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Creative Resume Templates

For photographers, designers, and copywriters

Creative resume templates

A standard resume is usually the best choice, but if the situation calls for it, take the opportunity to make your creative resume stand out! Using a creative resume is standard practice when applying for positions that require creativity or innovation, because this is the ideal way to impress your future employer with an original design. By all means, don’t send in a boring, standard resume, but grab the opportunity to showcase your talents.

When to pick a Creative resume template

When assessing the resumes of photographers, designers, and copywriters, for instance, recruiters often expect to see a bit of creativity. Build a dynamic, colourful resume that’ll make you stand out from all the others. If you pick one of our creative resume templates, you can be sure that you’ve found a perfect match for applying for a creative position or company. All our templates have been designed and tested by resume specialists, ensuring that your resume will always meet all requirements. However, it’s always best to consider carefully which template is most suited to the position and which is the best match for you. With the right appearance, you’ll greatly increase your chances of a new job.

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We will guide you through the process of building a perfect, creative resume in a step-by-step approach. You’ll be able to download your favourite template as a PDF right away, or you can download all your details so that you can edit them in Word or Google Docs. Enjoy the convenience of our online resume builder and start applying today!