Sales Resume Examples

Tips for Writing a Sales Resume

1. Showcase your career achievements

In addition to skills and abilities, your resume should highlight all of your greatest career accomplishments. Don’t just tell the reader that you are customer service oriented. Give examples of how your advanced customer service skills have served your former companies and their customers well. List specific achievements that show your value as a sales professional. It’s all about marketing yourself, so don’t be afraid to brag about what you have done.

2. List a variety of hard and soft skills

Sales resumes should be full of impressive and relevant hard skills, but don’t forget about your winning soft skills that make you so special. What soft skills are most impressive when it comes to the Sales world? We put Leadership, Customer Service, Marketing, and Communication skills at the top of our list. Be sure to include the skills associated with the position. Often times the job description lists specific skills required of the potential employee. Take the time to go back and read the job description so that you can list the skills the employer is actually looking for!

3. Choose the right resume template

The layout and design of your resume is more important than you might think. How visually pleasing and organized your resume is can have a great effect on the experience of the reader. You will want to make sure you have a strong header that grabs the attention of the reader, while remaining professional. It’s also wise to have an impressive Profile at the top of your resume that summarizes who you are as a professional, and highlights your greatest attributes. At you will find a wide selection of templates that will help you to achieve all of your resume goals.

4. Have someone review your resume

Whether it’s a friend, your mother, or a resume-review service, we highly recommend having your resume reviewed before sending it off to a potential employer. It can be so easy to miss an error, and unfortunately, errors usually lead to strike-outs. Having a resume thats free of grammatical and structural errors, means that you have a greater chance of receiving a call-back. Furthermore, it’s nice to know how your resume reads. Having someone else read it, other than yourself, might lead you to make some changes to improve it’s readability and overall oomph.

Best Skills To Include in a Sales Resume

  • Excellent Communication Skills

  • Customer Service Oriented

  • Marketing Techniques

  • Strong Interpersonal Skills

  • Leadership Skills

  • Strong Networking Skills

  • Motivated Attitude