptable employment history example

Warehouse Manager at The Tile Shop, Hartford
May 2019 - Present 

  • Oversee all warehouse operations from beginning to end, resulting in smooth processes and desired outcomes. 
  • Direct warehouse Material Handlers and provided proper guidance when needed. 
  • Carefully sort and placed materials in their proper location. 
  • Accurately complete all inventory paperwork. 
  • Routinely inspect equipment to maintain smooth work processes. 
  • Record products received and distributed. 
  • Effectively communicate with all Warehouse Workers and Team Members to achieve goals. 
  • Bring forth a strong work ethic and a commitment to excellence. 


Warehouse Worker at Hudson Materials, Brookfield
June 2016 - March 2019

  • Greeted drivers and carefully unloaded merchandise from trucks. 
  • Consistently followed all safety protocols. 
  • Performed facility and equipment maintenance as needed. 
  • Safely moved materials and packaged them for shipment. 
  • Carried out all tasks assigned by the Warehouse Supervisor. 
  • Worked well independently and also with others. 
  • Accurately identified any damages and losses and reported them immediately. 
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CV skills example 

Most of the traditional resume examples create skills sections that take the form of a bullet-pointed list with a single word or short phrase for each skill. This format makes the skills section perfect for hard skills, like computer programs, shipment tracking software or business acumen, but that doesn’t mean you should leave off more people-oriented qualities. Look to the job description for any indicators of the employer’s preferences before choosing your interpersonal skills.

You can briefly mention those in the skills section and expand on how you used them to great effect in other resume sections (like the profile/summary or job history).

See a resume sample for the skills section here (and adapt to your own career and experience):

Adaptable skills section example
  • Ability to Work in a Team
  • Ability to Multitask
  • Interpersonal Communication Skills
  • Physical Endurance
  • Safe Material Handling
  • Heavy Lifting

Warehouse manager resume education example

While some warehouse managers enter the role through work experience and industry knowledge, others obtain MBAs or other degrees that give them an advantage in management roles. Whatever the case, the education section is essential to give a hiring manager insight into your background. If you’ve completed a bachelor’s degree or higher, it’s recommended to leave your high school education off your resume. 

The resume education section is also the best place to include any professional training or certifications you’ve completed. If you have enough of them, you could even turn them into a section of their own, space permitting.

You can check out our resume sample for the education section below.

Adaptable education example

High School Diploma, West Hartford High School, West Hartford
September 2012 - May 2016


Resume layout and design: First impressions

If there’s a single thing that can immediately win a hiring manager’s attention and boost your chances of landing the warehouse manager job, it’s a great resume layout and design. 

Since hiring managers often spend just seconds on each application, first impressions count for a lot. The layout for a warehouse manager resume sample doesn’t need to be complicated, but it should immediately convey professionalism and organization. Unless you’re certain your future employer will appreciate a bold approach, most warehouse manager resume samples will benefit from a neutral color scheme and clean lines. A resume template can help you create an attractive design in a few clicks.

  • Create a balance of white space to text so as not to overload the page
  • Use a template that corresponds with the company’s tone and branding
  • Highlight your name and contact information inside a visually attractive header
  • Mix and match more than 2 different font styles
  • Create a 2-page resume unless you’ve been a manager for more than 10 years
  • Forget to proofread for any spelling or grammar mistakes before submitting

Key takeaways for a warehouse manager resume

  1. A resume is the key for your next warehouse manager position, but it should convey your knowledge of warehouse processes as well as ability to direct teams.
  2. Your summary is likely the only place you’ll be able to express your personality on your resume so make sure to create a professional first impression.
  3. Use action verbs and concrete numbers to save resume space and describe your accomplishments in management.
  4. Your skill section for a warehouse manager resume should contain a good balance of hard skills and more people-oriented capabilities.
  5. Never underestimate the importance of a professional presentation – create a one-page resume with an attractive header to encourage a hiring manager to keep reading.
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