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Simple Resume Templates

Education, healthcare, or governments jobs

Simple resume templates

A standard, basic, or simple resume is often still the best choice, because this design suggests a fitting sense of modesty, emphasising the contents of your resume above all else. The layout is minimalist and traditional and has a formal character. These resumes have proven their worth for years. A key advantage is that simple resumes always look perfect when printed, which is all but unimportant when applying to a position at a traditional company.

When to pick a Simple or Basic resume template

Striking the right tone is very important when building a good resume and selecting the right resume template is where it all begins. Keep in mind that recruiters don’t appreciate overly flamboyant resumes in many situations and that a good resume must match the position you’re applying for. Our resume specialists are fully aware of this and have created a selection of resumes for you to choose from for any situation. A simple, traditional resume is suitable for all situations, by definition, but will give you a clear advantage when applying for traditional positions. It’s very common and typically the most effective to use such a resume when applying for a position in education, in healthcare, or for governments jobs, for instance.

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Building a great resume is very easy with our resume generator. You’ll have an optimal resume in no time, giving you the best chance of landing your next job. Follow the steps in our tool and enter your details. Afterwards, you can download your resume for free, so that you can edit it in MS Word or Google Docs. You can even download the full resume as a PDF. Super quick and super easy. What are you waiting for?