Retail Resume Examples

Tips for Writing Retail Resumes

1. Present yourself in a unique light

Reading through resumes can be a tedious and repetitive process. Surprise the hiring manager by taking some unique approaches, and adding personal touches to your resume. Don’t simply list responsibilities and duties associated with your past positions. Instead, talk about what you did, who you worked with, and what accomplishments you were apart of. How have you succeeded in past retail positions? Flaunt your excellent customer service skills, and any solutions you were responsible for. Remember- it’s your time to shine.

2. Tailor it for the job

Hiring Managers know when you have a generalized resume that you’re likely sending out to 50 different places. Taking the time to tailor your resume to match the specific demands of a job is very wise. It shows dedication and enthusiasm, and will make you stand out as a candidate. Go back and read the job description, as well as information about the company. Include key words and abilities associated with the position you are applying for. Mention the mission of the company and your dedication to working towards it. When you take the time to tailor your resume, it shows that you’re serious about the position, and makes hiring managers more serious about you.

3. Create a strong profile section

Hiring Managers can be quickly turned off from a resume. Bad structure and poor presentation are a surefire way to start out on a negative note. Having a strong profile section at the top of your resume is a great way to begin your resume on the right foot. List your greatest attributes and achievements in a clear and concise way. This is a nice way to introduce yourself in a formal and organized way.

4. Avoid grammatical and structural errors

Seems obvious, we know, but too often otherwise strong resumes are tossed in the trash due to unfortunate grammatical or structural errors. In addition to proofreading, it is wise to have your resume professionally reviewed, or at the very least, have a good friend give it an honest review. Think about how hard you have worked to get this far. Your resume should be one of the last and strongest pieces on this job journey. Resume.io offers review services that will have your resume in tip-top condition. Check out our offerings!

Best Skills To Include in Retail Resumes

  • Excellent Communication Skills

  • Customer Service Skills

  • Strong Organizational Skills

  • Detail Oriented

  • Marketing Techniques