Hospitality & Catering

Hospitality & Catering Resume Examples

Tips for Writing a Hospitality & Catering Resume

1. Emphasize your social skills

When working in a fields like Hospitality and Catering you must be able to work well with others. If you have chosen such a social field, then you undoubtedly have what it takes to succeed in a highly people-oriented position. Make sure you let the hiring manager who is reading your resume in on this secret. How have you worked well with others in the past? Has teamwork enabled you to accomplish great things? Have you led projects/initiatives to enhance hospitality and customer service goals? The hiring manager wants to make sure they are hiring someone who can make others satisfied. If you can effectively convey your strong social skills in your resume, you will be in a better position.

2. Showcase your creativity

Positions in Hospitality and Catering often require a creative mind to get things done. It may not matter how strong your math skills are, but it will matter if you effectively use your creativity to plan an amazing catering event. Be sure to highlight unique accomplishments you have made, and talk about how your open mindedness has led to greater results. Listing specific examples is key. Also, don’t be afraid to show your personality in certain ways. A hiring manager in this field is likely looking for a vibrant and positive person.

3. List strong references

Success in Hospitality and Catering depends largely on the satisfaction and happiness of others. Hiring Managers want to hear others speak highly of the person they are about to hire. References who can attest to your winning qualities are priceless. Remember to keep up with the reference list by listing up-to-date people and contact information. It’s also a good idea to remind the people you have chosen as references that you are on the search for a job, and they may be receiving a call.

4. Pick the right template

Hospitality and Catering are great industries to flaunt your creativity in. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and try a resume template that’s new and different. As long as your information is organized well, creativity will serve you well. Resume.io has various field-tested resume templates to choose from that make achieving resume writing success easy. Check them out!

Best Skills To Include in Hospitality & Catering Resume

  • Strong Interpersonal Skills

  • Adaptability

  • Excellent Organizational Skills

  • Leadership

  • Creativity

  • Time Management