Administrative Resume Examples

Tips for Writing an Administrative Resume

1. Showcase your ability to multitask.

Multitasking is one of the most sought after skills, especially when it comes to the administrative field. Being able to multitask means you are able to accomplish more things in a shorter time period. It also shows you have a level of organization that hiring managers are looking for in a candidate. You can effectively prove your ability to multitask by writing about your various responsibilities and achievements. Include information regarding important projects or tasks you were responsible for, as well as any advancements you made in the way administrative work was handled at your place of employment.

2. Proofread your resume…then proofread it again!

Everyone’s resume should be without error, but when you are an administrative professional, it is especially important. By making sure your resume is free of grammatical and structural errors, you are providing your ability to create error free documents. It also says something about your level of focus and the pride you take in your work. So, spend an extra few minutes proofreading, and if possible, have a friend give it a read as well.

3. Keep it interesting.

Hiring Managers are forced to skim a lot of resumes. That means they do not read through every resume. What keeps them interested and more likely to read through a resume? In addition to having strong industry experience, it is always helpful when you can keep your resume interesting. Avoid bland and boring job descriptions and think of unique experiences and accomplishments to include. Perhaps you have been applauded for your strong customer service skills that led to company achievements. Talk about that! The more interesting, the better.

4. Pick the right resume template.

Resume templates are not a one size fits all kind of thing. When applying for administrative positions, you don’t want to to choose a loud and overly-bold resume. It is great to show your personality through your words, but we advise against using neon colors or a polka dot border for this particular job category. Your best bet is to go with a professional and well-structured resume template that organizes your information well and offers just the right amount of pizzazz. Check out the amazing selection of resume templates at Resume.io. We’re sure you will find what you’re looking for!

Best Skills To Include in an Administrative Resume

  • Advanced Organizational Skills

  • Data Entry Skills

  • Excellent Multitasking Skills

  • Strategic Planning Skills

  • Time Management Skills

  • Office Technology Skills

  • Detail Oriented

  • Problem Solving Skills

  • Foresight