Accounting & Finance

Accounting & Finance Resume Examples

Tips for Writing Accounting & Finance Resumes

1. Keep it interesting

It can be easy to fall into the trap of having a predictable and boring resume. Don’t do it! Avoid vague statements and prove your qualifications by citing real and powerful industry experience, and using real data to convey the level of your contributions. Remember to use powerful action verbs and industry-specific terminology as well. Your job is to entice the reader and make them hungry for more information regarding your value as a potential employee.

2. Showcase a variety of skills

Accounting and Finance resumes should be chock full of impressive and relevant skills. While it is undoubtedly important to showcase all of your hard skills, such as Big Data Analysis and Statistical Analysis, be sure not to forget about the soft skills that may get you hired. What soft skills are most impressive when it comes to the Accounting and Finance world? We put Leadership, Customer Service, and Communication skills at the top of our list.

3. Tailor your resume for the job

If you are really trying to land a job, we recommend taking the time to tailor your resume to fit specific positions. What does this mean? Go back to the job description and highlight key words and expectations associated with the position. Find ways to include them in your resume. If the job you are applying for involves a great deal of customer interaction, then be sure to include specific examples showcasing your customer service skills. If the job requires advanced knowledge of coding, include details of your experience and level of expertise when it comes to coding. Be specific! It shows your dedication as a candidate and your knowledge of the position you are applying for.

4. Have someone review your resume

Whether it’s a friend, your mother, or a resume-review service, we highly recommend having your resume reviewed before sending it off to a potential employer. It can be so easy to miss an error, and unfortunately, errors usually lead to strike-outs. Having a resume thats free of grammatical and structural errors, means that you have a greater chance of receiving a call-back. Furthermore, it’s nice to know how your resume reads. Having someone else read it, other than yourself, might lead you to make some changes to improve it’s readability and overall oomph.

Best Skills To Include in Accounting & Finance Resumes

  • Accounting Principles & Standards

  • Critical Thinking Skills

  • Strong Interpersonal Skills

  • Excellent Mathematical Skills

  • Analytical Thinking Skills

  • Financial Management & Planning